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October 18, 2007 05:52 PM UTC

SCHIP Override Attempt Today

  • by: Colorado Pols

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

UPDATE: Not unexpectedly, attempts to override the veto have failed.

From the office of Rep. Mark Udall:

Today, The U.S. House of Representatives will vote to override President Bush’s veto of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) Reauthorization Act of 2007 that would insure an additional 60,000 low-income Colorado kids, boosting the number of kids in our state on SCHIP to approximately 118,000.  Nationally, the children’s health care program covers 6.6 million children and this legislation would increase that number by 3.8 million.  The bill would be funded by a 61-cents-a-pack increase in cigarette taxes.

The vote is expected to happen after 10:00 a.m. (EDT) and before 1:30 p.m. (EDT) today.  If the veto override is successful, the Senate will then vote. To override the President’s veto of SCHIP, House Democrats will need two-thirds of the majority vote.

The editorial board at The Denver Post is encouraging an override.


55 thoughts on “SCHIP Override Attempt Today

    1. Statement by Colorado AFL-CIO Executive Director Mike Cerbo On Rep. Marilyn Musgrave’s Vote Against Health Care for Children

      DENVER – Colorado AFL-CIO Executive Director Mike Cerbo released a statement today on Rep. Marilyn Musgrave’s failure to stand up to President Bush in an extreme vote against Colorado’s children. Musgrave’s vote not to override Bush’s veto of health care for children (H.R. 976) means that 50,000 Colorado kids who would have been able to see a doctor when they needed one, will instead continue to go without the basic services they need.

      “Rep. Musgrave’s vote does not match her rhetoric” said Cerbo, “In recent months she has continually tried to paint herself as a moderate ahead of what is sure to be a difficult 2008 race in her district. Rep. Musgrave’s vote put her at odds with a bipartisan majority in both houses of Congress and a majority of the Colorado delegation. Her vote is a dangerous indication of her attitude towards Colorado’s working families.”

      The Colorado AFL-CIO has advocated that providing health insurance to children also makes good economic sense. For many of Colorado’s children, coverage through SCHIP is the only chance they have to get regular check ups, or to see a doctor before an illness becomes life-threatening. Preventing health problems altogether or catching them before they get worse is a proven way to save money and studies show that the State Children’s Health Insurance Program has been a success on both counts.

      “Caring for our children is a moral obligation and is a test of the greatness of our nation,” continued Cerbo, “Rep. Musgrave failed that test and Colorado’s working families will remember this ill-considered choice and hold her accountable.”

  1. Go back and fix the proposal. Then give it to your President to sign.
    He will, if it doesn’t include taxpayer funded benefits for kids that already have health care, for kids whose families make more than enough to have their own coverage, and for adults.
    How freakin hard is that for Dims to understand?

    And to pay for it with cigarette taxes? Whose stupid idea was that? When millions of Americans quit smoking, and younger ones can’t afford them, who then will pay the bill?

    1. Are you talking about compromise?!?!  There’s no room for that!!!

      While we totally disagree on this, the solution is rather simple.  Come up w/ a compromise and then move on.

      Repugs and Dims…leading Uhmerika 4wurd…

      1. This bill already was a compromise.  The Dems cut the funding way back from what they wanted to what Repubs said they would accept.  And then Bush vetoed it.  Any further “compromise” is just knuckling under.

        1. Youre absolutely right…but Dems MUST pass something by Nov 16th.  The Uhmerikan people…in their infinite wisdom(yeah right)…dont blame the Prez when spending bills dont go through, they blame Congress. 

          Sure, an overwhelming majority support the bill Bush vetoed.  But an overwhelming majority will also be pissed when Congress fails to pass a bill Bush will sign.

          Sometimes being “right” isnt good enough…

    2. Several of the most conservative posters here are urging the Democrats to revise the bill so it can go through.  Wouldn’t they normally be glad that a government entitlement is going away?  Could it be that they see a political downside to this particular program going away?

      1. We aren’t the animals you make us out to be. We are not against SCHIP, just the bogus bill the Dems tried so hard to shove down the President’s throat.
        He was right to veto it. Nothing political. Just a bullshit bill designed to support people that don’t really need it.
        SCHIP is supposed to help the POOR kids. Not adults. Not kids from homes that can easily afford their own insurance.
        But because Dems like to throw emotions into the mix, they come out saying the President is an uncaring ogre. When in reality they are just pissed because their veiled attempt to kick start Government Health insurance just got defeated.
        To that I say fuckinay.
        Even with a majority Dims in supposed control, they still can’t agree on how to stick it to the taxpayer yet.

