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March 10, 2015 01:23 PM UTC

The Latest In Gun Nut Fashion?

  • by: Colorado Pols
Half-empty Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on mag limit repeal yesterday.
Half-empty Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on mag limit repeal yesterday.

As the Durango Herald’s Peter Marcus reports, gun rights activists once again failed to pack the Capitol with supporters of their bill to repeal the magazine capacity limit, despite intense rallying of their base in days prior:

Republicans controlling a Senate committee on Monday passed a measure that would repeal the state’s ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines…

Debate was expected to last into the evening, but testimony finished early, [Pols emphasis] allowing lawmakers to take a vote, which passed on a 3-2 party-line tally.

Republicans are likely to push the measure through the Senate, where they control the chamber and have the support of four Democrats. But the bill is unlikely to make it through the House, where Democrats sit in the majority and are considering sending the measure to an unfavorable committee.

The gun lobby may not have been able to fill yesterday’s hearing, but what they lacked in numbers they appeared to make up for with…well, interesting fashion choices:


That’s Sen. Randy Baumgardner standing with a “gun guy” who came to testify in favor of Senate Bill 175 yesterday. Now, we don’t want to betray ignorance of something we’re supposed to know about–but can anyone tell us what the hell this guy is wearing and why? They didn’t have guns in Game of Thrones. Braveheart didn’t wear anything like this–at least we don’t think, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen it. We see what looks like an NRA patch on the front of his…smock, robe, whatever this is, but beyond that we really don’t have a clue.

But as with any fringe subculture with their own uniforms, we’re curious.


27 thoughts on “The Latest In Gun Nut Fashion?

    1. He’s a blacksmith offering to make 30 round clips … gotta hand it to him, he knows his market – what better place to find motivated buyers?

      I’m trying to figure out whether a 30 round clip gives someone more Hit Points or Skills? 

      Ability scores, the most basic statistics of a character, which influence all other statistics
      Psionic ability, a superhuman ability stat that rarely, if ever, occurs by chance in some gifted characters
      Extraordinary senses, what innately superior perceptions a (typically non-human) character might possess
      Armor class, how well-protected a character is against physical attack
      Hit points, how much punishment a character can take before going unconscious or dying
      Saving throws, a character’s defenses against nonphysical or area attacks (like poisons, fireballs, and enchantments)
      Attack rolls and attacks, how effectively a character can score hits against, and inflict damage to, another character
      Skills, how competent a character is in various areas of expertise
      Feats, what special advantages a character has through natural aptitude or training”

      Either way, Blacksmith-smock-guy can definitely make you a better player.

  1. He was apparently made to take it off in the hearing room.

    He also testified and equated last June’s judge’s decision that Colorado’s high capacity magazine ban is constitutional with the Dred Scott decision.

  2. Whatever the hell he’s wearing, the guy is obviously certifiably nuts . . . 

    . . . why else would he let himself be caught on film standing next to ‘stache???

  3. WTF? Are these pod people? Do they know it’s not still 1880?

    Sumbuddy git that thar clown on th’ left wunna thim sasperillies ta drink, and th’ klondike on th’ right a (better-lookin’) bathrobe, sumthin’ moor suitable for th’ gol-dang statehouse.

  4. After giving this considerable thought, and a great deal of research, I’ve decided that’s probably a ranch-themed lead apron from some western slope dental office . . . 

    . . . also surprisingly useful for protecting Gadsden-flag wavers from all those Denver-liberal rays emanating from the Capitol!  

    (They caught him without a head cover, because every polite gunslinger knows to take off his tin-foil cowboy hat indoors.)

    Either that, or it’s a new piece from this spring’s CMLC* line from Dudleywear . . .

    (* Concealed Missle Launcher Carry)

    1. I think the outfit (the leather dress, not the bikini/holster) is totally cool, and I want one.  It’s impossible to have too many outfits that make one’s progeny cringe and say, “Mom. Please…’s not as flattering as you might think.”

      I like the Calamity Jane look. Maybe that’s exactly the look he was going for.

  5. I would really appreciate it if you ALL would stop posting pictures of that disgusting POS with the guns and the hair….eeeeyewwwww! Give us a break…please?

      1. Last year, I got to sit next to Mr. Baumgardner and observe his face fur up close. It’s kind of fascinating. I’m sure he thinks women are fascinated by it in a good way, and not in a “Can that thing possibly be real and how much food gets stuck in it every day” way. 

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