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July 22, 2008 09:13 PM UTC

Shafroth Launches 2nd TV Ad

  • by: LyneaHansen

(If you got it, flaunt it – promoted by Colorado Pols)

The ad highlights the endorsement of the Rocky Mountain News. http://www.rockymountainnews.c…


13 thoughts on “Shafroth Launches 2nd TV Ad

  1. I consider myself in-tune with local politics, and I didn’t even know who this guy was until his first ad a few weeks ago. How can he expect to compete with Fitzgerald’s name-recognition and Polis’ money? And if I don’t know who he is, how can he expect the average CD2 Dem to know.

    1. the “average CD2 Dem” is less likely to vote than supporters the campaigns have identified and will turn out. Like Iraq, it might seem like an air war but it’s really a ground game.

      1. Then it seems like Polis is winning. He knocks on doors, and has his people in the places he can’t be, nearly every day. Then again, I am biased as I support Jared and I don’t know too much about the inner workings of the Fitz-Gerald campaign.

      2. .

        can’t think of anything smart to say, as usual,

        but if this means that you think that the Iraq situation is little more than a political game, but with battlefield casualties,

        I wish you were wrong,

        but I fear you are right.


        1. That may be the best description of Iraq I have heard.

          Encapsulates why there is no military solution in the end only political ones.

  2. I’ve gotten 2 flyers from him recently and both are touting how he will work with Democrats & Republicans. That might work in the general but I don’t see how that’s a winning approach in the primary. People want change in Washington.

    1. Sure, and bringing an end to divisive, bitter, destructive partisanship (by working well across the aisle) was also a key part of Obama’s campaign — in the early primaries. Shrill, take-no-prisoners partisanship — that’s business as usual and voters reject it (at least in theory).

      1. Some people, like David, apparantly don’t want change. See some of his other posts about why the Jared and Joan mudslinging is ok–beacuse we have been doing it since the beginning of our country. People like David seem content to keep things the way they always have been. Only the ultra-rich get elected. Only the nastiest politicians get elected. Only people who pander and change their position based on who they are talking to get elected.

        Well, as long as there are people David out there voting, things aren’t going to change.

        1. My point is that the human race appears to respond best to this type of campaigning. Our country remains an experiment in process and this may change, but it’s been this way for over 200 years.

          And it’s not only the nastiest politicians get elected. It’s that having a campaign that is close, where the candidates and their supporters are impassioned, where people disagree about what each will do – this of course leads to words being flung back and forth.

          As to mudslinging, some is wrong but a lot is one person’s take on another actions or policies. A lot of us call Bob Schaffer names – but I would bet his supporters view that as mudslinging while we call it being honest.

          I’m all for sticking to a discussion of valid items in the election. But that does include who is donating to each candidate and it also includes how each would approach the job.

          I’m also in favor of crafting bi-partisian solutions. In many cases we get better laws that way. But after 8+ years of the Republicans calling “do it their way” a compromise, I think a lot of people want candidates who will bring the country a change in direction. And that will tend to be a Democratic vs Republican fight. There aren’t a whole lot of Republican votes for us to leave Iraq.

  3. the Shafroth campaign continues to quietly build endorsements and produce TV ads which advertise such endorsements

    and for your political insiders:

    I never heard of Joan Fitzgerald or Jared Polis before this contest started….name ID??? and I grew up here in Colorado and read the paper everyday since I was a teenager. So don’t go believing that anyone in this contest has an edge over their opponents. Name ID, seriously people, none of these hopefuls are that well known outside of the insider political circle you all inhabit

    AND, political insiders won’t guarantee the win of any of these candidates either


    one thing I can guarantee, this election year will break records on how many people come out to vote. Record #’s of new voter registrations have been happening (because of the presidential election? maybe and very likely). Political insiders in congressional races like CD2 won’t have their traditional advantages this year

    change is in the wind – the old rules and the old way of running campaigns can’t be relied on to guarantee victory

    a political insider has just as much a chance as a career politician. And seriously, does the average voter WANT to re-elect a career politician…especially this year???

    food for thought

    but definitely endorsements and TV ads that people like very likely will have more impact than anyone thinks this year

    1. I agree that the general election will break all records. But will we see much of a bump in the primary? Up here in Boulder it’s for 2 elections and most people do not have a strong preference, or even an opinion.

      So it may be a lot larger for the primary. But then again, it may not…

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