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October 19, 2007 08:11 PM UTC

Health Care Still Top Issue, Big Advantage for Dems

  • by: Colorado Pols

Poll after poll continues to show that Coloradans are as concerned about health care as any other issue – a marked shift from recent years. As the Rocky Mountain News reports:

The poll was conducted Sept. 12-15 by Ciruli & Associates on behalf of the Economic Development Council of Colorado. It found, perhaps not surprisingly, that 70 percent of respondents described economic development as a “high” or “very high” priority.

When asked, “What is your top issue for the governor and the legislature,” 26 percent said “immigration,” down slightly from 28 percent in a similar 2006 poll.

Health care price and accessibility jumped to 15 percent and second place, from 8 percent the year before. Education fell to 11 percent from 20 percent, and the economy fell to 6 percent from 11 percent.

The range of error for the 2007 poll is plus or minus 4.4 percentage points.

The results are similar to a poll conducted by Houston- based Republican consultant David Hill and released last month by the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. In that poll, health care and health insurance was the No. 1 concern for voters.

Health care reform could be a huge strategic advantage for Democrats heading into the 2008 elections, provided that they actually do something on the issue. Republicans are in a tough spot on this one; if they block meaningful reform, then Democrats will hammer them on it during the fall election. On the other hand, Republicans will have a hard time taking credit for any real reform that does pass, since Democrats are in control of the legislature. The GOP is in a no-win situation here, provided that Democrats don’t bail them out by not doing anything on the issue. Even a modest reform would send a strong message to voters.


19 thoughts on “Health Care Still Top Issue, Big Advantage for Dems

  1. promises that are impossible to keep, by god the Dems will do everything possible to look like champions for the common man. All the while taking more and more of our paychecks, with no end in sight.
    Good policy when you have a bottomless pit to draw from.

    1. As the sole person remaining unaware about the healthcare crisis in America, we thank you for your input.  The sand will start filling up in the hole, so hurry and put your head back in.

      1. ROFLMAO! Over the last couple of months, with LIAS, Foggy, and a few others, it’s quite clear they are only willing to demogogue and not listen or substantively respond to a myriad of issues…health care included. I’ve witnessed many attempts to explain how we are paying for our health care costs now. How the system is broken. How affordable, high quality and complete access to health care is recognized by every other industrial country in the world but the U.S.

        But…..they will continue to demogogue. I for one, have no time for people who don’t listen and refuse to hear the facts.

    2. I think that if you review history, you’ll see that FDR was talking about nationalized and socialized medicine in the 1930s, and there always have been Dems trying to ride the issue ever since.

      I think it has the potential to help Sen. Clinton in 2008, but  the state’s politicians are so incompetent and dishonest about the issue that it won’t help or hurt any of them. They’re all jokers and the voters know it.

      What the ’08 Commission is accomplishing is astonishing. It’s showing that no state solution is affordable nor workable, no matter how many Dems are in charge. Will they try to change the system? Of course. Will they make hash of it, most likely.  But I don’t see a consensus among the Dems, and the Repubs are sitting back, laughing.

      Colorado’s government has its own Katrina: DMV, etc. Why would voters trust the union-dominated state government to do what’s right for Colorado when it’s primary concern is what’s right for ambitious union leaders in the state?

      What’s needed are major changes in federal laws and regs, and they aren’t going to happen because so many lobbyists are making fortunes dividing the Dems in Congress and confusing the issues. There are so many special interests on all sides that the public will correctly decide to stick with what we have rather than let one special interest group have it’s way.

      What’s amazing is that the left is willing to destroy what works for the middle class to help a bunch of illegal immigrants who don’t buy health insurance. It makes no sense.

  2. or this diary is factually inaccurate. 

    In fact, checking out the linked article,
    it completely contradicts what’s stated in this diary. 

    The article says that the survey was limited to what folks want the State government to work on. 

    Health care, Insurance, paying for it, whatever,
    is a very big issue.
    In terms of what people want the state legislature to work on, it’s tops.

    But #1 overall, when compared to all issues of concern,
    including national issues ?
    That’s absolutely NOT what the article states. 


    My personal #1 is Iraq, and will be until resolved. 
    I hope it’s #1 with most folks, but if it was,
    I think the US Congress would take it more seriously. 

    I believed it was #1 in November 2006,
    but polls said corruption was more important to voters. 

    Until the war has costs for voters,
    and not just for Army families,
    it will just float along. 
    Until you folks get angry enough to do something
    (and writing entries here does not qualify as doing something,)
    it will just float along.

    but I gotta snap back and object whenever I read that my top priority just isn’t everyone else’s #1. 
    sometimes I’m a little anti-reality. 

        1. In response to the Carnegie Steel Corp. using the Pinkerton Detective Agency to break up a strike at the Homestead mill,

          in 1893 Congress passed the Anti-Pinkerton Act. 
          It is still a codified federal law, 5 USC 3108. 
          It is a little vague. 

          In 1977, a federal court decided that the intent of Congress behind that Act was to prohibit federal agencies
          – US Army, State Department –
          from employing Mercenaries. 

          The Declaration of Independence,
          issued 4 July 1776,
          says it is unworthy the Head of a civilized nation to use mercenaries. 

          Oh, its illegal, alright. 


          In the last 3 years,
          there have been almost a dozen cases brought before the Comptroller General,
          and one taken to federal court,
          challenging the use of Mercenaries in Iraq. 

          On 23 August 2007,
          a Federal Court threw out the case,
          saying the Plaintiff (yours truly)
          did not have standing to sue the Army. 

          See, I was challenging the use of Mercenaries on the basis that,
          by combining into one contract two different things,
          one a requirement for the illegal provision of Mercenaries
          a requirement for other, legal activities,

          I was being denied the opportunity to bid on providing just the legal activities. 

          But the Army stated that it would take 275 employees, at a cost 0f $38 Million, to fill the 20-40 or so positions it would take to perform the legal services. 

          The Court challenged me to prove that I could come up with sufficient operating capital to perform the smaller portion of what was a $475 Million combined contract over 2 years. 

          That would take about $8 Million.

          I was not able to find an investor with that much money
          who was willing to sign an affidavit
          saying that they might think about backing me. 

          Seems that folks who are that well off are not against the war.
          They don’t have any real stake in it,
          one way or the other. 

          Prevailing in that case would have forced the end of the war.
          Mercenaries are essential to prosecuting this war,
          because we don’t have enough soldiers. 
          President Bush admitted as much when he announced the latest Strategy,
          “Return on Success.”

            can I borrow $8 Million ? 

  3. Democrats don’t bail them out by not doing anything on the issue”

    Or caving to a wimpy compromise that gives away the store because they are afraid the big bad Republicans will call them obstructionist.  What kind of poll numbers are the Dems in congress waiting for before they stop running for cover every time a Republican says “boo!”?

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