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July 22, 2008 04:28 PM UTC

The Morning News - Tuesday July 22

  • by: Aristotle

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Obama in Iraq – Iraqis say they want US out by 2010, same time as Obama is planning (so much for the “cut and run” BS)

McCain blows it again – In same article, McCain gets a fact he should know wrong, refers to securing “Iraq-Pakistan” border (the two nations don’t share a boundary)

Wait, keeping someone bound, in isolation, and with a bag over their head while interrogating them is coercive? – Tribunal judge throws out some of the evidence against Osama bin Laden’s driver

Appeasement when a Dem proposes it; good diplomacy when a ‘pub does itRice meets with North Korean foreign secretary in Singapore, latest move in “intellectual collapse” of hard line foreign policies

No shitBus routes to detour, roads to be closed during DNC

SloTracks – Metro-area mayors oppose FasTracks cuts in their communities, wary of increased taxes to help with drastically inflated costs

Newsman already told you… – but it’s worth reposting: Bruce site lists ’04 County Commissioner race endorsements as though they were for ’08 legislative primary; Bruce give exceedingly lame excuse that “overzealous webmaster” is to blame

Tour de France trivia of the day – 324,000 at 60rpm, 486,000 at 90rpm – number of pedal strokes taken per rider over the Tour


12 thoughts on “The Morning News – Tuesday July 22

  1. The thing to remember is the “fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here” crowd makes no distinctions and the Iraqis are just more of “them”.  What they want is of no concern.  The idea that we are freeing Iraq to be a sovereign nation is bogus.  

    That’s why substituting “horizon” for “timeline” is perfect.  The horizon is an unreachable illusion.  It’s the perfect metaphoric non-goal for ending an occupation the Bush/McCain/ neocon crowd doesn’t want to end.  

    The point is not to leave, regardless of the “stand up/stand down” nonsense you’ll notice they no longer bother to mention.  The whole point is to occupy Iraq indefinitely.

    Iraq is to be to under our control for at least as long as the oil lasts.  They can play at self government but we will be the final authority, the overlords, for as long as our corporate elite wants no matter what the cost. The elite never pays a dime anyway.  Of course, if it was ever about terrorism, it never would have made sense to make Iraq the “central front” in the first place.

    1. McCain says it was misinterpreted which I have always called bullshit on, but now his explaination that he didn’t mean war he ment occupation is indirect conflict with the Iraqi desire for an endgame, no permanent base, no Korean solution and no 100 years.

      Are we the greatest empire of all time or the greatest democracy of all time–make a choice America.

      1. McCain gives a damn what the Iraqis want.  I’ve never detected the slightest empathy on his part for the Iraqis.  It’s as if he considers this strictly an American issue, no business of Iraqis.  You could see it in his face when he was asked about the Iraqi  desire for us to be out in 2010.  He couldn’t care less what they want and actually said he was the one who knew what they really want.  You know, the whole imperial white man’s burden thing.  

  2. Heck I have a problem with Iraq and Iran. I get them confused and I am a lot younger than McCain.  Find something to complain about McCain that people care about.  Liberals would you like some cheese with that whine!

    Obama is lying to everyone…he will keep the troops in Iraq if he is elected.  Why because if you take too many troops out our men and women will start getting killed.  Obama will all of a sudden listen to the Generals.  

    If you see a Democrats lips moving you know it is a lie.

    Hey, I use to believe…I worked for Carter and voted the first time for Clinton but not the second time.  Why because Carter put the U.S. in such a bad economic state I thought we would never get out of it.  Quit on Clinton the second time because NO Health Care Plan.  

    Now I am old enough to know that Democrats promise the dumb people everything and the dumb people believe them.  However, after 8 years they go back to the Republicans because times are better with Republicans in office.

    As far as McCain and the 100 years comment he is the only one telling the Truth.  Gee, who wants a President who tells the truth…not Democrats.  

  3. I have to keep repeating my talking points because you Liberals are not too bright.  You never learn that the Democrats lie alot more than the Republicans.  

    How do I know that because I use to vote for Democrats until I got SMART!

    Try to beat me down you Liberal you have no Idea who you are talking to!

    1. Your witty reparteГ© and elegant logic makes you more than a match for me! (“Want some cheese with that whine” and “there you go again” is just as funny the 1,736,299th time as it is the first.)

      [serious snark]  

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