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September 27, 2007 06:17 PM UTC

Who Will Win? (CD5)

  • by: Colorado Pols

Check out last month’s results, or click below to vote. Remember to vote on who you think will ultimately win, not on who you support.

Who Will Win in CO-5?

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35 thoughts on “Who Will Win? (CD5)

  1. Doug is best! There was a Republicans for Fawcett, and I’m going to start Dems for Doug! The only thing better than a Republican in office is a clueless, inept Republican in office!

  2. I do not think Crank / Rayburn can unseat Lamborn.  The National Party will have to support him. He has voted right with them. Look at Musgrave.

    So, could Jay Fawcett beat Lamborn? Just a thought…

    1. Fawcett can’t win for two reasons.  1. El Paso voters would vote for any R, no matter how incompetent because of the broader majority issues.  2. The DCCC likes having some terrible R’s in the house–it makes the rest of the GOP look bad and it helps with fundraising.

      When Tancredo says “bomb Mecca” or “Miami is the third world”  the phones light up and money roles in to Democratic coffers. 

      I don’t like it–I prefer an honorable enemy and substantive discussion of policy–but it is how the game is played today.

      1. When there are so many other competitive races out there.

        And I would say Danny, that there are Democrats in the House and Senate who light up the phones for Republican fundraising, be it Dick Durbin and his comparisons of U.S. soldiers to Nazis or Nancy Pelosi saying that she wants to rip the faces off of her opponents.

        I don’t like it–I prefer an honorable enemy and substantive discussion of policy–but it is how the game is played today.

        1. I didn’t think I’d like Pelosi (I’m pretty moderate–except for healthcare (call me a socialist there)), but she’s done a pretty good job.

                    1. Okay, fine, headlines from a “News Organization” don’t count. But what about headlines from Fox News?


                    2. That is pretty funny. 

                      I do have a serious question, why are liberal so against Fox News?  After all, liberals have CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC. 

                    3. We can argue about whether every other major news outlet in the world has a liberal bias or not, but only Fox has an explicit conservative bias.  Even the WSJ limits its express conservative bias to the editorial pages.

                    4. is because all of the other networks are so liberal. 

                      Anyone would look conservative next to CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC. 

                    5. And Fox only looks “fair and balnced”tm when compared to “The Insurgent”  W.A.R.’s (White Aryan Resistence) “newspaper”

                    6. How about Dan Rather when he was with CBS?  No bias there:


                      Or Katie Couric at CBS:


                      Or Brian Willaims, Peter Jennings, Walter Cronkite, George Stephanopoulos, Tom Brokaw, Diane Sawyer, David Gregory, Bob Schieffer, Harry Smith, Ann Curry and the list goes on. 

                      And I won’t even mention PBS.

    2. I’m nowhere near as experienced in the trenches of campaigning as you are, Wanda, but I’ve never heard of the national committees getting involved at the primary level. Maybe I’m wrong but it’s my impression that they’re all about the general elections.

      1. They probably would have done it already. He hasn’t raised squat in the first half of the year.

        As for Fawcett, unless CD-5 changes in redistricting, no Democrat is EVER winning that seat. The numbers are just too bad. In a Democratic year with an unpopular Republican candidate, Fawcett still got KILLED in the final polls. It ain’t happening.

        1. CD-5 is to republicans what CD-1 is to Dems.  I don’t know when the last Dem was to hold CD-5, but the last Rep to hold CD-1 was in the early 70s.  He won due to some extreme circumstance, and then was blown out after one term.

          If a Dem ever won CD-5, they would likewise get blown out after one term.

          As pols said, there would have to be some redistricting…major, major, major redistricting.

    3. Ain’t no money coming from the NRCC to defend Doug Lamborn in one of the most R districts in the nation.  Whereas the national party might want to protect one of their own, they will be equally inclined to say, “have at it son!  Let’s see what you’re made of.”

      1. and get to see first hand how the sheeplike conservatives just cream their jeans whenever a new, more right wing wacko gets into the race and gets the nod from Dobson and Perkins.

  3. Lamborn has been way too much of a bad news generator and the lack of money raised will translate into a weak primary run.  The only thing going for him is that he is the incumbent.  Rayburn may have a chance, but Crank is the local favorite.

    1. Crank and Lamborn will make the ballot at the Assembly, but I dont think Rayburn will.  The question is will he drop out and allow Crank to pound Lamborn head to head or will his ego keep running all the way to August. 

      On a side note, anyone want to make a prediction on Lamborn’s fundraising numbers?  I am going to go with $40,000.

  4. He’d need to raise at least as much to regain some credibility.

    I’m hearing Crank has raised around $40,000.  Not bad for 6 weeks and running against an incumbent.

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