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September 25, 2007 03:32 PM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“I do believe the Democratic party has moved far to the right. I do believe that the party has a bunch of elephants running around in donkey clothes.”

–Al Sharpton


24 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. …he just didn’t notice the lack of testicles on the donkeys. 

    I do think that the party is grinding slowly leftward as our representatives learn that the home folk want progressive politics.  Unfortunately, this is barely happening at the presidential candidate level.

    What will President HRC (get used to that, Gecko) do when Congress hands her an Iraq withdrawal demand, or a single payer health plan?

        1. And big China.

          What happened to “Run AL RUN!”?

          Hey – when are you leaving?  Would you send your contact info to me at  I have a ‘parting gift’ for you.

              1. ….by Thursday AM.  They come to pick up the pod tomorrow AM, then I have to get some things shipped by truck. 

                Austin, Cd. Acuna, Houston, Sarasota by about 10/9.

                I’ll probably take a detour in Florida to it’s highest point, about 20 miles north of I-10 in the panhandle. Don’t get too jealous, Coloradans, it is 345 above sea level.  OK, don’t stop laughing.

                I”m sure I’ll be doing plenty of postings for awhile, but we all know how departures are.  All those promises, and then things slowly fade away.  But until I find a floridapols or something, you won’t be rid of me.  (A la Tricky Dick.)

            1. but I hope that dosen’t mean you will post less on here. I am sure there is probably a or (I forget where you are going) but nothing like this blog.

              word to the wise – take a few shots of the mescal before you walk into that dental office in Cd. Juarez !  They may not give you as much painkiller/novocane/etc. as we wussies are accustomed to here in the states.

        2. get the nomination I just hope Dems and Indies who don’t like her will remember the Supreme Court and get out and vote for her anyway.  I have friends who voted for Nader in 2000 to make a statement who are VERY sorry now.  We also need a Dem, any Dem, if we don’t want to go through more years of blocks and vetoes and I disagree that, Big Medicine or no, we’d have to worry about Hillary or any other Dem President vetoing popular Dem legislation.  That just makes no sense.

  2. NO on Kyl-Lieberman Amendment. If passed, a war with Iran could be right around the corner. It is a provocative measure will undermine efforts to resolve tensions with Iran through diplomacy. GW doesn’t get any more blank checks.

    Salazar’s office number is 866-455-9866
    Allard is (303) 220-7414

  3. At the online magazine Slate, Christopher Hitchens ponders whether Gore will win, if he wins the Nobel Peace Prize in October:


    On Oct. 12, we shall hear again from Oslo, and I will be very surprised indeed if the peace prize is not awarded to Albert Gore Jr. (Don’t ask what a campaign against global warming has done for “peace”; that would be like asking what Mother Teresa or Henry Kissinger had ever done to reduce global conflict. The impression is the main thing.)


    Should he make up his mind not to run, he would retrospectively abolish all the credit he has acquired so far. It would mean in effect that he never had the stuff to do the job and that those who worked and voted for him were wasting their time. Given his age and his stature, can he really want that to be the conclusion that history draws?


    1. is kind of a stretch. He’d retroactively abolish all the credit he’s acquired so far? Not with me. He definitely has the stuff to be president. Maybe he doesn’t have the stuff for a bruising and drawn out campaign but that’s not the same thing. Besides, some people can be effective outside of elected office and Gore is proving himself there as well. I think the author of that paragraph is letting personal disappointment overtake rational analysis.

      1. of global warming at all seriously ought to join together to BEG Al Gore to run.  The President of the USA is the leader of the free world and the world needs serious passionate leadership right NOW in order to find effective ways to address global warming before we reach a point of no return. 

        Who better than Al Gore to lead the international equivalent of a Manhattan Project for solutions to global warming? Who could better lead the equivalent of Kennedy’s race against the Soviets to the moon?  Only this wouldn’t be a race against anyone but for all mankind.  And let’s not get hung up on whether or not he has a silly huge house or how often he flies.  Point is, he has the knowledge, passion and the international respect to provide the leadership needed.  All the candidates have silly huge houses and enough frequent flier miles to go to the moon.  That’s a given. 

        This is the most serious crisis of our era, much more so than any war, any terrorist threat, any other threat at all.  Every  environmental group, every scientists organization ought to be joining in an effort to draft Al Gore.

    2. Why would Al Gore lose any credit for the things he’s done simply because he doesn’t want to be the president?  There are lots of good people out there who don’t want to be the president.  Gore accomplished a lot as a politician, but he’s not doing too shabby as an ex-politician either.  Maybe he feels like he can do more that way.

      Do you want Carter to run again, too?

      1. I’m more interested in Hitchens’ take on Gore possibly running if he wins the Nobel Prize.

        And, yes, I’m amused by Hitchens’ snarky ruminations. I didn’t post it, because I necessarily agree with it. (Has anyone seen on YouTube his reflections on the death of Jerry Falwell?)

        If Gore runs, it would be interesting, though.

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