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July 30, 2008 03:43 PM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“If you can’t convince them, confuse them.”

–Harry Truman


32 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. …that the Camp Equality people can’t spell common right?  It’s not “comman”.

    You’d think someone would have proofed the ad copy before it was sent out.

    /pedantic rant

    1. I like that!

      We all have one….or more, don’t we?

      Is it just my lying eyes, or do we see a lot more spelling errors from the fringe righties here?  I’m not talking the sporadic typo or mispell, heck we awl 🙂 make them.  I’m talking a consistency of misspellings.

      That’s one thing that always impressed me about Gecko’s posts.  His ideas may be off base, but he always has had good grammar and good spelling.  I’ve thought that maybe he composes in a word processor first, but you know what?  So what.  Even if he does, my hat is off to him for understanding possible limitations.

      /pedantic rant

          1. We should all be aware and accepting of teh traditions of the interwebs–or in honor of the recently fallen Senator from Alaska, those series of tubes.

              1. it is basically a stable of wingnut “spelling” that has been stolen by those evil Liebrals for the purpose of mocking said wingnuts.  


      1. I’m more careful IRL, but I still have to be careful with my writing.  Important things I give to my wife to proof (she is a great editor and can edit in 4 languages).

        I rarely mock blog errors unless they are create confusion or humor.

        I a always more concerned about content.

  2. U.S. Blacks, if a Nation, Would Rank High on AIDS


    If black America were a country, it would rank 16th in the world in the number of people living with the AIDS virus, the Black AIDS Institute, an advocacy group, reported Tuesday.

    The report, financed in part by the Ford Foundation and the Elton John AIDS Foundation, provides a startling new perspective on an epidemic that was first recognized in 1981.

    Nearly 600,000 African-Americans are living with H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS, and up to 30,000 are becoming infected each year. When adjusted for age, their death rate is two and a half times that of infected whites, the report said. Partly as a result, the hypothetical nation of black America would rank below 104 other countries in life expectancy.

  3. I hate to say it, but with the latest polling is it still realistic to have Udall at 3-1 and Schaffer at 9-1 with a down arrow?

    I’d say Udall at 3-1 and Schaffer at 6-1 with a slight uptick is more realistic.

    1. might have been an outlier. Another poll that didn’t get nearly as much attention last week, with a similar MOE and conducted over a similar period, showed Udall up by 9 points.

      Pols is probably also considering all the 527 ammunition against Schaffer that hasn’t begun to affect the race. Polls can see-saw through the summer, but the outlook remains the same.

  4. …confuse them.

    Seems like the McCain campaign’s strategy. Their ad blaming him for high gas prices is utter insanity. They want it both ways: either he’s too inexperienced and hasn’t been in power long enough, or he’s so powerful he single-handedly has created this problem (which has been brewing since the 70s.) I want to believe that American voters see through the BS, but I really don’t.

    1. Howard Kurtz discusses Obama’s response ad, which uses the same “old politics” message that was so effective thwarting Hillary attacks during the primary:

      The Ad: John McCain is blaming Barack Obama for gas prices? The same old politics. Barack Obama thinks high gas prices deserve serious answers and a serious plan. Crack down on oil speculators, raise mileage standards and fast-track alternative fuels.

      Analysis: This response ad by Barack Obama uses a classic jujitsu move to turn the attack back on his Republican opponent. Even some McCain supporters acknowledged that his commercial blaming rising gas prices on a Democrat who has been in the Senate for four years was a stretch, especially when McCain himself has said the problem was 30 years in the making.

      The key message is that McCain is a practitioner of “old politics” — the word “old” sits adjacent to the 71-year-old candidate’s face — an approach that both invites viewers to dismiss his charges and positions Obama as espousing a fresh approach to Washington.

      The Obama ad has been airing heavily in Colorado since the weekend. Here’s a link, but it loads very slowly, if anyone can find it on YouTube and wants to post it … I couldn’t find the ad itself, even on the Obama page.

      1. …And I was glad to see it. Great article referral becuase I didn’t even think of the double entendre of the word “old”.

        Just watched O’s speech in Missouri and he spoke about the McCain attack ad. He should continue to hit McCain hard on these types of attacks; I just don’t know how effective they’ll be considering where offshore drilling is polling right now.

        1. Obama is really banking on spinning the election in a different, post-Rove way. It might not work, but then, if he had to win down and dirty, he wouldn’t be able to govern the same way as if he won by rejecting the tone of the last 16 years.

          Drilling polls well now (and Bush is today calling for immediate, emergency action!!!!), but facts have a way of sinking in over time. We’ll have to see.

      1. Since another poll released the same day showed Udall with a 9-point lead, I’d wait for more data before jumping the Big Line. Otherwise, Pols could just post poll results and ignore their judgment.

    1. Every other recent poll shows Udall with a big lead. But you go ahead and believe the one poll. It’s probably all of the other polls that are wrong.

  5. This just in, as they say…. (I hope the item is more correct than their ability to tell time.)

    PDATE 7/30 11PM ET: The HJC just voted 20-14 to hold Karl Rove in contempt!

    WHAT THIS MEANS: The decision by the HJC to hold Karl Rove in contempt is a recommendation to the full House, who can now vote to adopt the recommendation with a contempt resolution by a simple majority vote. Should they pass a contempt resolution, the Sergeant-at-Arms for the chamber would be ordered to arrest Karl Rove and bring him to the floor of the House to answer to the charges and to be issued punishment. The case would then be referred to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, who would in turn refer it to a grand jury. If convicted, Rove could face between one month and one year in jail.

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