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February 06, 2015 11:22 PM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

"It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both."

–Niccolo Machiavelli


43 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. Is Palacio to blame for Colorado Dems miserable performance in 2014?

    After all the losses we suffered, I think it’s a time for a change in leadership,” Sabados told a group of Broomfield County Democrats on Wednesday at their biennial reorganization meeting.

    Meyers, who ran against then-Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck in the heavily Republican 4th Congressional District, charges that Democrats have lost their way under Palacio’s leadership.

    “We don’t, in my opinion, have a statewide party right now. We have a Denver-centric party,” Meyers said at the Lincoln County Democratic Party’s reorganization on Sunday in Limon.

    It seems the inmates in rural Colorado are tiring or their masters in Denver/Bouler and Washington.

    1. With the exception of losing one U.S. Senate seat and a net loss of one state Senate seat, the Colorado Dems help what they had going into the '14 election:  governorship, 3 out 7 U.S. House seats and a majority in the state House. This in the face of a so-called wave election.

      1. Shouldn't Piyush "Bobby" Jindal spend more time looking for ways to balance his state's woefully out-of-balance budget and less time on foreign policy?

      2. not treating ISIS seriously

        You really are full of shit, PissAnt. What the hell do you call all the ordinance raining down on the "IslamicState"? It seems to me the military is taking this seriously because the are not being led by a egotistical ignoramus with a cowboy diplomacy bent. They are being led by a brilliant man…a good man..with a backbone…something the GOP wishes they could find within their ranks.

          1. No …the problem is you are a political sycophant who cannot escape your right wing ideology long enough to actually see anything clearly. The president is doing his job..and well.

            The problem is called Obama Derangement Syndrome..and you are afflicted.

      3. Not at all what he said. Simply pointed out the there is a history of violence done in the name of religion, not just Islam. Listening to rightie talking heads sputtering about how dare Obama compare ISIS to the crusades, especially the latest burning alive abomination,  is  a particularly WTF experience considering that the Catholic Church, both when it was the sole western expression of Christianity and later as it battled Protestant "heresies" and  went after New Christians, converted Jews and Christians, often three generations removed from their ancestors religion, in Spain and Portugal, burned people to death quite regularly, mainly after torturing them horribly to exact confessions. It wasn't out of control rogues. It was the Church and State establishment. 

        Obama never said that Christian or other religious violence excuses or mitigates ISIS actions. He simply pointed out that throughout history people have gotten quite carried way with what they thought their God required of them. Atrocities in the name of God have been as common as dirt throughout human history. Let's not do that anymore was the message. Not…. ISIS isn't really so bad.

      4. Seriously.

        I cannot or do not understand the blasé and casual approach to confronting Da'sh(Isis, isil).

        We are fighting Iran's battle for them. And Syria's.

        Of course, threat is also to Saudi Arabia, aka House of Saud.

        I know no one is talking about restoring a Turkish, Ottoman-esque, strong man to quell the region.   But really- we fight for Syria and Iran the safety of the greater Syriana or we are weak on Da'sh?

        The right's desire to bash Obama on anything and everything is fine. Childish and stupid, but no matter. What military strategy would you have us execute in the region, and directed at Isis that would make Americans safer?

      1. Love it. Maybe Obama is trying to drive them over the edge of sanity. They are so close. 

        If we weren't guzzling oil like there's no tomorrow, we could forget about ISIS and let the Saudis tame the beast they helped unleash. 'Course, when your Vice President is getting paid by his oil services employer while in office that's a lot less likely to happen. 

        Fox's Bolling: "Reports say radical Muslim jihadists killed thousands of people in the past few months alone. And yet when you take Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, whatever, their combined killings in the name of religion––well, that would be zero.”

        Yes, he said "zero" killed in the name of Christianity.

        If Obama says the sky is blue……….

    1. They need to do so because of the districts they represent.  I'm one of those Big Tent Democrats who isn't put off by Dems voting their constituents.  Let the process work.  If the mag bill gets through the House (an unlikely event), then it's presented to the governor for signature or veto.

      I suggest the Neville and Cadman start looking for 24 in the Senate and 44 in the House.

    2. Let's talk frankly about priotities. Is this the most important issue affecting people's day to day lives? Are any of the issues righties push the second they attain legislative majorities? Are jobs and economic issues ever the first thing on a new Republican majority's list?  Ever? But of course modster won't respond. He's dropped his latest one and done.

      1. In their screwed up minds, this IS the most important issue, followed closely apparently by the God-given right to forego getting measles vaccinations.

  2. Not good news:

    Four Democrats have signed into a Senate bill that repeals a ban on large-capacity ammunition magazines, one of the most controversial measures of the 2013 legislative session.

    Senate Democrats co-sponsoring the bill are Kerry Donovan of Vail, Cheri Jahn of Wheat Ridge and Leroy Garcia. In the House, Democrat Ed Vigil of Fort Garland is a co-sponsor. Vigil was vocal in his opposition of his party’s gun-control measures.

    1. Not super surprising.  Colorado Dems like their guns too.  Vigil voted against the bill, as did Jahn.  This one probably won't stick unless Lebsock has changed his mind since he voted against the bill last year.  If I count right, Vigil and he make it 33-32 against the limit.

    1. I don't see how they win on that issue. It will pass the Senate, probably on 21 to 14 vote.  Hypothetically if it were to pass the House, Hick would probably veto it. I say "probably" because they would have had a better shot at the mag limit repeal becoming law had they not humiliated the governor last year when he made his effort at reconciliation with the ammosexuals via his apology.

      Had they simply accepted the apology and then presented a bill to him, they could have presented it as an opportunity for Hick to make amends. But the constitutional sheriffs couldn't help themselves and they had to rub Hick's face in it. Payback is a bitch.

  3. BTW. The Anti Defamation League, a very old school traditional American Jewish organization, thinks Bibi should cancel. If he was trying to get mostly Democratic American Jews  to pressure Dems in congress on his behalf, he seriously misread us.

  4. get this…

    Anonymous ‘Hacktivists’ Just Smacked The Taste Out Of ISIS’s Mouth

    Anonymous just destroyed months of recruiting work for the terrorist network known as ISIS.


    The video explains that Anons engaged in #OpISIS are “Muslims, Christians, Jews” alike. They are “hackers, crackers, Hacktivist, phishers, agents, spies, or just the guy next door… students, administrators, workers, clerks, unemployed, rich, poor.”

    The video continues to explain to their enemies that they are “young, or old, gay or straight… from all races, countries, religions, and ethnicity. United as one, divided by zero.”

    The video seeks to inform the public that “the terrorists that are calling themselves [the] Islamic State (ISIS) are not Muslims.”

    Follow the prefacing “clarification,” the video explains the following, direct to ISIS specifically:

    We will hunt you, take down your sites, accounts, emails, and expose you…
    From now on, no safe place for you online…
    You will be treated like a virus, and we are the cure…
    We own the internet…
    We are Anonymous; we are Legion; we do not forgive, we do not forget, Expect us.

    this is followed by a long list of urls.



    1. I love this. All the  governments trying to fight these dangerous lunatics with guns should pool some of the money they're wasting on that effort and get some newer, even faster computers for Anon to allow them to step up their phreaking of the wackos networks. Now, that's defense work.


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