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July 16, 2008 12:51 AM UTC

Obama Leads McCain By Two Points in Poll

  • by: Haners

Rasmussen Reports is offering an interesting snapshot of the Colorado electorate, starting with the Presidential race.

In that race, Rasmussen is reporting that Obama narrowly leads McCain 43%-41%.

But the most interesting parts follow the fold….…

What’s more interesting then that?  Well, take a look.

First here is a look at how voters view Obama’s experience and McCain’s age.

Still, 50% of Colorado voters think Obama is too inexperienced to serve in the White House, but 42% disagree. Sixty-six percent (66%) say McCain is not too old to be president, although 26% say he is.

How about the issues like off shore drilling, free trade, and Amendment 48?

Over half the state’s voters (52%) oppose Amendment 48, a proposed addition to the state constitution that defines a fertilized human egg as a person. The proposal was certified late last month for inclusion on the ballot in November. Thirty-five percent (35%) support the amendment, with 14% undecided.

Sixty-seven percent (67%) favor offshore oil drilling, an issue that heated up this week when McCain proposed lifting the 27-year ban on it to help ease gas prices. Obama opposes such drilling, as do 24% of Colorado voters. Nationally, most voters share the sentiments of Colorado voters and favor offshore drilling. A majority (54%) oppose nationalizing oil companies to deal with the growing energy crisis, but 21% favor such a move.

Free trade, another growing campaign issue, is viewed favorably by 47%, but 26% characterize it as bad and 17% as neither. That’s a bit more positive view of free trade than the national average.

While this is just one poll, it paints an interesting picture of Colorado-the kind of picture most of us probably see when we look at the demographics and recent history of Colorado.  If one thing is certain, we are truly a battle ground state.


43 thoughts on “Obama Leads McCain By Two Points in Poll

      1. Colorado: McCain vs. Obama

        Polling Data

        Poll Date Sample Obama (D) McCain (R) Spread

        RCP Average 06/17 – 07/10 — 46.3 42.7 Obama +3.6

        PPP (D) 07/09 – 07/10 1050 LV 47 43 Obama +4.0

        1. FL.  However, my search for oil shale on the old homestead have thus far come up lacking. Plenty of ancient oyster shells, however.  

  1. Sorry, but I think that at least a percentage of people will leap at the “too inexperienced” label as a way to justify their fears of an African-American president.

    I know that’s not true for everyone, but I’m sure that at leat some of these folks are using experience as a fig leaf.

    1. It’s really weak trying to push any criticism of Sen. Obama off as either overt or covert racism.

      He IS inexperienced.  Is he too inexperienced?  Depends on whom you ask.

      I think he’s brilliant, but I firmly disagree with most of the policies he’s actually allowed himself to be pinned down on.  I won’t vote for him, and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin, and I don’t feel guilty about disagreeing with him.

    2. that if a non African American wrote something critical about Obama that among the first responses was one of racism.  Too bad.  Obama is inexperienced.  Some, including myself, think he is too inexperienced to be elected president.  Some think otherwise.  

      His inexperience has nothing to do with his being Black.  

      1. Never.

        Not even a “would you like fries with that?” job.

        In his nearly 55 years as an adult he has had 2 jobs: fighter pilot, legislator.

        Obama at least has been an educator, civil rights attorney, financial writer, community organizer, and legislator.  I think he also worked construction in college.

        McCain has been in washington so long he thinks that bloviating on things he’s never experienced is experience.  If you look at his healthcare proposals you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

        As to his military experience:  he’s never carried a rifle–I bet he never even qualified with one, and besides flying is certainly not foriegn policy experience.  Aside from Marine Aviators who at least understand something about carrying a rifle, most folks in the infantry hate arrogant flyboys.  This is one of the reasons Clark, who was shot 4 times during Tet, went after McCain.

        The man has courage, but that doesn’t make him knowledgable or experienced.

        1. McCain has 25 and a half years of federal legislative experience.

          Obama has 3 and a half.

          Which one do you think would be better prepared to run the federal government as president?

          But McCain’s not experienced because he’s never worked at McDonalds? What an amazingly terrible argument.

          1. No Job in private sector AT ALL.


            Not one.