        1. There is about as much truth in what you say, as there was evidence to invade the wrong country just over 4 years ago.

          Mr. McConnell is so used to Washington-style gamesmanship and inside-the-beltway rules that he has forgotten what constituents back in Kentucky want: the simple truth.


          1. have been forced on us for so long that they seem like the norm.
            I have no big problem with them as they do help people that really truly need it.

            I do however have a problem paying taxes to give free medical to families that CAN afford their own insurance but choose not to. And adults that CAN afford their own insurance but choosae not to.
            That is why it was very right of the President to veto the bill presented to him in its current form.

            1. If a parent doesn’t buy health insurance–how is a kid supposed to pay for it?  Paper route?

              Or do you believe the sins of the father should be vistited on his children?

              1. Simple question that requires a simple answer. But in my mind, “because the children can’t help themselves” is no answer.
                Com’on man. You are a straight shooter. Why should “I” have to support everyone elses kids?
                I never asked for help raising mine.

                1. There is no “I”. It’s us, baby. Perhaps when you’re there, you’ll get it. We can afford this with a reasonable, small modicum of intelligence. Either get ready to eat the exhaust, or get on board, Man!

                2. 1. I could give you the purely economic.  It is cheaper in the long run to treat children preventatively than in emergency rooms (unless you are advocating letting children die in the streets).

                  2. Taking care of children is the right thing to do.

                3. one of your children were born with a serious birth defect requiring tens of thousands of dollars of special care and medical needs per year?  Care that would sink you in a month or two financially, but the government (us) was willing to help with?

                  Would you be so cavalier?

                  Would you put your kid in the dumpster?

                  What WOULD you do?

                  It’s easy to talk tough when you aren’t in the catbird seat. (What exactly is a catbird seat, anyway?)

        2. People see that.  That’s why his latest numbers have him at 24%.  The only reason congress is low is because people feel that they aren’t effectively standing up to him.

          You get indignant and say that you and your side are not animals.  Yet you call those of us that don’t agree with you animals. Your screen name, your sig, calling the Dems Dims.  You dehumanize us, we will do the same to you right back. 

          Throwing emotions around?  You mean like saying those that disagree with Bush are unpatriotic traitors and using 9/11 whenever you can just to get Bush and Republicans elected and re-elected. 

          No, the Government shouldn’t provide healthcare for anyone.  They just need to keep people from having sex and gays from getting married.  That’s what Government’s role should be according to you.  Also spending insane amounts of money, manpower and lives on a pointless war.

  2. I’m still impressed by Repubs ability to do exactly what they want while Dems stand (almost) haplessly to the side and watch…

    And, having not really paid attention to this over the last few weeks, I didnt realize that the current program doesnt expire until Nov 16. 

    I had this funny image of a potential Dem attack ad in my head where the Prez and Darth…I mean VP Cheney…are shown grabbing pill bottles and medicine out of the hands of children yelling “Mine, all mine!!!  Get your damn middle class parents to take out a second mortgage to pay for your health care!”

    Despite Harry Reid’s “emphatic” declaration that the D’s won’t compromise, I imagine they will and we’ll have a new program in place by Nov…

  3. I am going to jump first in line to hold my hand out for FREE benefits for me and my kids.
    No reason for me to pay my own way when there are plenty of (emotion thinking) Democrats out there to get others to pay my way.
    Maybe I’ll just quit my job and go on the welfare rolls. Then they can all feel really good about themselves for supporting me and my family.
    Golly gosh it must be nice looking out of rose colored glasses at all the wild flowers and daisies.
    Where is Neil Diamond and Cat Stevens to sing a few songs?

    1. Where is Neil Diamond and Cat Stevens..

      That would be ‘are’

      Please do quit your job, my guess is your poor employers would be delighted, but who would shovel out the stalls?

  4. a senator, but I didn’t catch his name.
    Funny stuff:

    S  Socialized
    C  Clinton style
    H  Hillarycare
    I  Illegals (for)
    P  Parents  (and their)

    Whomever the senator is, he surely isn’t a cradle/grave socialist liberal.
    Ha ha he

    1. being liberal, being socialist, being progressive. I wear those labels with pride.

      I will be happy to go to my grave knowing I cared about other people.  I can’t see how leaving this world filled with hate and resentment as the right does can be a good think, no matter how much money one assesses with their insatiable greed.

