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October 04, 2007 12:33 AM UTC

Senators Udall?

  • by: Colorado Pols

As The Washington Post reports:

Veteran Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.) is expected to announce tomorrow that he will retire from the Senate in 2008, according to several informed sources, a decision that further complicates an already difficult playing field for Republicans next November…

…The most likely candidates on the Republican side are Reps. Heather Wilson and Steve Pierce. Several Democrats are mentioned including Rep. Tom Udall [Pols emphasis], Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez, Lt. Gov. Diane Denish and former state Attorney General Patricia Madrid. The dream candidate for Democrats is Gov. Bill Richardson but his advisers insist he is not interested and focused on the 2008 presidential race. Wealthy businessman Don Wiviott is already in the race and has put several hundred thousand dollars of hiw own money into the bid.

Colorado Rep. Mark Udall is a cousin of the New Mexico Udall.


15 thoughts on “Senators Udall?

  1. If Heather Wilson runs, Democrats have a shot at another congressional seat as well!

    I hope Patricia Madrid doesn’t run. Those ads that Wilson ran against here were just painful.

  2. But the Dems will need to win in just about every seat seriously contested (CO, ME, NH, VA, MN, AL, NM, NE, OR)……just like last November.  And even then, they’ll only have 59 votes to close off debate on things related to Iraq and Iran because of Lieberman.

      1. There are a few Rs voting with Dems.  Dems have gotten as many as 56 votes with only 50 Dems (your right; Lieberman doesn’t count) so Dems in Senate might be able to over-ride vetoes even without the magic number.  Of course, the Senate did just that with lots of R support on SCHIP but the House didn’t so,in the event of another Republican president, a veto-proof Senate only goes so far. It would save us from another really bad Supreme Court appointment and that’s about it. 

    1. or is it KT? Anyways, Kentucky and North Carolina are also both being targeted by the DSCC for serious contention in ’08 (although Kentucky is probably more retaliatory for the ’02 defeat of Daschle than anything else, but still, one can dream…)

  3. Interesting possibilities here. Tom and Mark Udall (D-NM and D-CO) are first cousins, and they are both double second cousins with Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR). http://en.wikipedia….

    The genealogy is a bit complex because of Mormonism. Sen. Gordon Smith lists his religion as LDS as does Rep. Udall (D-NM), and Rep. Udall (D-CO) is “unspecified” on his religious beliefs.


    The Udalls and Romneys have a connection, too. Mitt Romney’s dad, George, ran for the Republican nomination for President in 1968. Mark Udall’s dad, “Mo”, ran for the Democratic nomination for President in 1976. Neither won the nomination because both were seen as being too liberal for their own respective party. “Mo” Udall was too liberal and lost to Jimmy Carter. Ouch. George Romney came out against the war in Vietnam, and got stomped at the 1968 convention.

    Here’s the point: if ANYONE thinks a Udall represents new anything, they are wrong. We’re talking about our American Nobility here. Kennedy Dynasty? Yeah, right.

    Joe Kennedy, for all his bootlegging and cash and connections and such, couldn’t match what the Mormon Udalls have done in America.

    Irony: I can’t define it, but I know it when I see it.

  4. He’s not doing that well with the Dems in the presidential race.  Winning a senate seat would give him a better podium from which to launch a presidential campaign in 2012 or 2016, the latter implying he had a second senate term, and depending on whether its an R or a D that is elected in 2008.  He’s fairly young.  He can wait to run for president later. 

      1. I bet NM would take over VA as the top potential take-over seeing as Richardson won re-election in a breeze last year with hardly an effort (anyone remember those hilarious ads? I think they might have topped Ken Gordon’s in some cases)

  5. It seems like so many of these pubs that are quiting are all under investigations. It seems to me that they are likely hoping that Dems will leave them alone after the retire. What bothers me, is that they appear to be correct.  For example, the pressure on Dennis Hastert appears to be easing now that he has announced that he will not run again.

    If the dems want to win the indies, they need to keep with the prosecutions. Ppl like Hastert, W., Rove, etc. needs to go to prison. If not, then the dems are showing that they are just as corrupt as the pubs.

    1. Where is the full and proper execution of the investigations currently underway by Waxman…..the mustachiod investigator!

      Without the Rule of Law, and Accountability….everything goes to shit.

    2. Sure, he could probably be prosecuted for attempting to influence an investigation, but his official reason for retiring is a degenerative brain disease.  Considering the condition under which he’s leaving, it’s probably wisest to give the man a break and wish him the best in his remaining years.

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