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September 27, 2007 10:42 PM UTC

Cheney in Denver...the Saga Begins

  • by: Dan Willis

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

I happen to have misfortune to work in the building where the VPOTUS will be visiting today for a small but expensive fundraiser for the Republican Party.

The security tramas to my office and the others who share this building are getting started.

It is now about 1:30 pm and some of the streets around us are already being closed. We have been advised that if we leave the building on our breaks to be sure to take our office badges with us or we won’t be allowed back in. We are also advised not to take backpacks/purses on break unless you want them searched when you come back in.

I talked to one of the “men in black” in our lobby and was assured that the only disruption to bus service (we are attached to Civic Center Station) would be while the VP is actually entering and exiting the building and it would be brief.

I am on a floor that is serviced by a different elevator than the one that goes to Bruce Benson’s office so we have more freedomn to move about. I have been told secret service is escorting people in the other bank of elevators.

I’ll post more as events unfold here. The main event is scheduled for 5:00 and I am scheduled to be here until 6:30 so the VP may well be gone before me.


34 thoughts on “Cheney in Denver…the Saga Begins

  1. I just realized that the VP’s point of entry into the building is directly below my window.

    So we are watching the cops all lining up and milling about for what is now going to be at least 2 hours. Seems like a waste of manpower since most of them are not in a location to prevent access, but hanging out by the door chit-chatting with the secret service agents.

    Have to say I am rather surprised he is entering from the outside of the building when there is a parking garage that I would think would be more secure.

    1. is the ladies in my office who are all pressed up against the window looking at all the cops in the vicinity. Most of them are as apolitical as can be but never apss up the opportunity to swoon over handsome men in uniform!

    2. Well the people in office have now remembered they are indeed adults and have gone about their jobs. No real changes outside.

      Have to say I am disappointed that there are no protesters anywhere. But that may very well be the reason this trip has been on the QT. I have not seen anything in the media about it except blogs like this.

      I know last night I mentioned it to some state and area county Dem officers and none of them were aware of Cheney’s coming today, except for the ones who read ColoradoPols.

    3. I was out at the airport with my daughter (trying to catch the harvest moon hanging over the airport). While on the way up from level 3 to 6, I overheard a couple of pubs on the elevator talking about Cheney, to which one said “be careful, he could shoot you in the face”. After that, I injected with “yes, and that is his best side”. The one pub was laughing while the other was absolutely pissed.

      No sense of humor on most pubs.

  2.   P.P.S. If you want to join the protest of Cheney’s 5:00p.m.
    fundriaiser at Benson Mineral Group, at 1560 Broadway in Denver.
    Join folks at 4:30p.m. today at the corner of Broadway and 16th.

    1. and protesters affiliated with the “Tyranny Response Team” held up their accusatory signs across from the Oxford Hotel.

      I take it they weren’t there, today. Perhaps they’ve got the silly notion that tyranny ended when Bush was elected.

      1. He was positioned on the corner where the motocade would turn as it was leaving the building. The writing was too small on his sign for me to read from my office (I even tried with the zoom lens on my camera and couldn’t see it).

        1. In Colorado Springs, snipers have been part of the security crew – posed and ready on the top of Focus on the Family’s buildings as presidents and hopefuls courted Dr. D over the years. See any there?

          1. I didn’t mention them before because they were not readily obvious to the observer on the street. My office is level with the roof of the YMCA across the street. so they were right outside the windows on that side. I also saw one cop in the capitol dome which had a line of site to the entrance Cheney went in and out of.

  3. What is up with this stupid post.  This is truly liberal nut-job paranoia.  You’ve got to be kidding me.  You guys actually think it is interesting to get the “inside scoop” on security for VPOTUS?

    This is about as useless as the banter that “mean ol’ Dick Cheney is meeting with the nasty ol’ oil barron, Bruce Benson.  We are just so scared that energy people are going to take over the world!”

    Give me a break!  You guys are weak.

    1. you have proven what I suspected since our debate (which you chickened out of, not responding to my last post) – that you’re a big loser and all your intellectualism is as phony as a three dollar bill.

      1. Aristotle my old friend.  Thanks for remembering.  But I must admit I don’t remember chickening out of our previous debates.  I truly respect you too much to dis a challenge you would make.  If I did that, I do apologize.

        Glad to pick up where we left off any time.

        P.S.  I am shocked you didn’t appreciate the Aristotelean beauty of my post.

        1. Have you had a complete personality transplant since that debate? “Dis?” And the tone of your first post… Okay, I’m backing off my post to you, including calling you chicken, but man, you do not seem like the guy I remember discussing things with…

          PS You probably know more about Aristotle than I do. I didn’t pick this handle because I was into him (or any philosopher… I’d have picked Bentham if that was my goal.)

          1. …Be aware, I will call such useless discussion like that begun by Dan Willis exactly what it is: useless. 

            I also find the fear motivated concern about people in the oil and gas industry outrageous.  Whether it’s Dick Cheney or Bruce Benson, left-wing radicals go nuts about them.  Dick Cheney and Bruce Benson have done more positive for this country than George Soros (risky investments which manipulate markets and benefit exclusively the wealthy) and Tim Gill (c’mon….he’s a computer geek) combined.

            That’s the story here.  And Dan Willis’ freak-out session only proves the insipid concern of the politically paranoid.

  4. Oh!  One other thing.  Could someone from Colorado Pols please inform us who the ’06 Bob Schaffer about whom the Senate Line refers?  I am certain you mean the ’04 Bob Schaffer.

    Great editing, guys.

    1. Remember him? Ran for governor of Colorado in ’06 and got his pants handed to him by a Mr. Bill Ritter. Although for those of us with IQs lower than that of sewer animals, I imagine that having two Republican politicians named Bob could be confusing.

    2. made it blatantly clear the coloroado republicans are still in the pockets (literally) of an elitist group of oil men. The country club elites were able to shut down denver for a 30 minute fundraiser, that didn’t raise as much as it cost the city in lost revenue and policy security.

      The vice president’s motorcade then made its way downtown, where Cheney addressed a group that was expected to be about 20 people at the offices of the Benson Mineral Group, which is headed by businessman and former state GOP chairman Bruce Benson.

      Benson anticipated the private event would raise “hundreds of thousands” of dollars.

      and as for the working class…

      Cheney’s visit also forced some downtown workers to leave their buildings two hours early.

      Lawyer Don Alperstein said that at 3:15 p.m., employees in the Colorado State Bank Building were given 30 minutes to leave the building or be forced into an indefinite period of “lockdown” inside. He was the only one on his floor who stayed, he said.

      “I have business to do; I can’t leave,” Alperstein said. “This is not government business. They caused untold chaos for a fundraiser?”


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