            Never punched a clock, never dealt with a client, never met a payroll, never built anything, never sold anything.

            McCain’s experience is so limited its shocking when you examine it.

            Wirth, Armstrong, Allard and Brown were on Aaron Harber last week (?) and Tim Wirth in response to a question about leaving the senate for a job in the executive branch commented on how little senators actually know about how things work in the real world.  It wasn’t until he was in the executive branch implementing policy that he realized how little he and his senate collegues understood.

            McCain has a ton of that kind of experience, unfortunately he’s not that interested in learning new tricks considering that he is just learning about the internet now.

            1. ..after many years in the Senate, he admitted that he was SHOCKED! to discover the travails of a small business man.  

              Similarly, I recall when the press ambushed Poppy Bush about the price of milk or stamps or something.  He was out of touch by several orders of magnitude.  

            2. Illinois State legislator–4 years

              U.S. Congress–2 years


              Boy, that Abraham Lincoln guy sure does not have enough experience to be President

        2. The Marine Corps is part of the the Navy, and all Navy/Marine aviators go through the same training. The wings earned are those of a Naval Aviator. Most Marines in flight status never had to go through TBS and infantry training because they didn’t washed out of flight school. I have the wings.

          Your statement, “most folks in the infantry hate arrogant flyboys”, is crap. It’s insulting. I stood on the deck in dress whites more times that I care to remember and sang the Navy Hymn. I have no quarrel with Gen. Clark, he has his own ambitions; but I will object to your comments. I’ve done close-air support for the military, Marine and Army. Never heard a complaint. Yours is the first, decades after the runs.

          1. and do tours as FACs.  They are all qualified with the rifle.

            Though they are “Naval Aviators” Marines have seperate training squadrons at Pensacola.  They consider themselves Marines first and Aviators second.

            In the Navy everything is about the carrier and its strike power. Every other ship, sailor and officer is there to protect and put the planes in the air.

            In the Marines everything is about the Infantry.  Everything else exists to support the enlisted Marine with an M-4.  Marines who are “Naval Aviators” exist to support the Marine with the rifle whether he working as a FAC or flying a Close Air Support mission.  Marines love Close Air Support, they don’t just do them.

            As to never hearing a complaint, maybe because you were going 600 mph at 13k feet.  Maybe you don’t realize that because you were a Naval Aviator, people would be unlikely to grouse in your presence.

            1. It’s like the coresmen in the Marines, officially they’re Navy but they are part of the Marine platoon, wear Marine uniform, and are considered by all to be a Marine.

              The state of mind difference you point out between the Navy and Marine aviators is gigantic.

            2. spent one tour on the Nimitz back in the late 80’s. He worked on the decks fueling the jets.

              Problem is he is a dum dum and all he got out of it was knowledge of how to drink heavily and just how great pot smoking is.

        3. from moxiegrrrl


          US Marine Corps Rules:

          1. Be courteous to everyone, friendly to no one.

          2. Decide to be aggressive enough, quickly enough.

          3. Have a plan.

          4. Have a back-up plan, because the first one probably won’t work.

          5. Be polite. Be professional. But, have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

          6. Do not attend a gunfight with a handgun whose caliber does not start with a “4.”

          7. Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Ammo is cheap. Life is expensive.

          8. Move away from your attacker. Distance is your friend.

          (Lateral & diagonal preferred.)

          9. Use cover or concealment as much as possible.

          10. Flank your adversary when possible. Protect yours.

          11. Always cheat; always win. The only unfair fight is the one you lose.

          12. In ten years nobody will remember the details of caliber, stance, or tactics. They will only remember who lived.

          13. If you are not shooting, you should be communicating your intention to shoot.

          Navy SEALS Rules:

          1. Look very cool in sunglasses.

          2. Kill every living thing within view.

          3. Adjust speedo.

          4. Check hair in mirror.

          US Army Rangers Rules:

          1. Walk in 50 miles wearing 75 pound rucksack while starving.

          2. Locate individuals requiring killing.

          3. Request permission via radio from “Higher” to perform killing.

          4. Curse bitterly when mission is aborted.

          5. Walk out 50 miles wearing a 75 pound rucksack while starving.

          US Army Rules:

