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October 08, 2007 10:17 PM UTC

Hilary Clinton and George Bush agree on Iraqi strategy...

  • by: GOPpundit

…well right up to the point that Hilary Rodham Clinton flip-flopped.

Here’s that link directly: http://www.bercasio….

The stars of this video? Each one validates President Bush’s decision to go to war.

Madeline Albright
Bill Clinton
Howard Dean
Sandy Berger
Nancy Pelosi
Jay Rockefeller
Joe Biden
Harry Reid
Hillary Rodham Clinton
John Edwards
Evan Bayh

Now… the real question is about leaving Iraq. I want our soldiers home right away – same as everybody. However, I am convinced that leaving before there is stability in the region will result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

When we left Vietnam, more than 3 million people died in the killing field of Cambodia.

When we left Somalia in 1993 not only did that rogue state commit mass murder, but it’s now a fertile ground for extreme Muslem fanatics.

Leaving Iraq too quickly – before stability – is a very poor choice and all we’re doing is pushing the burden of responsible action on the next generation.

And what – you may be asking – does this have to do with Colorado? Pretty simple. At this time Colorado has more than 80,000 active duty military and civilians working on nine distinct installations across the state. And yet, despite multiple promises and a tattered letter or two, Congressman Lamborn has still not secured a position on the House Armed Services Committee. It’s not enough to promise… I want action and results.


3 thoughts on “Hilary Clinton and George Bush agree on Iraqi strategy…

  1. First, on Congressional support for the invasion of Iraq. 

    These Senators and Congressmen quoted were speaking based on the intel that was shared with them.
    This intel came from the Intelligence Community that consists 100% of Executive agencies under the control of the Administration. 

    Your video has Bush saying that a bipartisan Senate investigation found no evidence that the intel was fixed. 
    Sure, he said it; and sure, the Republican-controlled Senate was unable to find evidence of the intel being fixed.
    But it wasn’t true then, and it isn’t true now. 
    The intel was slanted to support the President’s false rationale and justification for going to war. 

    Just as the President promises that History will acquit him,
    I promise it will indict him on this very issue. 
    In fact, I believe it already has. 
    Can I convince you of that ?
    Doubt it.  You’ve drunk the Kool-Aid. 


    about the killing fields of Kampuchea.
    I’ve read convincing arguments that the killing fields were precipitated by Nixon’s bombing of Cambodia.  That was 1972.
      Not by the pull-out, which was later.


    Third, are you saying Clinton was wrong to pull out of Somalia ?
    Do you want us to go back there, and stay there ? 
    You might be able to make a case to support that, I don’t know.
    But at least show the conviction to say what you mean.


    you say that you want our soldiers home right away – same as everybody else, but you worry that leaving before there is stability in the region will result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

    finally, something we agree on. 

    I wrongly anticipated that you wanted to stay in Iraq for the same reasons as President Bush, which may include:
    + securing Production Sharing Agreements for big oil companies;
    + standing up a stable, multi-sectarian, democratic national Iraqi government that is able to defend itself, that fosters broad economic development, and that is a dependable ally of Israel; and/ or
    + securing forward bases for subsequent attacks on Iran and possibly the rest of the Muslim world. 

    But since you seemingly repudiate these Bush goals that sound like imperialism and colonization to me,
    and a far cry from national security,

    then we agree that our national interests are best served by a complete withdrawal – as soon as it can be done – so long as we make a serious effort at building conditions that will contribute to stability after we’re gone. 

    And if you agree with that,
    then I gotcha!

    See, withdrawing our troops actually will be the most important contribution we can make to Iraqi stability. 

    If the President wanted to advance both US and Iraqi security interests,
    which he most assuredly does not,
    then he would agree to a timetable for withdrawal. 
    This would telegraph that he has given up on his dreams of global military domination. 

    His very next step would be to change the mission of US military and Mercenary forces in Iraq
    FROM suppression and repression of the civilian population and the Resistance movement fighting against military occupation;
    and reorient the mission
    TO helping the authentic indigenous local leaders of Iraqi communities develop the capacity to defend themselves and to provide for their own municipal governance, including the delivery of essential services. 

    Until the President turns away from brutal repression and fostering dependency and consolidating control over a Vichy puppet central government,

    and instead turns toward empowerment and local control by the only authorities who can actually deliver stability at the local level,

    if you are a loyal American, true to American principles and values, you need to be marching in the streets, demanding his Impeachment. 

    Or, just as legitimate, you could work within your morally bankrupt party by pleading with the Administration to reject
      Empire and Statism and Fascism and the White Man’s Burden and global military domination; 
    and encourage President Bush to support democracy and free elections and stability for Iraq, 
    which today he is totally opposed to. 

  2. and I can’t stop it. 

    Did you want folks to visit this diary and read it completely, or not ?

    And this is coming from a fan of Muff Winwood’s brother. 

    1. I scrolled right past the video and about 5 seconds later I hear music and Madeline Albright blaring from my surround sound connected to my computer.  Good God that was freaky…  🙂

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