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October 24, 2007 01:45 AM UTC

Pretending Rayburn won't happen twice & give us Lamborn again?The Clinton/Perot, Bush/Nader effect.

  • by: CD-5 Line

Some of us relish, others loathe,  the political victors whose elections depended on the nefarious role classic “spoilers” played in elections. 

As a Republican, I cheered Ralph Nader on in 2000, just as Democrats cheered for Ross Perot in 1992, each one of the two playing the role of the spoiler and giving victory, in my opinion, to the candidate who would not have won but for the spoiler effect.  It all depends, doesn’t it, on whose ox is getting “Gored” whether we support the spoiler’s candidacy so that our candidate of choice actually is the winner? 

Now, that very small plurality of Lamborn’s supporters who barely eaked out a Republican primary victory for him with less than 27% of the vote in 2006 are trusting in Bentley Rayburn to champion their cause once again, and become a two time spoiler by “Goring” Jeff Crank. 

Bentley Rayburn’s lack of commitment to our district marks another significant difference between Jeff Crank’s candidacy and Bentley Rayburn’s.  It is the same difference between a one night stand and the girl you want to marry.  We are Bentley Rayburn’s one night stand. [Our 5th Congressional seat is only meant as a placeholder seat for his plans to run for higher office, including the U.S. Senate.]

But, in a twisted act of hypocrisy, Rayburn  objected to Ed Sealover as an “unfair” use by others of  “technicalities” (Rayburn’s not voting, not paying income taxes to Colorado prior to 2006 and continuing refusal to buy a home in Colorado) to try to “beat him” in 2008.  Ironically, for 30 years of military service, Bentley Rayburn beat us out of income taxes on those very same “technicalities”–and thought it fair.  Let Rayburn’s chickens come home to roost.

And, in the quest for wondering where those chickens may yet find to roost, there is the question that many military people who have avoided income taxes in certain states do not want explored:  Was their state in which they voted while on active duty the same state which they claimed as their state of residence for income taxes on their active duty salary?

Bentley Rayburn claimed Missouri as his home state to avoid income taxes, as his admissions to Ed Sealover revealed.  Did Bentley Rayburn also vote in Missouri in his active duty years?  [Was he even registered to vote in Missouri?] Or, did he vote, for example, in Alabama in his last years of military duty, while claiming Missouri as his home state to avoid Alabama’s income taxes?  [If he voted in Alabama, while avoiding income taxes there by claiming Missouri as his home state, this would probably be much more than an income tax issue for Rayburn, and could be a criminal offense.  The lawyers would have to answer that.] 

Indeed, do we even know if Bentley Rayburn ever voted in any state prior to 2006?  These are all interesting questions for the press and political forums.  Let’s hope someone gets some answers and that they do so in time to remind the 5th CD voters that unless we want 20 years of Doug Lamborn, we cannot allow our votes to be split in 2008 by voting for a spoiler looking for a one night stand.  In all honesty, a vote for Rayburn is a vote for Lamborn.   


9 thoughts on “Pretending Rayburn won’t happen twice & give us Lamborn again?The Clinton/Perot, Bush/Nader effect.

  1. Rayburn almost certainly did nothing worthy of prosecution with his tax or voting record.  Military members are given leeway despite the verbiage of the law.  Furthermore I dont see anyone going after a career military member for claiming his home state as the state he came from for tax purposes.

    Where Rayburn get nailed is on the political fallout.  Let’s take his statements about being “from” Colorado at face value.  I guess you could reasonably imply that he thought he was above paying state income tax or voting and keeping up with his “home” state. 

    1. You should look at JAG bulletins advising that where an active duty memmber registers to vote is the best evidence of the military person’s state of domicile, and where, as a result, where the military person is obligated to pay income taxes unless that state allows its active duty military to not pay income taxes, which I think is a wonderful thing.


      I have direct first hand knowledge of an airforce major, and Academy graduate, who at the time in question (1996), owned a home in Colorado Springs, claimed Texas as his residence so as to avoid income taxes on his Colorado military salary, but registered to vote and did actually vote in Colorado for our local and state positions, as well as voting in the presidential race.  You see the distinction?  He was legally a Colorado domiciliary by registering to vote in Colorado and actually voting in Colorado, but, didn’t want to pay our income taxes, so, he continued to falsely claim Texas was his domicile.  In fact, I got the distinct impression that at least in his case, every time this major moved to a new state, he registered to vote in the new state–but always falsely claimed Texas as his domicile so as to avoid taxes. 

      I do not know what Bentley Rayburn did on voting, whether he considered his domicile as portable as this one major did so as to vote wherever he lived, but never pay taxes in any state in which  he voted.  It should be a point of questioning, as should be whether he ever voted at all at any time in any state in his 30 years prior to changing his residence to Colorado in 2006.

      1. I think your criticism is fair.  Many times bloggers have broken stories wide open when the media failed.  Dan Rather probably wisher bloggers had not been so darned persistent also.  I still dont think any legal action will be taken, but Rayburn had better be ready to defend this in all the debates.

        1. .
          Cranks won’t challenge the Bentster on this himself. 
          Tar baby.

          But now I know what Hotaling is up to.
          Starting up a new 527 group to swiftboat another vet for serving the nation. 

          1. People have a right to know a couple things about Rayburn if he wants to be our “leader”.  First, how long has he considered CD5 his home.  If it has been for 3 decades as he said, then why did he not vote or pay taxes here according to the law.  There is nothing swift boatish about that, they are fair questions that give insight into his loyalty to our district rather than to DC ambitions.  I would not have a problem if Rayburn said he decided last year to make Colorado his home and thought that he would make a good rep here.  The problem is that his statements dont match up.

  2. the mainstream press has spiked this story line. 
    something about how,
    if people don’t find it interesting,
    it won’t sell newspapers. 

    nobody else is carrying it.

    that’s why we are so lucky to have you to keep posting the same story,
    which never seems to get old. 

    “in a ‘a twisted act of hypocrisy,’
    uppity armed forces veteran doesn’t know his place,
    mistakenly thinks that years of service entitle him to participate in politics.” 

    “anybody who refuses to buy an overpriced house in a weakening market is a terrorist.  and hates America.  and is unfit for elective office.” 

    “the 2-party system,
    and the party machines that produce consensus candidates who have paid their dues to these machines,
    have served us so well in the past,
    we should not do anything to upset the finely tuned system.”

    there hasn’t been a diary on this since, oh,
    when did you go on vacation ?

    1. the new guy who supports Lamborn, I think he goes by NEWSMAN, goes through a laundry list of issues where he thinks his guy supports the correct positions. 


      one could continually rehash irrelevancies is a weak ad hominem
        (the man himself, not the issues) attack. 


      CD-5 Line,
      … you are farsighted.
      you look past the basic question of who would make the best candidate,
      whether we should let folks vote for whoever they want to vote for,

      and with your vision,
      you have already decided who we should have represent us in Washington. 
      thank you for deciding for us.

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