Further Evidence Of HD-23 Candidate Nate Marshall’s Possible Ties to White Supremacism

POLS UPDATE: Jefferson County Republican Party Chair Bill Tucker demands that Nate Marshall resign as a candidate. From the Denver Post:

The chairman of the Jefferson County Republican party is demanding that candidate Nate Marshall resign after learning he has ties to a white supremacist group and a criminal record.

Marshall, 42, was the only Republican to run during the Jeffco GOP assembly on Saturday for the House seat now held by Rep. Max Tyler, D-Lakewood.

Marshall did not initially respond to the Post for the initial story above, and it may be hard to convince him to get out of the race now. Marshall was nominated by the Jeffco GOP, so as long as he doesn't resign in the next four days, he becomes their candidate in HD-23 by default. We're guessing that a guy with Marshall's background isn't exactly impressed when a county Party official demands a resignation.


Nate Marshall, GOP candidate for HD-23.

Nate Marshall, GOP candidate for HD-23.

Yesterday, Lynn Bartels of the Denver Post raised the possibility that HD-23 Candidate Nate Marshall is involved with White Supremacism.  On March 5, 2014, Nate Marshall filed his Candidate Affidavit to run for HD-23.  That Affidavit lists his Email Address as natemarshall303@gmail.com and his webpage as www.facebook.com/natemarshallpolitics .

Searching for NateMarshall303@gmail.com takes us to this linked post from March 22, 2013 on the white supremacist Stormfront Webpage by user “NateTheWatcher” telling Stormfront users that he is “putting together an event to unite groups in Colorado as well as everywhere on June 15-16. We will have a rally, a general session and breakout sessions to plan several actions involving the political and activism fronts.”  For contact information, NateTheWatcher tells people to contact him via:www.facebook.com/natemarshallpolitics and natemarshall303@gmail.com .  If that information looks familiar, there is a reason for it – it is the same information that Nate Marshall, candidate for HD-23, listed in his candidate affidavit.  On this basis, it appears that Stormfront user NateTheWatcher is HD-23 Candidate Nate Marshall. 

NateTheWatcher (again, very possibly Nate Marshall) has another post on Stormfront date June 13, 2013 that popped up from a simple websearch for the website listed on Nate Marshall’s candidate affidavit.  This post, titled ”The Aryan Revolution.. 40 hours to go!” states:

“The Aryan Revolution begins in just over 40 hours. It is time to rise up and defend our race, heritage, and existence!

I thank and congratulate those of you who have in the past and now and in the future have made the courageous decisions to risk everything for your race.. a one for all and all for one mentality!

We will need to continue to fight hard.. the enemy has wounded us in the past and will again.. but even if we lose some battles we will win the war! MAKE NO MISTAKE WE WILL TRIUMPH!

There can be no doubt to our resolve.. our determination and our total and complete victory! Future generations will treat us as founding fathers of a greater world where once again freedom, equality and justice will prevail for our race! The wrongs of the past will be righted and our race will stand united against our enemies including ideology, parasites and the unwashed, unkept, unethical and pathetic jews!

Join us… give us your time, dedication and what you can sacrifice and we will bring you every dream possible as reality!

Thank you again! “

Along these lines, it appears Nate Marshall has had two twitter feeds: NateMarshall303 andNateology.  A quick perusal reveals some real disturbing things posted in those feeds such as “NO MUSLIM IS A MAN… IN HOC SIGNO VINCES“  “ISLAM IS A CULT OF DEATH AND TYRANNY” and Execution Not Amnesty.

It appears this is only the tip of the iceberg.  I ask all readers of this post to do their own sleuthing on this topic and see what they can come up with.

This was originally posted on the Colorado Independent by me.

