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October 09, 2007 03:09 PM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“It’s been a great ride. But I know how quickly these fads can pass. You all remember the pet rock, the mood ring, Howard Dean.”

–Barack Obama


23 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

      1. And I gave him an A+ for clearly and strongly supporting the CSAP tests. Should I give him an F because even though what he says makes perfect sense, he references someone I rarely agree with? To me that’s not thinking…

  1. I can’t even find out where the candidates for DPS are speaking. Denver is also divied up into Districts and I don’t even know if I have a District candidate to vote for.  Of course, according to the Denver Post-Rocky HUB, I can just wait until November 7 where the polls will be open from 7AM to 7PM.

    Maybe I was too hasty.  Maybe we do need Boulder’s advice after all.  For example, how the hell do you get the major newspapers to announce in their major little HUB that the election is an all mail-in ballot and the last day to vote is November 6th.

    1. The only reason I know I don;t have a district person to vote for is because I just did that 2 years ago.

      I have no idea anything about any of the at-large candidates.

  2. SITE Intelligence, a small private intelligence firm that monitors Islamic extremist groups, had a scoop on the latest Osama bin Laden video before its public release. SITE tipped off the Bush administration on the condition that officials not reveal the video until its official Al Qaeda release. But within a few hours of revealing it to the administration, the video had gone viral and ended up on cable news. SITE’s years’-long surveillance operations have been destroyed. (Washington Post)

    1. Both have done more damage to America than any president in my lifetime. Back in the 80’s, the USSR had shot down a KAL. We started just riping up the USSR for it.
      Shortly afterwards, we shot down an Iranian civialian airliner. To justify our position, we released our tape recordings of our fighters AND THE MIGS. Did that change any opinions of us? Not one bit. But what it did do, was tell the Soviets a part of what we could hear. For about a year and half, the chatter was gone from their equipment. You would be surprised how much you can find out just by listening. Troops will talk if they believe they are on encrypted lines or if they believe nobody understands them. reagan killed a very important source for nothing. More importantly, USSR changed their encryption.

      W. has done similar actions. Much of what he leaks really does hurt our capabilities. Worse, he has changed the nature of our intel gathering capability. He has changed it from looking for terrorists and external threats to just looking for threats to  this admin. In particular, the NSA is required to give up ALL information that they gather to the DOJ. It is no different than the job that W.’s admin did to Plame as well as what they have done to sibel edmunds.

        1. privatized intelligence gathering. What exactly are you seeking? How it works? How the private world builds equipment? Or the fact that the private world is gathering the info?

          1. I probably should have fleshed that out a little bit more. I think I heard it mentioned on NPR, they were discussing privatized mercs like blackwater and mentioned that there are companies conducting intelligence gathering. Your last post brought it back to mind, and your political affiliation made me curious as to what you think about the private world gathering information. Taking it one step further, would the complete privatization of something like the CIA or NSA be acceptable to libertarians? I ask this with great deference to your opinion.

              1. Remember when W. announced that we knew a lot about Al Qaeda by listening in on their satellite phones? Well, that stopped the next day. There are a number of other incidents. W. has done more damage to American interest than the average person will ever realize. Sometimes, it seems like W. and his ilk really do not want Al Qaeda stopped or even OBL caught.

                Clinton and Poppa Bush were never this reckless WRT secret information. Carter fouled up 1 time by pre-announcing the stealth technology(he was baited into that by reagan), though most, if not all, of our enemies already know about it.

                1. Did you ever see the Showtime show “the cell”? In short, it presented a sleeper cell in the united states and all the facets (good show). Anyway, before bush ever made that announcement the show mentioned that the government was listnening in on sat phone, and regular cell phone conversations. Then Bush mentioned the sat phones. Im sure, like stealth technology, they were aware that they were being monitored, but lower level terrorist could still have been using them, but surely that stopped with that announcement.

                  When it comes to OBL I am convinced that the administration is more concerned with letting Fox scoop other networks than actual security.

