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September 26, 2007 08:47 PM UTC

On Obama, Edwards and Hillary

  • by: Steve Balboni

Kevin Drum points us to a Bloomberg article which states,

A failure to out-raise Clinton would deprive Obama of the momentum he needs to overcome his rival’s significant leads in national and key state polls.

Drum responds,

This is crazy. Obama is on track to raise maybe 3x what the leading candidates in 2004 raised for primary season. He’s already raised $60 million compared to Howard Dean’s $50 million for the entire 2004 race. There’s just no way he could seriously be expected to do much better than that. Have we really gotten to the point where an insurgent candidate can raise nearly $80 million by September and still be considered a disappointment? Holy cow.

Emphasis mine.

Yes, he will. You have to look beyond the obscene fundraising numbers. The way we fund our elections is a serious issue but it’s seperate from an analysis of this particular race and the way it is shaping up right now. The rules of the game are what they are and they won’t be changing in time to help Obama (or anyone else) this cycle.

Hillary is projecting herself as the inevitable candidate and unless Obama passes her in money or in national polls that narrative won’t be cracked. Until he beats her in an actual primary he’s going to be facing this issue. If (when?) he beats her in a primary it may already be too late.

That’s the reality for Obama at this point. He hasn’t been able to make a serious move and I think he’s running out of time.

Part of me wishes he’d get out and let Edwards take a real run at her. Obama consistently underwhelms me. I expect this unabashed, proud liberal/progressive and too often I find him acting far too “Senatorial” for a candidate for President.

cross-posted at Square State


3 thoughts on “On Obama, Edwards and Hillary

  1. There is no there there for obvious reasons. The man has no frames of references for the big issues. He writes and talks good college essays, but he has never made an important decision or run anything bigger than a presidential campaign.

    He apparently flopped in tonight’s debate, according to the post-debate pundits. I didn’t see all of the debate and can’t comment on what he did tonight. But so far, he’s been in lala land and apparently didn’t help himself tonight.

    Edwards apparently helped himself with the Soros Democrats while Clinton offended the journalists who don’t like non answers and refusals to answer questions.

    It’s Clinton’s to lose, and she apparently didn’t lose anything serious tonight while Obama apparently blew it again.

    All the money in the world won’t make a loser a winner in presidential primaries. Obama’s another highly-financed candidate who can’t be helped by big bucks.

    1. But the more he doesn’t speak, the more it feels like Obama just doesn’t have the fire his 2004 convention speech delivered.

      Edwards did himself a huge service tonight by all accounts.  Dodd also didn’t do poorly, but he’s got zero visibility in the media; he’s been showing some serious leadership in both action and word lately, and he could get a lucky break – he’s the new dark horse candidate on the Dem side, replacing Richardson who has fizzled.

      Gore keeps looking and sounding more Presidential, though.  If he does step in, Hillary, Obama and Edwards are all in a new race.  Keep the week after the Nobel announcement in mind (the Nobel is announced Oct. 12th; Michigan requires candidate signature sheets by the 23rd…).

    2. “he has never made an important decision”

      His vote against the war at a time when everyone was for it, including most Dems, is an “important decision”, nay a “massively important decision” that he got right when pretty much everyone else got it wrong.

      Granted the honeymoon with Obama is over, and he is sinking vs. HRC.  Looks like he is going to go after HRC as well, cutting himself out of any future role in her admin if she wins.

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