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  1. ElliotFladen says:

    If no alternative candidate emerges in HD-23 to stop Nate Marshall (who has very apparent ties to White Supremacism as apparently the Stromfront poster NateTheWatcher) from getting the GOP nomination, I hereby endorse, and encourage all Republicans/Libertarians/Others to support, the Democrat Max Tyler. Anybody who votes for NateTheWatcher has no business claiming to believe in the conservative principles of limited government. We need to have a bipartisan effort to rid politics of outright (and not just trumped up, but outright) racism. To do that, we will need to have universal opposition to NateTheWatcher who again, is likely Nate Marshall.

    • mamajama55 says:

      Elliot, good sleuthing. Nate Marshall is a real piece of work – he also is a petty thief and a scammer, exposed by 9 News for apartment rental fraud.

      Max Tyler, on the other hand, is a great legislator, willing to work with moderate Republicans. He did a public forum on the CO health exchange with Amy Stephens.

      I get this anti-muslim crap in email occasionally. I used to reply and fact-check it, but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the True Believers.

    • horseshit GOP front group says:

      This is just excellent work Elliot Fladen.   Good on you sir.

    • BlueCat says:

      Good job Elliot.  And why, I wonder, do so few of the people spouting this garbage look at all like superior physical specimens or sound at all like superior intellectual specimens?  Most of them are nothing if not walking advertisements for the absurdity of their claims.

    • dwyer says:


      Would you give an update on the status of "Nate the Watcher" and one of the other links.  On Stormfront, it says that "nate the watcher" was banned.  One of the other links said the page was no longer available.

      I have family who vote in Lakewood. It is just critical that I can give them current and accurate information.

      Thank you very much.

    • Gilpin Guy says:


      I just wanted to say thanks for this post.  I think we all know that a true Democracy requires that government power gets shared and shifts from one group to another across time.  We all know at some point we will be in the majority or the minority depending on the times.  What I hope for is that when people with different view points control our government, they are reasonable people who care about the welfare of the entire population and not just their narrow faction.  You showed today that you aren't a slave to your ideology and can recognize people who are beyond the pale of reasonableness.  It gives me hope that the next time Republicans gain control of our state government they will work for all Coloradoans and can play well with others.  I see hope of that today.

      Thanks for the post.

  2. Duke Cox says:

    As with any cockroach, perhaps this racist insect will scurry away now that you have turned on a light and exposed him. Nice work, Elliot. While you and I may disagree on much, on this we are in agreement.

    I grew up in the segregated South (pre-1964). I hold no truck with such racist vermin.

  3. davebarnes says:

    Let's hope that Nate is the Republican candidate in the general.
    The GOP: Party of Hate® needs more people such as Nate.

    • ElliotFladen says:

      Hoping your opposition will field candidates to crazy to be elected is what led to Hitler (which, incidentally,  is something that Marshall possibly is happy with).  

      Nobody, of any self-respecting party, should hope that a person along these lines gets the nomination for any major party.  Because one day, one such person may get lucky and win a race.  The risk of such is too high to not have immediate and universal opposition from all corners of the mainstream political spectrum

      • davebarnes says:

        Invoking Godwin's Law is a non-starter.
        "to crazy" should be "too crazy". Maybe someday, we will be able to edit our posts here.
        If Nate runs, he damages the Republican brand.
        If Nate runs and wins, he will really damage the Republican brand.
        I love situations that keep Ryan Call awake at night.

        • ElliotFladen says:

          Godwin's law does not apply when you are talking about a Stormfront.com contributor. 

          • ElliotFladen says:

            (the idea behind Godwin's law is that it is really demeaning to call your debate opponent a Nazi when you are fighting about animal rights, gun rights, or which baseball team is better…that concern though isn't really applicable when your debate opponent ACTUALLY IS a Nazi or its equivalent)

      • Urban Snowshoer says:

        ElliotFladen wrote: Because one day, one such person may get lucky and win a race.  The risk of such is too high to not have immediate and universal opposition from all corners of the mainstream political spectrum.

        The problem isn't just winning the race, it's also winning enough–even if it's not a majority–to inject ugliness into the mainstream. I believe David Duke once get something like 30% of the vote, when he ran in Louisiana–obviously not a enough to win the race but enough to influence it, or at least give credibility to the more ugly elements in society.  