      1. Just replace State King, with LIAS and you’ll see absolutely no difference.

        You know, stop. Just stop. Even as impetus for satire, it isn’t worth it.

        Sure, I like being reminded that the most powerful military in the world is under the direction of emotional schoolchildren. Sure, it’s great to know that the problems faced by millions of Americans will be debated and supposedly solved by people whose greatest intellectual triumph is the ability to tie absolutely any issue to their overwhelming fear of Secret Brown People. And sure, it’s even mildly amusing to see grown men and women reverting to statements like “Resolved: my distinguished colleague from the state of such-and-such has cooties” or introducing legislation like the I’m So Patriotic I Make Betsy Ross Look Like a Traitorous Pile of Crap Act of 2007.

        But when you’re reduced to having your staff make up large visual aides to assist explaining your insults, I think perhaps satire won’t cut it anymore, and we have to devolve to out-and-out mockery.

        So fine. Let’s play the game, Republican style. Representative Steve King, of Iowa’s 5th District: you support al Qaeda. I don’t have to prove it. I don’t have to back it up. I just have to say it, and it becomes true. And now the debate can be about why you support al Qaeda. Is it because you are “soft on terrorism?” Is it because you are living in a “pre-9/11 mindset?” Is it because you “hate America?” It is because you were beaten senseless by river otters during your own sixth birthday party, and now harbor a deep grudge against our native American fauna? I don’t know. I don’t have to know, because all of America is now ruled by the Fox News Schoolyard Taunt. Blah blah blah, flag pin. Blah fart blah, unpatriotic. Blah fart cough, Hillarycare.

        The truth of it is, if the Republicans could tie healthcare for children to an external enemy in need of retribution, they’d be all over it — but unfortunately for America’s children, you can’t bomb car accidents. If they could tie the needs of children and families with crippling unforeseen medical expenses to an al Qaeda plot to harm those children, they’d find a way to divert a token one or two percent of the half-trillion dollars of Iraq War funding towards covering them all. Perhaps. Yes, if we made caring for our children an act of patriotism, perhaps the Republican Party would show some interest.

        But for some reason, caring for our children isn’t considered patriotic, and so those children can go rot.


      2. Boy howdy that is something to be proud of. You wear all the labels that left unchecked will turn this country into another North Korea.
        I can’t believe an adult would so proudly call themselves those sad sad titles.
        Pretty sick and disgusting.
        Why if you like that lifestyle so much don’t you move to where it is accepted? Like N. Korea? Wouldn’t that flip your switch? Isn’t that what you want to turn this country into?
        You said it, not me.

          1. Where do you get off telling me that I support Al Qaeda?
            Where does that come into play?
            I was talking to an admitted SOCIALIST. A North Korean wannabee. Not you. How is that being un-American? I would think you would be against socialism too. But oh wait. Progressive and liberalism are just other words, more political correct words for SOCIALISM.
            Admit it if you have the guts.

            1. It’s a fucking dictatorship!

              Socialism is when the people elect their government and “the means of production” are mostly done by the government.  The Scandinavian countries, pre-Thatcher Britain, as examples.

              You really need to learn some facts and not cliche’s.

              But that would be difficult, wouldn’t it?

              1. North Korea is listed right next to China, Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam as Scoialist countries. Although it is actually a Democratic Dictatorship, it is still socialist in design.

                So do you defend Jjc for admitting being a wannabee socialist? Does that fit in the liberal agenda or not?

                1. By who?  The LIAS Fring Political Association?

                  Look, moron, socialism is a bottom up system with free elections.  They are anything but Democratic, and you KNOW that. Those nations can call themselves Blue Cheese, but that doesn’t make them so.

                  They are dictatorships and Communist.  They are NOT socialist. 

                  God, you can be so brick headed.

        1. I proudly wear labels that show I care about other people.

          And if you think those values represent “authoritarian regimes” like North Korea, it’s clear you do not read much. Rather, you listen to YOUR leaders, drink THEIR KOOL AID and insist the rest of us do so too.

          Me? I believe in a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  It’s called a democracy or representative republic if you wish.  What it is not called is a military industrial complex where corporatists buy the government and then bully others into believing anything they say.

          I will not move anywhere.  You can name call until h*ll freezes over (it’s what bully winger love to do).  But it is the place where I choose to live. 