          1. Select a new beret to wear.

          2. Sew patch’s on right shoulder.

          3. Change the color of beret you decide to wear.

          US Air Force Rules:

          1. Have a cocktail.

          2. Adjust temperature on air-conditioner.

          3. See what’s on HBO.

          4. Ask “what is a gunfight?”

          5. Request more funding from Congress with a “killer” PowerPoint presentation.

          6. Wine & dine ‘key’ Congressmen, invite DOD & defense industry executives.

          7. Receive funding, set up new command and assemble assets.

          8. Declare the assets “strategic” and never deploy them operationally.

          9. Hurry to make 1345 tee-time.

          US Navy Rules:

          1. Go to Sea.

          2. Drink Coffee.

          3. Watch porn.

          4. Deploy the Marines

          1. Maches my experience

            One addition.

            coast guard.

            1. keep ancient equipment working

            2. save drunken fools during typhoon

            3. take down heavily armed drug dealers

            4. train locals in middle east on port security

            5. smile politely when people knock your service

            1. My father served in the CG for almost four years in WWII.

              Several months ago we attended the festival in Cortez, FL which has a CG station.  That’s between Sarasota and St. Pete/Tampa. We went on the tour of the station and they allowed me to introduce my father and his service to America.

              Yes, the Coasties get short shrift.  They depend a LOT on the auxiliary for many civilian non-drug assists, safety, boat inspections, and first response. All the CG pays for is gas, the rest is done out of love.  There was a perimeter “incident” while we on tour and it was amazing to realize that this 19 year old “kid” was taking care of the nuts and bolts in the command center.

              When my dad was in the Phillipines prepping for the invasion of Japan on a landing craft attack ship, it was the Navy captain that ran it aground.  They went to Pearl Harbor but was told that they don’t do tune ups.  They went on to SF where my father was ordered to report back to Boston.

              And here I am!  

            2. My father served in the CG for almost four years in WWII.

              Several months ago we attended the festival in Cortez, FL which has a CG station.  That’s between Sarasota and St. Pete/Tampa. We went on the tour of the station and they allowed me to introduce my father and his service to America.

              Yes, the Coasties get short shrift.  They depend a LOT on the auxiliary for many civilian non-drug assists, safety, boat inspections, and first response. All the CG pays for is gas, the rest is done out of love.  There was a perimeter “incident” while we on tour and it was amazing to realize that this 19 year old “kid” was taking care of the nuts and bolts in the command center.

              When my dad was in the Phillipines prepping for the invasion of Japan on a landing craft attack ship, it was the Navy captain that ran it aground.  They went to Pearl Harbor but was told that they don’t do tune ups.  They went on to SF where my father was ordered to report back to Boston.

              And here I am!  

              1. Spent some time in Georgia (the country) training the Georgian “navy” (?) on small boat operations in the black sea running down russian gun runners. Way scarier than my other brothers experience in flying in the gulf.  I never even managed that much, the sum total of my experience working in a naval shipyard and assisting on some design work that ended up in the Burkes.

                My coastie brother is getting out.  Took the NYPD test, figures easier to get married if he’s a cop in NYC rather than one on the Black Sea.

                1. 🙂

                  I hope at least he votes Democratic.  

                  I worked for three months during the peak season here back in 1969-70. The one thing I most remember is the constant kvetching about management and “the government.”  Because of bonus points for vets, many if not most of them were retired vets now working for “the government.”  

                  Oh, the hypocrisy!

                  And good on bro for his service.  I wonder who paid for the training?  The Georgians?  I doubt it, somehow.  

  2. A state senator and community organizer from the Chicago political machine? He got a free pass to the US Senate and has done what? Run for POTUS. Geraldine was right. Torch that racial straw man and argue that he has any experience, at all. He doesn’t.

    In the other corner, we have the senator who gutted the 1st Amendment to pacify those who caught him and his four other cheating Keating friends. Stryker, Gill, and Polis should be endorsing John McCain. They won’t. That’s the nature of what John wrought.

    Who was it who wondered in the not too distant past, “What happens if we get a POTUS who’s worse that what we have?” I believe we will; and that is no compliment to GWB.

  3. George Bush Sr and Jimmy Carter should have been two of the best Presidents.

    Both had long military careers and long political careers.  Neither did well as POTUS.

