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March 17, 2015 06:42 AM UTC

St. Patrick's Day Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Just for today, call it “blarney” instead.


30 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Open Thread

    1. Here’s some: after Tom Cotton and 46 of his war-mongering, fear-mongering peers attacked the Iran nuclear negotiations, Good Tom decides the world is more evil than ever and we need to spend more money on defense and armaments.

      Of course, all this new defense spending will need to be offset by cutting childrens’ health insurance, cutting food stamps, and anything else those lazy 47-%ers have taken for granted. 

      For Republicans, no war is a bad war and no defense spending is bad defense spending. (Except if there’s a D CinC.)

      1. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has called several times for an audit of the Pentagon. While I disagree with some of Senator Paul’s other positions, getting a handle on defense spending seems critical before blindly throwing more money there. In 2012, former Senator Coburn (R-OK) produced a report showing at least $68 billion in defense spending going for things that have nothing to do with national defense.   C.H.B.

  1. Anyone willing to wager a bet on whether the Israelis show any luvin for Bibi? If he loses, maybe Boner can offer him a position as a House page.

    1. As of this morning edition, RCP showed opposition to Bibi from the Zionist Union party with an advantage of 3.6 %in reelection polling, clearly an opportunity for that “Red Shift “ voter machine lube. Another spoof showed Bibi holding this Pic up(Putin weasel woodpecker) at UN.. sorry about wnd source… not a Vlad hater per se..

      1. The early results have Herzog’s (who reminds me a lot of Mark Ferrandino) party and Bibi’s Likudnicks tied w/ 27 seats each.  They got a long way to go to hit 61.

        1. What was supposed to be an easy path to keep control by ( Bibi) calling “snap” election, has become a be careful what you wish for as on this election day holiday. ( sales, day off, trips to the beach), RT analysis states majority of pop would prefer Bibi as PM, yet they don’t “cotton” to his Lukid  party. Voters are dismayed with economic issues of high consumer prices, lack of forward progress in issues. Already termed too close to call, results will take weeks for final tally, and then a consensus building in their ruling chamber Kinesit.

        2. No party ever does. They both need to assemble coalitions. In a dead heat advantage probably goes to Likud and Bibi who can join with the other right wing parties. Although an Arab-Israeli coalition could join the parties left of center to give Herzog’s party, I think it’s called Zionist Union, a ruling coalition. Incidentally, Arab Israeli citizens, as distinct from stateless Palestinians with no rights in the Palestinian territories, are 20% of the population.

          Bibi’s last minute desperate appeal to the other party’s of the right who were threatening not to vote Likud because they aren’t nuts enough (like our Tea party wing v the establishment GOP) included warning that the center left and left parties are busing in hordes of Arab voters. Remember, like our minorities, they are citizens (albeit second class)with the right to vote. The four main Arab Israeli parties rarely agree with one another and Arab voters rarely agree to vote for a Jewish Israeli party but if they decide to band against Bibi, that could change the equation. 

          And, of course, Bibi officially dropped the fiction that he is willing to work toward a two state solution,  not that anyone you couldn’t sell the Brooklyn Bridge to ever believed he meant any of that in the first place. He never meant to allow a Palestinian state and never stopped expanding settlements and humiliating moderate Palestinian leaders to make damn sure it could never happen. In that regard he’s been a wonderful ally for Palestinians who also don’t want a two state solution but only want to end Israel’s existence as a Jewish state. Now he’s promising no two state solution out loud. Not that any Israeli leader could guarantee a deal in the face of Arab hostility but the only guarantee without a two state solution is that demographics will make Israel a state in which a minority tries to keep a hostile majority under control until it can’t anymore. The day when such states can’t always comes sooner or later. In today’s world, I’d guess sooner, probably in my life time and I’m no spring chicken.   

          1. You may not be a spring chicken…but you are a damned fine political observer…

            Happy St. Patricks Day to you and all my friends here on this little screen behind my dinner plate.  laughing

            1. And to you too. I wore green jewelry. Not Irish but grew up in the first Mayor Daley’s Chicago. On St Patrick’s day, we were all Irish. Didn’t dare go to my 70% Jewish school without something green. You would get pinched.

        3. Looks like Bibi is confident that he can assemble a majority with the other rightie parties. That ought to speed up Israel’s demise a bit. Once the Palestinian population starts surpassing the Jewish population in the single state Bibi is bound and determined to maintain, which it will in the absence of massive ethnic cleansing, it’s only a matter of time before the no doubt long and bloody death throes. Anyone wanting to visit Israel, I’d advise doing it sooner rather than later. Another Netanyahu government at this juncture is an unambiguous announcement that there is no partner in Israel for any moderates among the Palestinians and that the moderates among Israeli Jews will have no influence. The Israeli peace parties are now completely irrelevant. The settlements will continue their aggressive expansion. Israeli Arabs, already 20% of the population besides the Palestinians, will be even more marginalized and embittered. Just waiting for the deluge from now on.

          1. Whether he beats this rap or is eventually paroled, he’ll have all of the requisite qualifications to become a congressional lobbyist, a HSN tele-sales celebrity, or personal interior designer to Lindsey Graham . . . 

  2. GOP VooDoo Economics strikes again… Bobby Jindal dug a $1.6 Billion budget hole, and asks for blessings from Church of No Taxes Pope Norquist the First. (traditionally, instead of kissing the Pope’s ring, you kiss his, well, you know what πŸ˜‰

    Some Louisiana Republicans have a question for Gov. Bobby Jindal: Who runs the state’s tax policy — the governor or Grover Norquist?

    Jindal, who is exploring a 2016 presidential run, is fighting with his own party over how to fill a $1.6 billion budget hole. But like many GOP-ers, he is eager to preserve his anti-tax bona fides.

    Enter Norquist, the activist who specializes in deciding which revenue hikes should count as tax increases, and which might be labeled with such euphemisms as hiking fees, closing loopholes — or in this case, “cutting spending.”

    Even his GOP-majority legislators are calling BS!  They even passed a constitutional amendment to pass a small tax increase so that Jindal couldn’t veto it!

    Talk about blind ambition driving the absolutely insane clowns in the GOP presidential sweepstakes…

    1. Makes you wonder if David Vitter really wants to inherit the shit-filled diaper Piyush”Bobby Brady”  Jindal is going to be leaving behind.

  3. Good article on GOTP’s recent attempt to address the non-existent war on women or end the non-existent war on women. Can’t seem to make up their minds whether to go with never happened, just dreamed up by the left or real problem that needs to be addressed. Can’t decide whether it’s war no more or never was. At least this time, they let actual women participate.

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