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September 26, 2007 03:36 PM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“If people are ripping your face off, you have to rip their face off.”

–Nancy Pelosi


46 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. A tentative agreement was reached. Only took 2 days once the strike was called.

    It’s clear that employer-based health care is antiquated and handicapping our nation’s industries. Not to mention stifling entrepreneurship as workers stay at jobs because of the health benefits.

    Republican’s need to stop handicapping American’s economy for the benefit of the big insurance.

      1. The Colorado single payer plan is estimated to save  $1.7 billion per year statewide over the current system.  If you extrapolate Colorado to the rest of the nation, this country stands to save $107.4 billion per year in healthcare costs, much of which would undoubtedly go towards evening out competitiveness gaps.

        The GOP is blocking single payer, and for that matter pretty much any other real reform to the healthcare system – just as they have blocked the effective defense of our homeland by protecting industry over implementing useful security measures, just as they have propped up Big Oil while stifling alternative energy development, just as it has been the support behind this falsified Iraq war which has siphoned away our national treasure…

        The GOP is certainly not the only one at fault, and I don’t suggest banning the GOP (though it could use a stint in the penalty box until it regains its senses…).  But it certainly has been the largest obstacle to our economic stability in recent years.

      2. It must be fall, straw men seem to be in season.

        My point is that the GOP, the party who supposedly understands and supports business, is placing senseless roadblocks in the way of entrepreneurs and needlessly handicapping our industries.


          1. The American people have been lobbying for health care reform for the last decade, but we have been silenced on the Hill due to the K Street project; too many corporations making too much money of the sick.

            By the way, the UAW were striking so their jobs would not be outsourced; security. I’ll buy American, as long as American’s are building the cars.

      3. But because decent healthcare is unavailable for the self employed and I have a little girl, I am looking for a job with good benefits.

        Not only does it cost a fortune (12k a year), but if you are an individual they will attempt to to rerate you and deny you benefits the moment you have a major claim unless you are covered by a group plan.

        Lack of national healthcare is hurting small business and small business owners in america. And as the UAW/GM issue shows, it is hurting big business as well.

        1. NFIB’s membership in Colorado ranks health care as the #1 issue. I’d be shocked if it wans’t the #1 issue nationally.

          You’ll see NFIB members as well as traditional industries, like the automotive industry, join with Dems to get health care fixed. Business cares about this issue as much as working America.

    1. But it is not the Republicans who started the problem.  It started during WWII when the government, led by FDR implemented wage controls, essentially outlawing raises.  The only way that employers could attract employees was by offering them benefits, like healthcare, which up until that point was paid for by individuals.  After WWII employer based healthcare expanded because the government provided tax incentives for people who got their health benefits through their employer.  In addition, the federal government outlawed the selling of health care across state lines and many states have mandated coverage that individuals didn’t normally buy. 

      So there is plenty of blame to go around. 

      1. yes, WWII and wage controls started us down this path nearly 70 years ago. But since the days of FDR Democrats have tried to implement a national health care system and have seen all of  those efforts thwarted by Republican’s.

        There’s plenty of blame alright but the vast majority lies squarely at the feet of the GOP.

        1. and employers didn’t offer benefits as an incentive, the market would be much more competative today. 

          And what do you have to say about all of the mandates that the Democrats (and some Republicans) legislate that drives up costs?  and how about the legislation that prohibits buying policies from out of state? 

          Wouldn’t it be better for the consumer to decide?

          Id the Democrats didn’t start us down this road and put roadblocks in the way, we wouldn’t have so many problems today.

          1. FDR is God, you silly person!  He did nothing wrong ever!  Anything he might have done that screwed things up was a pure accident, and it’s obviously the GOP’s fault that they didn’t fix it.

            1. Reagan is God! He did nothing wrong never ever ever! He might have sold out the middle class, but that wasn’t his fault but rather Alzheimer’s. And as for that whole Iran-Contra thing, don’t worry about that… it never really happened.

  2. Colorado has lost one of its true heroes.  Felix Sparks, the liberator of the Dachau concentration camp, has passed away.  Not only was he an authentic war hero, he served as a Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court, the commanding officer of the Colorado Army National Guard, and for nearly 20 years as the head of the Colorado Water Conservation Board.

    On the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Dachau Concentration Camp, the Colorado House of Representatives passed a resolution commemorating the anniversary.  It was quite moving, and Colorado Pols might want to reproduce it for your readers.

    He was also one of the keynote speakers at the dedication of the Holocaust Museum, delivering a resounding rebuke to those who deny that the Holocaust ever happened.