                  1. the more that we tell to the world, the more that ppl like OBL  (as well as china) figures out. Roughly, the intel world is a cat and mouse game. The problem with the sat phones is that OBL was using it. In 199xs, Clinton’s ppl used these to determine that OBL was behind the bombing of our embassy. That lead to our missile strike. Needless to say, OBL changed his tactics, though he was still using sat phones. In fact, it was  his sat phone that almost allowed us to get him at tora bora. We homed in on it, as well as listened to him.  For some odd reason, our military was held back from attacking quickly. OBL figured it out that we had his phone tapped again and sent one of his top aids to hold it while he escaped.

            1. At the meetings and others sites, I am considered more liberatarian, rather than Libertarian.  That is, I push the civil side, but not always the business side.  So a dem shares a bit of a libertarians devotion to personal rights. In light of the dems recent votes on FISA, and giving the president a number of free rides, we share less and less.

              I can tell you that a number of Libertarians have no big issue with privatization of it. But the core idea of the party would almost certainly not do it. The general idea is that federal gov delivers MINIMAL services (we are not anarchists). So, things like SSN, Education, etc would be gone. But our VOLUNTEER military combined with intelligence required to protect our shores would be used. So, we would absolutely keep NSA, NGEO, and CIA. FBI, if kept,  would go back to original scope (quite different than today).

              Finally, me personally, I am VERY opposed to that.  Some of my past jobs have involved work with various federal groups in various capacities. In one, I developed systems for sale to the commercial world and to the feds. For the commercial world, we developed systems that allow a company to read, copy, and modify communication packets at speeds up to 5G in an undetectable fashion (various interfaces). This is useful for a company by

              • scans of a companies network for viruses, spam, cracking, etc.
              • Recording of phone calls for call centers.
              • Detection and recording of harrassment calls.
              • Ability to re-route packets.
              • Ability to manage the packet speeds (throttling).
              • Etc.

              Based on what I know, It is far too easy for a company to obtain information about American citizens and then use it against them. Most of the ppl in these federal groups that I met are very negative about having to turn over data to the DOJ. It is not that they want to keep the information, but that they do not it politicized. The idea is to limit the side damage that can occur. They do not mind turning over information that is related to a terrorists, but they are now told to turn over ALL information. I agree with the ppl who object. We all know that some amount of listening needs to occur. But it needs to be limited in scope and who has access to that data (bear in mind that the days of ppl directly listening in are LONG gone; it is all machines). The private listening companies are more than asking for trouble. These companies will quickly be able to take advantage of said data and some will do so. Keep in mind the ongoing fiasco associated with Voting machines. The safe guards are not there for our voting machines. If we can not guarentee something as visible and easy as election machines, then it is obvious that we will not be able to do private “NSA” companies.

  3. “Mr. Limbaugh deserves mega kudos for being a forceful and effective voice on the side of common sense and for being an example of the First Amendment in action,” Lamborn said.


  4. From the Spanish Peaks to Spanish moss.  Hot.  Humid. Sucks. My folks, being old, consider the 83 degree setting on the A/C thermostat just fine, and no fans running.  AAAAARGH!

    No problems of any kind, even with 209,000 miles on Sweet Jeep.

    It felt really, really weird to drive down the street in a Colorado car.  More like a sacrilege.  Mountain outlined license plates five feet above sea level on the bayou.

      1. Yes, we have fans spotted around.  Slept with one blasting on me until maybe 4AM, then back on as I woke up.  At least it is cooling off slightly, lows this weekend to be in…….the sixties!  Wow, frozen.

        I’ll be registering to vote once I take care of business.  Don’t forget this is the land of Katherine Harris and those voting machine malfunctions in 2006.  From the frying pan into the fire.

        I see that Christ is our governor here……oh, wait….that’s Crist. 

        1. Best of luck. I think I speak for all of us when I say …stay in touch. Best to your parents too! Old age, as many of us are findding out, kinda creaps up on a person (emphasis on creaps!) Keep on posting!

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