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July 18, 2008 07:53 AM UTC

We Can Solve It

  • by: Go Blue

Al Gore made a historic speech this afternoon challenging the United States to become independent from foreign fuels in ten years.

From The New York Times

Former Vice President Al Gore on Thursday urged the United States to wean the nation from its entire electricity grid to carbon-free energy within 10 years, warning that drastic steps were needed to avoid a global economic and ecological cataclysm.

Like a modern Jeremiah, Mr. Gore called down thunder to justify the spending of trillions of dollars to remake the American power system, a plan fraught with technological and political challenges that goes far beyond the changes recently debated in Congress and by world leaders.

“The survival of the United States of America as we know it is at risk,” he said in a midday speech to a friendly crowd of mostly young supporters in Washington. “And even more – if more should be required – the future of human civilization is at stake.”


He said the United States and the rest of the world were facing unprecedented problems, including growing demand for electricity, dangerous changes in the climate driven largely by emissions of carbon dioxide and political instability in regions that produce much of the world’s oil.

“When we look at all three of these seemingly intractable challenges at the same time, we can see the common thread running through them, deeply ironic in its simplicity: our dangerous over-reliance on carbon-based fuels is at the core of all three of these challenges – the economic, environmental and national security crises,” Mr. Gore said. “We’re borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Persian Gulf to burn it in ways that destroy the planet. Every bit of that has to change.”

Learn more at


5 thoughts on “We Can Solve It

  1. He shows up for this speech in a fleet of two Lincoln Town Cars and a Chevrolet Suburban.  The Lincoln that his wife and daughter left in idled with the AC on for 20 minutes!

    Unlike Jeremiah, Al wants us to be the ones wearing the hair shirts and substantially lowering our standard of living.  He will continue to live in a mansion that costs more for its utilities each month than an average family pays in a year.  He will take private jets to pontificate on how we should stop wasting energy.  And he will continue to expect to be taken seriously.

    And of course there are the people who show up for this kind of thing: http://www.americansforprosper

    The best line is from a lady who gets out of a taxi,”That is public transportation!”

    1. must be from the Bill O’Reilly school of “gotcha” reporting

      I love the Republicans have no argument on this issues (the environment, economy and national security) so instead they ambush, attack and try to bully individuals who disagree them.

      While Gore talks about investing in American jobs, American energy, and protecting America by ending our financial ties to hostile states, Gecko and Geek resort to simple minded name-calling. How sad you two are

      1. The Repuglicans are so bereft of their own ideas its all they have, so morally bankrupt they don’t even recognize how tired most Americans are of their crap.  They have no solutions, they have no original ideas, they show no leadership…

        What else can they do but attack.  I see it on all the boards, in all the forums, its the same–conservatives attacking and offering no solutions of their own.  

        I have heard there are intelligent conservatives but I have yet to see the proof.  They routinely quote people like Michelle Malkin and Fred Barnes as their intellectual fire-power, they simply cannot touch Gore’s ideas, so they lash out.  

        Look at Schaffer, he has to make up false positions for his opponent to attack, and all DickW can say is Boulder Liberal, Boulder Liberal, Boulder Liberal…  and smear anyone who criticizes Bob (without refuting the claims).  Its kind of sad, really, but it does bode well for November.  Is this really all you got Gecko-Geek?  Is this your best shot?  I am underwhelmed.  

      2. You really expect me to eat Gore’s hypocritical gassing with a large spoon don’t you?  If we rely on technologies that won’t show significant energy production for at least 10 years, while totally ignoring what we have here at home we are really setting ourselves up for a fall.  

        Already we are looking at prices for heating oil in the east that will literally force working families to choose between heat and food.  But you don’t care.  Trucking is commerces lifeblood and truckers are finding it very hard to operate with the prices they have to deal with.  But you don’t care.  You only care about the glorious future that your prophet is promising you.  The ends will justify the means of this great leap forward in energy production, no price is too high for others to pay!

        When people tell me that changes need to be made, and they live what they preach,  that tells me they truly believe it and I consider what they say seriously.  When a con man runs around living a luxurious life and tells me I must live a life more austere I can easily see him for what he is.  Either you can’t, or you are so emotionally involved with his message that you won’t.

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