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August 07, 2008 04:58 PM UTC

McCain's Running Mate

  • by: HamiltonRoberts

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61 thoughts on “McCain’s Running Mate

  1. Mitt Romney. The evangelicals have enough problem voting for McCain, they will not support a ticket with a Mormon on it, plain and simple. Joe Lieberman has a better shot of improving McCain’s chances.

    1. I think conservative Christians will have a tougher time voting for a Jewish Democrat (even if it’s an independent-Democrat) than a Mormon Republican. I think the primaries showed that Romney’s faith is a harming factor (like Obama’s race), but not a debilitating one (like atheism or homosexuality, atm).

      Lieberman is pro-choice and pro-gay rights. ‘Nuff said. He won’t be McCain’s running mate if McCain wants to have a chance in this election.

      1. Used to be pro-gay rights and pro-choice until it was politically inexpedient for him to have those positions. I thought flip-flopping was a mortal sin. Oh wait, that’s only if you’re a Democrat.

        1. When you change your positions. Lieberman hasn’t rebuked his positions, in fact he’s taken them in votes during the past several sessions of Congress. Romney’s statements from 1994 are not the same as Lieberman’s votes in this decade.

          When Lieberman flops to the right on these issues, maybe he’ll have a chance at the VP slot.  

    2. It changes the map.

      It helps here in CO.  Which right now Obama has a slight lead.  Add Romney and it shifts because Mormons are good organizers.  Colorado is a tipping point state.

      It helps in Michigan which I am pretty certain will go Obama.  There is still a lot of good feeling about George Romney and could put the state in play which would make the election much tougher for Obama.

      On the other hand it makes VA, NC, GA much more possible for Obama as Barr will give folks distrustful of McCain/Romney a place to go and actually shifts VA to toss up.

      A swap of VA and MI is +4 for McCain, plus the 9 from Colorado looks pretty good, but expanding the map to NC 15 and GA 15 is not a good strategy.

      I’m not sure on the Mormon effect in MO (11) since the LDS church has a history there.

    3.    If McCain’s internal polling shows Mittens can put Michigan in play, and Romney ponies up enough $$$, I’ll bet McCain just might go with him.

            1. and bob Dole picked Jack Kemp, so it has happened. But Goldwater was desperate and Kemp was very well known, both as a former quarterback and as a supply side Guru.  I certainly have to agree Arvadonian that in this case, the “Who he?” factor is overwhelming.  

              My guess is Romney to strengthen the oiverall ticket or Crist if he wants to lock in Florida.  

              1. had been both a member of the House and a Cabinet secretary. That’s what elevated them into contention (plus Cheney’s own awesome self-regard).

                1. Kemp was a best-selling author, a former cabinet member, former Presidential Candidate (1988) and was seen as a leader of the Republican Party’s attempt to reach out to minorities.  Other than Gingrich and Gephardt (and they were Speaker and Minority Leader), I can’t really think of any recent parallels to the stature that Kemp attained while in the House.  

                  I just remember all of the College Republicans when I was in college wetting themselves over him….as a College Dem it was pretty annoying.

          1. The Cantor hype has been growing lately, seemingly from no where.  I don’t know how naming a member of the house Republican leadership as VP would really help McCain though

                1. say “lock up” Florida (Lieberman on the ticket couldn’t do that for Gore, so merely mentioning Cantor isn’t going to do it for McCain).  But it certainly can’t hurt him with Jewish voters…especially since there is the whole whisper campaign that Obama is a Muslim.  

                  I find that sort of ironic…on one hand he’s attacked as belonging to a radical Christian church and on the other hand they attack him as Muslim.  Now if only someone would accuse him of being Jewish, he could be a one person solution to the entire Palestinian/Israeli conflict!  

                  1. I don’t know what kinds of problems McCain will have with Jewish voters, with or without Cantor.  Israel is one of the few places overseas where McCain is more popular then Obama because McCain is viewed as much more pro-Israel then Obama.  And that will matter to Jewish voters here.  But I don’t know if that’s the difference that gets McCain 24% of the Jewish vote (about what Bush got in 2004) or closer to 50%.

                    You are right though, it is kind of ironic that Obama gets attacked as both, isn’t it?  If it makes you feel better, I always correct people I talk to when they call him a Muslim because it’s stupid and untrue

  2. Without Florida secured, McCain is toast.

    People keep talkng about all these “rumors” about Crist. If there was anything to them, they would have been more than rumors by now.

    1. I agree, I don’t think Crist is that risky. These ‘rumors’, while possibly true, did nothing to derail his gubernatorial stomping of Jim Davis in 2006, and now that he’s engaged again I think he’s on the table.

      I think McCain is worried that Crist is too moderate, not that he might be a homosexual  (which far more “conservative” options could very well be, too).

    2.    First, there will be a very lengthy press conference (think Geraldine Ferraro’s marathon in ’84 over her husband’s tax returns) with a lot of invasive questions asked (think Bill Clinton and the judicially-created definition of “sex”).

        Second, assuming Crist survives the marathon press conference, there will be interviews in the mainstream media of the proprietor of the “Green Iguana,” a gay bar in Tampa which Crist allegedly frequented in the ’90s.

        Even if there’s no credible evidence, the rumors will still circulate.  Maybe it’s time we stop stigmatizing gay relationships.  Then nobody would give a damn about getting an answer to the question.

    1. becuase only a Republican would think that just because a woman was on the ticket, that liberal, pro-choice women would vote for someone who wants to take away their right to choose.

    2. She offers balance for McCain in a lot of areas-she has executive experience, she’s young and charasmatic.

      But she’s also intellectually honest and has built her reputation on taking on a corrupt Republican establishment-in that she has become a leader in re-branding the Republican party.

      She knows energy issues well and wouldn’t have to change her positions on energy (like Crist did) to fit in with McCain’s.

      The only unknown is whether she will be able to help McCain with fundraising (which he needs help with), or whether her two years of experience will still enable McCain to attack Obama for his inexperience.

        1. Was over someone she fired.  She wanted someone fired and the person who was supposed to fire that person wouldn’t do it.  But since that person worked for the guv, she fired him instead.

          I don’t know how serious it is, but there it is

          1. I thought she was a good pick for McCain so I did some research.

            Palin tried to have her sister’s (ex) husband fired from his state trooper job while they were going through their divorce.

            I think those are the details.

            It’s really bad.  In addition, it will bring up the meritorious parts of that NYT hit job on McCain (that he used his position to blackball certain people that McCain was angry with)

          2. “State lawmakers on Monday approved an investigation into whether Gov. Sarah Palin abused her power in firing former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan…

            …they want to find out whether Palin was angry at Monegan for not firing an Alaska State Trooper who went through a messy divorce and ongoing child custody battles with Palin’s sister.”


            Plus, she’s either pregant or recently had a child and is supposedly not be wanting to campaigning.

      1.    And what kind of pro-family candidate takes off on the campaign trail only a couple of months after giving birth to a baby?

          If the GOP wants a woman, then run Snowe (a RINO) or Hutchison (a right winger).

          1.    And she’s struggling just to keep her NC Senate seat although she’ll probably survive.

              And she’s either the same age as, or older than, McCain.

              Elizabeth’s chance to run for VP was in ’88 when she and Bob both allegedly were on Daddy Bush’s list of possible running mates.

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