      • BlueCat says:

        What led to Hitler was the overwhelming majority of ordinary Germans who supported for a variety of reasons in the aftermath of WWI.  Otherwise he could never have risen to such heights as a virtual nobody of no account and low social position. He got to where he was because of massive, enthusiastic support.

        Really lame attempt to make a connection between Hitler's rise then and silly Dems here and now. In fact, Dems have done quite well in elections in competitive states and districts when the GOTP has chosen to run the most extreme candidates. That's the reason Harry Reid survived, Bennet survived and then of course there was the loser GOTP fruitcake who so famously was not a witch. The list goes on. 

        America's competitive states and districts today are not equivalent to Weimar Germany then and the safe ones are safe for a piece of toast with the right letter, R or D, attached.  So did you throw in the lame Hitler comparison because you were getting nervous about how too many compliments from us would be taken by your wacko friends? Needed to show you're still a good little rightie who pisses them libruls off? 

        • ElliotFladen says:


          Read more.  Hitler was able to consolidate power because groups that could have initially opposed him held back in the hopes he would be revealed as a nut and they would be able to benefit.

          I pointed that out to illustrate that hoping your opposition selects candidates/issues that are too nuts to win carries a big risk: they might win.

          • BlueCat says:

            I've read plenty on this subject. Of course at first there were those, especially among the establishment elite, who dismissed him but, bottom line, he was wildly popular among the masses. The German people themselves created Hitler.  Without the overwhelming support of average Germans nothing could have made a supreme leader out of a low born nobody in that society.

            I stand by my statements that 1) the competitive districts and states here today are not at all equivalent to Weimar era Germany in replicating the conditions that led to the rise of Hitler, 2) that the most extreme candidates have helped Dems win in competitive states and districts in the recent past as demonstrated by the results of those elections and 3) that Rs and Ds will win in safe R and D districts regardless with very few exceptions. 

            Naturally you don't want crazies from the dominant party running in those safe districts but it happens. Still, not often enough and not in enough places to transform the US into Nazi Germany.  

            Your attempt to compare this to the rise of Hitler with silly Dems laying the part of enablers in your pearl clutching scenario remains lame.

            • ElliotFladen says:

              Can we just agree that we all should universally OPPOSE people like Nate Marshall and not root for them to be candidates?

              • Davie says:

                Yes, I can agree with that principle.  But the larger question (the one snarkily alluded to by Dave Barnes): why would such an extreme, fringe candidate feel that the GOP is his natural base from which to launch a campaign?

                The Democrats ridded themselves of the Dixiecrats a half-century ago, and the GOP welcomed them with open arms.  The cancer on the GOP has yet to be treated, much less cured.

              • RaynaG says:

                Yes.  Nate Marshall is a complete joke.  He is not a "candidate".  I seriously doubt anyone is "rooting" for him.  Gross.

        • mamajama55 says:

          Hitler was the right individual at the right time. He was an extraordinarily gifted public speaker. My mother saw him speak at a rally in Vienna, before her family fled the country ahead of the Nazis. She said that what was terrifying was his ability to shout absolute nonsense, but in a way which made one want to agree with him. He was expert at playing on people's emotions. 

          Others have written much more knowledgeably about the state of the German people, and how and why the political climate was perfect for Hitler's rise to power.

          I saw the Rev. Sun Myung Moon speak once – he reminded me of my mother's description of Hitler as an orator. Fortunately, Moon has passed away, with most of his cult, leaving us only the legacy of the Washington Times' extreme right wing views.

          I don't think that this Marshall guy is anywhere near as threatening as Hitler – he seems to be a small time con artist. Max Tyler will eat him for breakfast, if Marshall gets the GOP nomination.

          And I think Elliot's right – Godwin's rule doesn't apply if the subject actually is a Nazi.


