New Secretary of State Candidate

Okay, so he’s a Green Party candidate, but in the interest of fairness, we’ll show you his press release. Rick VanWie, who lives in Denver, announced his candidacy yesterday in Arvada, for reasons he didn’t explain.

Here’s the full press release…

Denver Paralegal Jumps into Colorado Secretary of State Race

Rick VanWie of Denver announced his campaign for the 2006 Secretary of State race on Saturday, November 12, in Arvada, Colo. VanWie, a Green Party member, is stepping up to challenge the major party candidates for the state’s highest office overseeing elections and business administration.

“To many people, walking through the door of the Secretary of State’s office is a step toward fulfillment of the American Dream” VanWie said. “If elected I will be a friend of small business, and dedicate myself to fair and honest elections.”

Colorado has nine elected officials who are Green Party members, while there are at least 223 Greens in various offices across the U.S. Art Goodtimes, a third-term San Miguel County commissioner, urges voters to support minor party candidates.

“It’s time Colorado started electing citizen representatives who aren’t beholden to big money interests of either major political party,” Goodtimes said. “Rick VanWie is a serious candidate with experience, energy and vision. Listen to him speak. He wants government to work for the people, not see it work people over.”

VanWie is a married father of two who works as a paralegal. As a Green Party member, he has held several party offices including co-chair of the Denver Greens, and has been involved in metro area politics.

If elected as Secretary of State, VanWie plans to explore more fair and open voting methods such as Instant Run-Off Voting and, in response to citizen demand, investigate the effectiveness and validity of electronic voting compared to hand-counted paper ballots. He will also work hard to help small and minority owned businesses by waiving all annual filing fees for new small businesses for two years, as well as continue the work of keeping fees low and developing internet based government services.

The Green Party of Colorado will nominate candidates for the 2006 election at its state convention in spring 2006. Per the Colorado Constitution and Colorado Revised Statutes, VanWie is an unofficial candidate seeking the nomination of the state party until the vote at the convention.

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