    I believe there is no experience that prepares a person for the Presidency.  Every point in time is different and a different world comes with each new term.

    BTW, the NY Times poll has Obama up by 7.

    1. But I agree it is impossible to define what experiences would prepare someone to be POTUS.

      I have a long career as an organizer.  I believe it gives a person a whole set of skills and attitudes which help to make you a success at what ever “job” you do.

      If what I’m finding on the internet is true, I will be most disappointed in the outcomes of Obama’s much touted community organizing experience.  However, I’m not ready to say that yet.  

    2. Besides all ideological and personality issues, GW had no experience before being governor of Texas!  And the guv is intentionally weak there.  I’m reading “Fortunate Son” right now.  It’s hard to reconcile the GW in that office and his working across the aisle in a serious manner and how he has been in the White House.  Karl Rove’s influence?????

      As to Obama, and you know I”m no Obama fan, I think his raw IQ and his political savvy – like GW – will carry him through if elected.

      If we use experience as the canon, LBJ should have been one of the best, too.  

  4. Look at Dick Cheney and his 2001 Energy Task Force.  Look at George Bush and his eight years in the White House.  The guy didn’t learn a thing in spite of having all the experience in the world.  I’d rather have someone who can learn and improve than someone like McCain who simply repeats the same mistakes of his predecessors.

    Experience is no substitute for good judgment and Obama has shown that he is knows when to act.  He knew when to get involved and he knew that he could beat Hillary Clinton.  Good judgment is critical to being president and Obama has already displayed an ability to make good decisions.

    1. Let me mention that one reason I’ve not been enthusiastic about Obama is that I perceive his only goal is…..Obama.  All the “Present” votes and other factors indicate that he has been plotting for the presidency for some time.

      Well, I just read a quote from a book wherein he told his future brother-in-law that he wanted to be president.  That was in 1992.  So it seems that my (and millions of others) perception was right on the money. It also puts him in the company of….George Bush.  

      Personally, I want someone to be president because they think they can offer something as president, not a president who had a life game of getting there. It leads to expediency and opportunism.

      All water over the bridge, to mix metaphors.  

      1. Isn’t John McCain running for president because he has an ego bigger than his prostate?

        I really don’t care what motivates Obama as long as he is capable of doing the job.  No doubt experience is beneficial but drive and determination are equally important and if nothing else Obama has shown he has drive and determination.

        The other explanation is that he is just an uppity guy and doesn’t know that he shouldn’t aspire to be president.  Shame on him for not knowing his place eh?

      2. They ALL have big egos, every single serious candidate. Hell, you should have gotten exactly the same feeling from Bill Clinton – I believe he said the same thing as a young man. Look how that turned out.

        There may have been a time when someone ran solely for the good of the country, but it hasn’t been within living memory.

        1. because I think i could do a better job than the current president.

          However, I lack the discipline, drive, thick skin, patience and charisma to get there.

          I sick of the forced humble off.

      3. …between a politician deciding at some point in his or her life to run for the presidency and someone not even in politics deciding at age 31 that that’s his goal.  

        I see Obama as wanting to be president to… president.  As I have learned about him I don’t see him striving to do anything in his post-Harvard life that wasn’t geared toward the presidency.  He doesn’t really care Jack-squat about anything unless it’s about himself.  

  5. RCP Average 07/07 – 07/15 — 47.1 42.1 Obama +5.0

    CBS News/NY Times 07/07 – 07/14 1462 RV 45 39 Obama +6.0

    ABC News/Wash Post 07/10 – 07/13 LV 49 46 Obama +3.0

    Reuters/Zogby 07/09 – 07/13 1039 LV 47 40 Obama +7.0

    Rasmussen Tracking 07/13 – 07/15 3000 LV 48 45 Obama +3.0

    Gallup Tracking 07/12 – 07/14 2637 RV 47 43 Obama +4.0

    Quinnipiac 07/08 – 07/13 1725 LV 50 41 Obama +9.0

    Newsweek 07/09 – 07/10 1037 RV 44 41 Obama +3.0

    You can see it yourself here:


    All of Obama’s numbers are on the rise from last polling set. Average….+5 over McSame

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