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October 23, 2007 09:10 PM UTC

I Spent My Lunch Hour Trying to Get World Series Tickets And All I Got Was Angry Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

You may commiserate here. Again.


20 thoughts on “I Spent My Lunch Hour Trying to Get World Series Tickets And All I Got Was Angry Open Thread

  1. for Denver overcoming her “inferiority complex”. The whole “you will lose your spot in line if you refresh” was frustrating, especially when the window stopped refreshing on its own anyway! Maybe the anarchists could come to Denver early and protest the World Series AND the DNC.

  2. We wouldn’t have this problem in the first place if we had fans as dedicated as those in Beantown who buy season tickets. It’s the extra tickets after the season ticketholders exercised their rights that caused this mess.

    Second, Boston management has a sensible lottery system, not this ridiculous internet free-for-all where people in Outer Mongolia have the same ability to buy tickets (and in their case scalp them to others) as do Colorado residents and stadium district taxpayers.

    What a joke. Let’s hope the team performs well on the field and redeems us from at least some of our perceived cowtown ineptitude.

    1. Well said…

      This is absolutely ridiculous.  I’m not pissed that I (apparently) cant get tickets, I love baseball but couldnt care less about the Rox…But I’m pissed that the Rockies couldn’t organize ANYTHING near a coherent way of selling tickets…

    2. I’m going to speculate that Boston, perennial contenders, worked out their system a long time ago while Colorado, perennial cellar dwellers (it’s been 10 seasons since they finished higher than 4th in their division), probably had some kind of plan “just in case” they made it to the postseason but didn’t get serious about implementing it until the last week of the regular season.

  3. After seeing the insane prices on StubHub, Craigslist and the like, some friends and I decided to organize a little ticket “buying” (yeah right) network.  There are 11 of us on like 20 computers.  Most of us are in the library here at CU and a few at one of the computer labs.  Obviously none of us have been successful…but it’s entertaining IM’ing back and forth when it seems like something different happens with this screwed up system.

    Ahhh…good times…

  4. to be all upset over not winning the World Series ticket lottery when there are a million refugees in California fleeing mega wild fires.  As soon as the beetles make their way through our forests are area is going to be ripe for one of those kind of infernos.  We could be in their shoes in a couple of years.

    Be grateful your state isn’t burning and your sports team is still playing.

      1. I never ever thought that I would see the Rockies in the World Series in my lifetime.  Never ever and now that they are there, folks spend their time whining about not winning the ticket lottery.  This is a once in a lifetime moment for this team.  You only get to be Cinderella once then you have to meet bigger expectations.  It is like the Orange Crush excitement surrounding the ’77 Broncos.  And to beat Oakland in the conference championship on a controversial play was pure sweetness.  Enjoy the game and the moment and don’t distracted by some malicious computer glitches.

    1. I see your point; but, was it YOUR parent’s vacation home in Rancho Santa Fe that was destroyed???  No…wait, that was MY parent’s house.  That’s right…one of the homes that I basically grew up in was destroyed w/in the last 24 hours. 

      So please dont tell me what I should be “grateful” for…  I’m annoyed by not getting world series tix…but I’m f*%@&n crushed by the loss of my family’s home in SoCal…

      Call it “petty” if you want…but, I’ve gotta assume you didnt lose anything in the SoCal fires…

      1. There’s absolutely no consolation.


        I went to see a ranking Rimpoche at Naropa about a decade ago. As you know, impermanence is one of the Buddhists key principles. Well, this Rimpoche sat quietly on the dais for what seemed like an eternity, and we’re all waiting for him to say something. Finally, he says, “Maybe if someone has a question”. I smiled because the guy literally did not have a thought in his head….enlightened and all. Well, Barbara Dilley, the President of Naropa at the time stands up and asks, “Naropa has just gone through a tremendously difficult period. Not enrollment is up, and we’ve purchased another campus in Boulder and one in Europe. We believe we’re operating on sound principles, but are anxious about the future of Naropa. What are you thoughts”?

        The Rimpoche looked at her and said, “Even Naropa is impermanent.”

        I know its no consolation. But it was an interesting moment.

      2. I was talking about all the hullabaloo over the online ticket snafu.  I was trying to point out that griping about not getting tickets was kind of petty compared to the Katrina unfolding in California.  I live in the Red Zone and forest fire is my natural disaster nightmare.  I’m sorry about your loss and hope your family will find the strength to deal with it.

        1. Like I said, I see your point.

          I didnt mean to be a jackass…it’s just that it was 3am and I was sitting here waiting for my girlfriend to stop talking about…well…whatever the hell it was she was talking about.  😛

          1. You’re probably going to wish you’d paid attention to your girlfriend. There will likely be a pop quiz at some point in the future when you least expect it.

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