    1. I watched the Military Channel I think it was last evening, on a one hour special about the end of the Pacific war.
      They talked about the plans for the invasion of Japan to end the war, and just how many people would have to die to force them to surrender.
      Of course we dropped the two bombs on them instead and did not have to actually invade, but it came awfully close. The predictions for our soldiers deaths for an invasion ranged up to one million.
      Plus the fact that the Soviet Union had just declared war on Japan too and were set to also invade. Which means if that happened part of Japan would now be part of the USSR.
      Very interesting tv.

      1. The Russians did claim to the Kuril Islands (Northern Territories) at the very end of WWII.  They are still under dispute today between Russia and Japan.

        Putin has offered Japan about 6% of this territory back to Japan only if they forfeit their claim to the rest of it. He’s a hardass.

          1. and the part the Russians “claimed” was taken the last few days of WWII, and was pretty damn underhanded of them given the position Japan was in at the time.  This kind of reminds me about Russias planting of a flag on an iceberg last month in the Artic Circle, and thereby “claimed” all the oil exploration rights beneath for Russia.  “Neener neener, I put a flag on it, it’s mine” dosen’t really work. 

            Yes, there is a long history there. I read recently that the inhabitants there are turning away from Japan as they promised to help with economic development for this area and never delivered.  Now Russia is pumping money in there for infrastructure projects.  Who knows what’ll happen.

      2. I just learned of that about a year ago.  He was a photographer’s mate on the Samuel Chase, a landing craft carrier and support ship.  He would have been right on the beaches.

        (I also knew an army photog who was at Normandy.  Almost sixty years later he could hardly talk about the horror of war as we looked at photos, asking repeatedly, “Why?”  He still had PTSD.)

        I have no problem with Truman’s decision to use the A-bomb, even before I knew about my father. 

  3. This is a day old but pretty interesting.

    “At the end of August, the National Republican Congressional Committee reported only $1.6 million cash on hand, with $4 million in debt. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, by comparison, had banked over $22 million, with only $3 million in debt.”

    Furthermore, a GOP rep says, “When you look at what’s going on in the House, the prospects for getting back on track are pretty dim at the moment.”

    As TPM say, “Ouch.”

  4.   Isn’t today the hearing date on “Wide Stance” Craig’s motion to set aside his guilty plea?  If so, any word on what happened?
      If it’s granted, they should sschedule the case for trial at the end of next Aug. or beginning of Sept. to accommodate all of his character witnesses who will be in town for the GOP Convention anyway.

  5. remind me to ask if anybody has been watching “The War” on PBS. It’s been quite interesting and I’ve been glued to it every night since it started on Sunday. Not only does it provide a good overall perspective of WWII — from economic issues to social justice issue –, but it also intertwines individual stories from Luverne, MN, Waterbury, CT, Mobile, AL, and Sacramento, CA.

    It has been a riveting history lesson for me.

  6. Kevin Spacey, Laura Dern, Denis Leary, John Hurt, Tom Wilkinson, Ed Begley Jr. and Bob Balaban have been set by HBO Films to star in “Recount,” the drama about the controversial Florida results in the 2000 presidential election.

    Jay Roach is directing a script written by Danny Strong.

    Spacey, who hasn’t done television since the 1991 biopic “Darrow,” stars as Ron Klain, former chief of staff for vice president Al Gore and one of the lead attorneys who challenged the disputed results of voting in Florida.

    Dern plays Katherine Harris, the Secretary of State of Florida who became the center of controversy when she certified that George W. Bush won the state.

    Begley plays David Boies, the lawyer who appealed the results and argued for the Democrats in court. Leary plays Michael Whouley, a pollster on the Democrat side and Hurt plays Warren Christopher, a key player in the Gore camp. Wilkinson plays James Baker, brought in by the Republicans to see that the disputed results held up. Balaban plays Ben Ginsberg, the lead attorney for Bush and Dick Cheney.


    Recount,” which will begin shooting shortly next month in Florida, will air during the heat of the presidential campaign in 2008.


    1. Dems are still scared of appearing to be the “extremists” that GOP strategists have characterized them.

      I predict that DeGette did not vote to condemn but that the rest did – with the possible exception of Perlmutter joining DeGette. Udall will definitely go with the pack on this one.

  7.   A Hennepin County Court Judge in Minnesota heard arguments and has taken Lavatory Larry’s motion to withdraw his guilty plea under advisement, and indicated that he won’t issue a decision until next month.
      It looks like the solid conservative Republican Senator from Idaho is holding off on his resignation until after there’s a ruling on his motion.

    1. Don’t be a stranger!

      I’ve wanted to post something about this issue but never found the right words or cut and paste:-) This says it all, and it’s something for all peace and freedom loving Americans to be informed about, alerted to, and vigilant against.

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