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October 12, 2007 03:24 PM UTC

Congressman Lamborn brought on as full voting member of the House Armed Services Committee

  • by: dlanotte

Congressman Doug Lamborn has been brought on as a full voting member of the House Armed Services Committee. This is almost unheard of for a freshman. The House Republican leadership recognized his strong military support early-on and named him a member “on leave” of this important committee. His efforts to secure a veterans cemetery for the Pikes Peak reagion are bearing fruit. This “fleeting-up” for the Congressman is good for the Pikes Peak reagion and Colorado.


11 thoughts on “Congressman Lamborn brought on as full voting member of the House Armed Services Committee

  1. I feel another franking piece coming my way to tell me what I already know.  I just love it when a congressman who is too lazy to fund raise uses my money to send me franking campaign pieces.  That’s true leadership recognized by constituents (at least those he does not threaten).

  2. “dLannote” and “Newsman” are two brand new accounts (created yesterday and today). Both (gasp) are here to prop up Lamborn. Clearly there aren’t real supporters out there otherwise we would have seen them long ago.

    Oh and interestingly enough apparently both of the new contributors to ColoradoPols went to the same school (or something!) as they both use similar phraseology, punctuation, inflection and style. In particular, note the poor use of hyphens and passive voice sentence structure.

  3. I am being accused of being a staffer for Congressman Lamborn. If this were true, and it is not, I would be proud to work for a man of integrety such as the congressman. If the best criticism that can be made is to deride a person’s writing ability, the critic should go back to school him/her self.
    I am unappologetically for Congressman Lamborn’s continued service in the House. His opponents seem to have little else to bolster their positions than to find fault where there is none.

  4. I don’t know if I should feel insulted or honored.  I am and have been an Independent self employed businessman for over 30 years.  Should I be insulted you think I work for an agency, or am on any ones STAFF?  On the other hand, I (and most people) would be honored to be asked by my Congressman to join his staff.  Alas I have not been asked.  I am just what I appear to be, a Lamborn supporter, and a voter.

      After Doug Lamborn spoke to our local community group last year, I sought more information.  I looked at his 12 year voting record in the Colorado House and Senate.  I talked to friends who knew Doug Lamborn, and found a majority in the state house respected him.  I talked at length with very good friends who were “in the tank for Crank”, and some that thought General Bentley Rayburn was the right guy. I reasoned that the characteristics that make a good General are not the same ones that make an effective congressman.  I compared Jeff Cranks words and deeds as a paid lobbyist, to his stated new beliefs, and to his voting record.  Oh yeah, Crank (and the General ) have never been elected to any state or local position to have a voting record. Then there was Democrat Jay Fawcett, a retired USAF Lt. Col, again with no voting record.  While I respect Jay’s service, I don’t respect his parties cut and run votes on Iraq, support for socialist ideals, and tax increases.  I compared the candidates in both the primary and general election.  I made my decision, I voted FOR Doug Lamborn. 

    Now I am sure the fact that you are so demonstrably wrong, obviously partisan, and inexplicably rude to a new poster, will not stop you from your (self) appointed mission to seek and destroy any view that does not match your own.  The unfounded and untrue assumptions about myself, and the  character assassination of Congressman Lamborn by GOPpundit and CD-5 Line, are filled with half truths, distortions of votes, and blatant personal supposition without the necessity of factual basis or common sense.

    I have lived and voted in Colorado for 35 years.  I have never had a representative I agreed with more than Doug Lamborn. Lamborn received 60% of the vote in the General election.  Doug Lamborn will win my vote and my precinct by a wide margin in the primary next year, (and for many years to come), so long as he stays true to his principals. 

    After reading your posts, I sat down and wrote a check to the Lamborn campaign.  Thank You for reminding me what is at stake.  NEWSMAN….

    PS: Did I just hear a Democrat complain about the franking privilege granted by our founding fathers to everyone in congress, oh come on. I and every one of my neighbors are glad to hear from our representative about the issues that effect our community. Even my relatives who are registered Democrats agree with me on this. Congressman Lamborn, Please keep those cards and letters coming.

    1. You clearly are involved in local politics as demonstrated by your knowledge of grassroots politics and our caucus system.  Furthermore, if you really financially contribute, you are in a very small minority of interested people in the local system (small enough that we could probably narrow you down to two or three local contributors to Lamborn!) 

      That being said, you would not have been considering Lamborn vs Cranks vs Rayburn when you made your decision.  Chances are that you are a delegate at the Assembly.  Rayburn was not a candidate at the assembly, nor was he a credible candidate for the duration of the race.  He polled at around 5% until he spent nearly $150,000 of his own money the last couple weeks of the primary.  If you were looking at records and you have been around a while and are a staunch conservative, you would have been considering Duncan Bremer vs Lamborn vs Crank. 

      Then there is your appearance on this blog with the creation of a new account the same day that another “Lamborn supporter” just happened to show up.  Anyone who reads this blog for any length of time knows the regulars and who supports which candidates.  (Lamborn’s folks have pretty much quit trying to justify his behavior because it’s too hard.) 

      All of this makes me think that you are not what you purport to be.  Perhaps you are not on Lamborn’s staff, but you are clearly associated with the campaign.  Just because blogs are mostly anonymous does not mean that you should misrepresent yourself. 

      What makes this interesting is that you are ashamed of your support for Lamborn.  You are now and clearly always have been for Lamborn.  You quote Lamborn’s talking points verbatim and you misrepresent yourself in the process.  I find it very telling that Lamborn supporters are trying to convince everyone else that people actually are growing to respect him.  The only people who like Lamborn are the fringe kooks in the Republican party who are more closely aligned with Libertarians. 

      By the way, I am not sure if you were calling me a democrat or if that was aimed at someone else.  Unlike you, I have been on this site for long enough that everyone knows I am a very conservative Christian Republican.  I get routinely bashed for defending my views here so please dont call me a RINO.  I am opposed to Lamborn because, while I agree with pretty much everything he purports to stand for, I abhor his lack of character, ethics, and personal integrity. 

      1. Newsman knows how to spell(“integrEty” and “unapPologetically”). That being said, I am shocked that Newsman heard Lamborn SPEAK and believed he could adequately represent his district.

      2. Robert,

        It is obvious that you do not know Doug Lamborn. Your knowledge of him seems to have come from Jeff Crank’s Koolaid jar. When the 2006 campaign kicked off I did not know Jeff Crank or Doug Lamborn from Adam. Therefore, I built my knowledge on both of them from a zero-based opinion. After doing a great deal of research, talkin to the candidates and people who knew them and looking at their records, I determined that the only one with any integrity was Doug Lamborn.

        Yes, I am currently working in support of the Congressman’s re-election for a number of reasons. These are not from his talking points, they are from my personal observations.

        He is doing the job we have hired him to do. He enjoys the confidence of the Republican leadership enough to have been placed, as a new freshman, on the Armed Services Committee, building seniority from the start.

        He has worked in a bipartisan way to get us a veterans’ cemetery. The Salazars wanted to put it in Pueblo. That would have made no sense as there are very few veterans in Pueblo as compared to El Paso County.

        He has worked with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to get an ICE office here in the Springs. This will bring 10 full-time ICE agents to the Springs. Along with the office will, eventually, come a detention center to hold illegals that are now being held in the El Paso jail. This will free approximately 110 beds, not to mention the cost savings that the county will see by not having to support those inmates.

        These efforts do not come from earmarks or pork. They come from established budgets.

        I make no bones about supporting the Congressman. He is an honerable man doing our work for us.  

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