          • BlueCat says:

            OK then. I'll apply the over the top degree of pearl clutching rule instead.

            • BlueCat says:

              PS Moon was never anywhere close to taking over America either. That's my objection to a comparison that equates the degree of danger. Completely different culture and circumstances. 

              Dems having a chuckle over a candidate like this whether you think that's OK or terrible, does not represent a credible threat that we are on our way to devolving into a state just like Nazi Germany. That's at the heart of the Nazi rule, not  whether someone is or is not, in fact, a Nazi.  These comparisons are ridiculous because they are so over the top in terms of degree.

              • mamajama55 says:

                i agree with you. The Moonies were always a cult. A multi-million dollar cult that ruined thousands of young people's lives, but a cult nevertheless.Moon was always pretty up front about his admiration of Fascists in general – he was a rabid anti-communist.

                My comparison was only to the oratory and politics. Moon's paper, the Washington Times, is frequently cited by serious journalists as a credible source.

    • notaskinnycook says:

      davebarnes, don't fight with elliott today, He did a very good thing. Now play nice.

      • ElliotFladen says:

        And I have blown through a good portion of my morning dealing with this in spite of the fact that I have actual paid work 🙁

        Well, we lawyers are sort of called upon to do Pro Bono.  I guess I contributed to that somewhat today. 

  4. Urban Snowshoer says:

    It's frightening how blurry the line between The Onion and reality can be; I had to re-read the Denver Post piece to re-assure myself, it wasn't my imagination.

  5. Jason Salzman says:

    Elliot, time to give up the law and shore up journalism.

  6. If Jeffco Republicans want to get Marshall away from their certified ballot line in November, they should find a petition-on replacement candidate Real Soon Now.

  7. DavidThi808 says:

    How did this guy ever get approved by the cacus? Don't the parties do any research on unknowns?

    • Progressicat says:

      No abortions.  Check.

      Obama a Tyrannical Socialist.  Check

      Likey the guns.  Check.

      Looks like you're in.  Just hang your hood and robe on the rack over there if you like.  Oh, and you'll have to leave the burning cross outside: there's no smoking.

    • There isn't a lot of vetting done by local parties for this kind of thing. His Candidate Affidavit was only filed March 5, which is basically at/after the caucuses. And he checked off the basic Republican requirements when the assembly voted on his unopposed nomination.

      Further, even if they did find out about his background, if someone signs up as a party member and is unopposed in a run for office, there's not much that the party can do – the HD assembly can't vote "none of the above", so he wins by default. The best they can do is disavow support of him and either support a petition candidate for the primary or pressure him to resign his candidacy during certain timeframes, allowing a vacancy committee to appoint a replacement candidate.

      • RedGreen says:

        not much the party can do

        A candidate has to be nominated and seconded and then win at least 30% of delegate votes in order to be nominated to the primary ballot (or can petition on). Simply running unopposed doesn't get you a major party nomination.

        • At the caucuses and intermediate level assemblies, delegates can vote "Uncommitted". But AFAIK, at the HD assembly level, there's no option for uncommitted or none of the above delegates. I beleive that if Marshall was the only candidate declared and voted through caucuses, then he's the only possibility at the HD assembly.

          So you get to the HD assembly and your choice is an apparent racist or – you don't have another choice. One person votes racist, no-one else can support him, but they don't have any other options. Marshall receives 100% of the votes cast. A quorum is present, the assembly is in session, the question has been put to the floor.

  8. ElliotFladen says:

    FWIW – Nate Marshall is now starting to take his stuff down.  But don't worry! We already have the relevant stuff saved at the Independent.  Tons of it.  Look for an update later.  It will blow your mind. 

  9. RaynaG says:

    I know this guy.  He is a complete douchebag that doesn't deserve all this attention.  No party would want to touch him with a ten foot pole.  He is CRAZY and a disgusting human being.  The best thing to do would be to ignore him so he just goes away!

  10. Ralphie says:

    Thanks for the diary, Elliot.

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