CU Regents Turn On Carlisle

The ghost of GOP kingpin-cum-CU President Bruce Ben$on is still collecting Democrat scalps, though not in the way he may have originally envisioned. As the Boulder Daily Camera reports on the SD-18 race:

Cindy Carlisle’s past and present Democratic colleagues on the University of Colorado Board of Regents are endorsing and financially backing her opponent in the race for a state Senate seat representing Boulder.

Democrats Stephen Ludwig and Michael Carrigan, who, along with Carlisle, make up the Democratic block on the 9-member board, are publicly supporting Rollie Heath in the pivotal Aug. 12 primary.

Heath, a business consultant, has also picked up endorsements from Susan Kirk and state Sen. Gail Schwartz, other Democrats who previously served with Carlisle on the board.

But Carlisle – a frequent voice for academic freedom and faculty governance issues during her tenure on the board – said she has a good showing of support coming from CU faculty and staff members, as well as students. She says her allegiance to her constituents on controversial university and women’s safety issues may give context to her colleagues’ endorsement…

Heath’s campaign has mailed a flier to Boulder voters that prominently displays the endorsement of Carlisle’s colleagues.

“The people who work with Rollie support him,” said Elisabeth Patterson, Heath’s campaign manager. “The people who work with Rollie’s opponent support him.”

Regent Carrigan – a Denver Democrat who has contributed $200 to Heath’s campaign – said: “I simply have more confidence in Rollie’s ability to translate campaign promises into real results.”


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    • Cold Mountain says:

      The reputation goes back two decades or more to the era when she was on Boulder City Council. If she took on your issue you had a strong, sometimes eloquent, voice speaking forcefully in your behalf. That, however, was rarely enough to win the day. She had a tendency to make every disagreement into a confrontation which rarely resulted in a satisfactory resolution.

      Her time as regent raises other questions. Apparently, those who have worked with her most recently have no fond memories to treasure.

      On the issues, Rollie and Cindy are Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Only in this case, Tweedledee is an edgy rottweiler while Tweedledum is a goofy golden retriever.

      For my money the question is who will be more productive in the Senate. The Senate already has a full complement of difficult, uncooperative grandstanders. One more won’t destroy the place but it doesn’t seem like it will help things much either. Rollie seems to get along with his colleagues even if he doesn’t generate much excitement.

  1. sxp151 says:

    I still don’t know who to support. Heath used to be a Republican and a big-business guy, and Carlisle fucked up the most important thing a Trustee could do by endorsing Benson (whose major achievement so far, as the guy who was going to raise money for the University, was to propose a 9% tuition hike).

    It’s the first election I’ve had to vote in where both candidates seem kind of decent on the issues, but I just dislike them both intensely at a personal level. I may just skip that line on the ballot entirely.

    • Dabee47 says:

      exactly when was Heath a Republican?  Does it really matter?  And is there something wrong w/ big business?  And exactly when did the REGENTS get replaced by “Trustees?”

      Ah, also, maybe you weren’t here, but tuition going up by “only” 9% is actually pretty good.  It went up 14.6% in 07 and 15-20% (depending on class and school) in 05-06.  9% is pretty damn good…

      Dislike them both…it doesn’t matter to me, it’s your vote.  But at least get some facts straight before going off on them…

      • Fidel's dirt nap says:

        and the price goes up each year, and gosh only 9 % this year, and you’re happy with that ?

        • Dabee47 says:

          And how exactly do you support the idea that the quality of education at CU is going down?  

          Tuition goes up every year because this cheap ass state doesn’t want to commit to higher ed.  Sure, the Dems are better than Owens and a repub legislature were, but not a whole lot.  State spending is still pathetic for a University of CU’s stature and Colorado’s size.

          And anyone dumb enough to blame the tuition hike on Benson (like spx) just doesn’t have a clue.  He had been on the job 42 days when the tuition hike was announced.  What exactly was he supposed to do in 42 days?

          So, for this tuition paying grad student, yes, I’m happy with a 9.3% increase.

          • bob ewegen says:

            Chewing gum and baling wire will hold CU together only so long. It’s already hard to recruit top faculty because they know as a state we don’t give a rat’s behind about higher education.  The question is when our own better lights start jumping ship. I agree with you that “only” a 9 pct hike was better than what has been happening. But as Churchill said after Dunkirk, wars aren’t won by evacuations, either. If the severance tax initiative fails, I find it hard to see how we can turn the higher ed scene around in time for my grandkids.    

          • ThillyWabbit says:

            Every major chunk of the budget has some sort of constitutional mandate except higher ed, at the same time as revenues are restricted by TABOR. So of course higher ed gets the shaft.

            Had Ref. C not passed, it’d be even worse.

            Thank Doug Bruce.

            • Not A Queer Dude says:

              dude in our state with enough guts to stand up for the working man and fight you libs.

              Without guys like Doug, the tax rate for City/State/County/PPRTA, etc here in Colo. Spgs. would be pushing 12%.

              It’s too bad Ref C passed, but it is a blessing that Ref D did not.

              Thanks Doug Bruce

            • bob ewegen says:

              that the decline in higher education is “not the dems fault.”

              Neither is continental drift.

              But that doesn’t mean both phenomena aren’t happening.

              Like Fidel DN, I also hope Benson can turn it around.  

              Somebody has to. I have two degrees from CU, and my son has an undergrad degree from UCDm, my daughter’s from Metro.

              But my daughter graduated from DU Law School and my son is on a Ph.D fellowship in philosophy at Boston College.

              Our programs must get better or my grandkids, age 1 and 6, won’t even be able to get undergraduate degrees worth having in this state.

              • ThillyWabbit says:

                I was just responding specifically to Dabee’s comment about the Dems being “not a whole lot” better than Owens and the Republican legislature.

                TABOR needs to be repealed, and in the end I fear that’s going to take a constitutional convention thanks to the single-subject rule.

            • Dabee47 says:

              I’m just generally saying this state sucks (when it comes to education).  

              I remember back in 2004, before and after the election, those of us in UCSU did a bunch of “lobbying” down in Den.  Folks like Peter Groff , Romanoff, JFG, Madden, Tupa…on and on…just loved to agree with us that the repubs were bad for education and as soon as CO gave the dems a majority, things would be different.  Then January rolled around and all they had to say was TABOR, TABOR, TABOR…

              This state’s majority party can’t keep patting themselves on the back for being pro-education if they’re not willing to address the major impediment to higher ed funding.  It’s just plain ridiculous…

          • Fidel's dirt nap says:

            No, I don’t prefer 20 % hikes either, but suggesting that 9 % is somehow good is plain crazy.  Its compounded on top of each prior year, so those types of increases are exponential.  Yes, I totally agree with you, the gutting of higher ed in Colorado is pathetic and extremely short sighted – the best and brightest WILL jump ship and as a result the University will suffer. The end result will be the flight of brains and dollars out of the state – just what we need in a recession.

            I don’t blame it on Benson either. I actually hope he does well – I hope he brings in a ton of money.  Yes, he’s a political animal but he is a longstanding member of the business community in this state and has been very successful – he can tap those contacts on behalf of the University.

            I said the quality of a University education is going down, but you assumed I said CU. However, based on 20 years of interviewing and hiring college graduates I can tell you the quality is going down – most in my experience are totally unprepared for the workforce.  

    • One Queer Dude says:

         You’re saying that the ’02 Democratic nominee for Governor used to be a Republican?

        Maybe we need truth in labeling applied to political candidates.  

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