          1. Proud to be a SOCIALIST………
            So being a socialist means you believe in a government of the people, by the people, and for the people?
            I thought a socialist country takes from the haves and gives to the have nots. Share the weath so to speak.
            Is this your version of socialism? Or have you molded it to sound more noble? Kinda like semi socialist? In other words, wishy washy.

            1. makes you laugh?  Gee why am I not surprised.

              And oh yea, I would take from the likes of the Hiltons, the Bush familuy, the Lay family and all the other folks who made money off of robber baron policies, off of working with fascist leaders, off of stealing from people who worked hard all their lives,  and redistribute without blinking an eyelash.  I would be thrilled to take money from the families that made their money and still make their money off of child labor around the world, off of forced slave labor promoted by the right wing in remote islands, and redistribute it.  Wouldn’t lose a minute of sleep over it.

              Unlike some I do not think it is necessary to lie, cheat, steal and hoard riches so I can have five homes, five cars, three boats, and pay $1000s for fish eggs to be happy.

              So yea, laugh all you want. I do believe in this:

                “You can have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, or democracy, but you cannot have both.”~Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis

              1. What did Gecko say…….”take from those that work for a living and give to the lazy”
                Something like that.
                Nice policy unless you are the one having your hard earned money removed at gun point.

                1. stealing, cheating and lying to be acceptable ways to earn money?

                  Now I understand. 

                    “You can have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, or democracy, but you cannot have both.”~Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis

                  1. stealing, cheating and lying to be acceptable ways to earn money?”
                    What the hell are you yackin about now? Where did I say anything even remotely like that?
                    Explain please, as I guess I’m far too conservative to understand dribble.

                    1. Most of the very wealthy jacked, or their ancestors jacked the system to work in their favor and very much against the average schmoe.  (They even get folks like you to support policies that are against your best interest!)

                      They buy policy and votes so that they can accumulate more wealth than they can ever, ever use.  But they want their little pee-pee to be bigger than every other guy’s pee-pee.

                      Psychologically, pretty sad.  Socially, a sin.

  5. To all of you on the left side of the forum, why is Nancy Pelosi still the Speaker of the House?  Outside of being a very “progressive” choice, has she really been an effective leader?

    1. She has passed and pushed for everything she promised to American’s. Her leadership skills are not at fault for the Bush veto pen, or the lemmings who follow him by blocking and obstructing to the most substantive pieces of legislation coming out of Congress.

      Pelosi has my vote for another term as Speaker.

      Oh, but she’s a woman and you republcant’s cannot stand to see a woman in charge. You really don’t know what you’re missing out on: http://www.msnbc.msn

      1. just look at the amount of legislation passed by the House only to get stalled in the Senate. It’s a shame she couldn’t muster up the 2/3rds necessary on S-CHIP, but that’s the way the ball rolls sometimes. Ask me about Harry Reid and you’ll get a very different answer.

        1.   Nancy Pelosi’s effectiveness is comparable to another Speaker who led his party out of the wilderness back in 1994….Newt Gingrich!  Gingrich managed to get most of the infamous “Contract on America” through the House only to see most of it die in the Senate.
            As for Harry Reid, you really cannot blame him for the lack of progress on anything in the Senate.  Read Robert Caro’s bio on LBJ, “The Master of the Senate,” and you’ll understand the history behind the majority leader’s position and how truly impotent that post has been. 
            Add to that the fact that Reid has a one-seat on issues unrelated to Iraq/Iran, and is effectively the minority leader on legislation dealing with Iraq/Iran, and you really can’t fault him for the Senate’s inactions.

          1. blame Harry Reid that is. My main problem with him is how he lets Republicans just threaten the filibuster, they don’t even have to go through with it, the one sleeping bag stunt aside (which by the way was Chuck Schumer’s plan, not Reid’s from what I understand). He let Warner go back over to the Pubs on Iraq even though Warner is the key to garnering the 60 votes necessary to get something done. He exemplifies almost everything about why people disdain Congress so much, focusing on procedural non-binding resolutions instead of putting Iraq, energy policy, and budget up to actual votes. Also, while the House voted on and dealt with their issues right away, Harry Reid and the Senate seems to always until the last minute, relying on continuing resolutions. He’s got to put up or shut up. Regardless of how impotent his position is, he could and should be doing more than he is right now rather than whining about a lack of political capital, never mind the fact that Dems had the capital at the beginning of the session and that it is largely his fault that they have nearly none now.
            Wow, that was a reliving vent!

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