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September 24, 2007 03:47 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Frankly, I don’t mind not being President. I just mind that someone else is.”

–Ted Kennedy


35 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

    1. I’ve been following this story in the Rocky for some time and it certainly looks as though this guy deserves a new trial. This case is becoming fairly high-profile and, legal issues aside, Quick’s handling of this could really impact his future political career.

  1. WASHINGTON – The Bush administration said Monday the only way to permanently fix Social Security is through some combination of benefit cuts and tax increases.

    “Since we have squandered so much money over a pointless venture in Iraq and wish to continue to be in the middle of a tribal shootout/civil war, we are unable to fully fund other important programs like social security.  To make up for this shortfall we are suggesting that we tax you more for it and provide you less.  Now move along, nothing to see here…”

    Thanks guys.  Bang up job.

      1. is from CNN !  Second is the way I see it.  Sometimes truth is stranger (and sadder) than fiction.

        On a more upbeat note, it looks like Ahmadinejad got his ass handed to him today at Columbia Univ.  My congratulations to Columbia for giving this guy a forum so he can show all of us what a total moron he is.

        Today he changed his stance on the Holocaust, and basically admitted it as truth.  He then said there are no homosexuals in Iran.  Koo koo for friggin’ cocoa puffs.

  2. for a national strike. How sweet. Isn’t that special.

    I love the Union mentality. Strike a company that is desperately trying to keep it’s head above water, and when it sinks, stand back and wonder what happened.

    In the mean time Toyota has taken over as the largest car manufacturer in the world without using your glorious unions.
    I wonder how that can be…..Oh yeah, put the blame totally on management. That’s right. That is what ya’ll said last time. Management is at fault. The poor, poor union workers aren’t to blame for anything……

    What a crock of shit. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the unions are the reason GM, Ford, and Chrysler are failing. If the management did not have to shell out so many billions of dollars to these greedy workers for so many years, they might have funds left over to invest in new technology and hence stay solvent.
    But instead, they are stuck with retirement demands and payrolls that can never be met.
    In the mean time, Hirohito has moved in.

    I can’t wait to see what ya’ll have to say when there are no more Big 3, and all those Union workers are out of a job. Maybe they can then move over force Toyota to let their unions in there? Then they can fuck up yet another strong company.

      1. forced to deal with “UNIONS” and their unreasonable demands.
        That seems obvious to me.
        It is like dealing with a retard…..unreasonable and demanding…..hence, unions.

        1. It is like dealing with a retard…..unreasonable and demanding…..hence, unions.

          the always classy Gecko. Nice.

          Anyway, the Unions will get what the market bears. Right now those folks going on strike make about $60 a year – they’re not getting rich.

          Corporations use their size to swing markets in their favor all the time, see Wal Mart. Why is it not okay for workers to use the market in their favor?

          1. is $28.85 per hour. That my liberal friend is a lot of money. I don’t care where you live, that is a lot of money for un-schooled labor. Why would they bitch about making what, 4 times minimum wage?
            How can you set there with a straight face and say they “only make that much money? They are not getting rich”?
            Of course they aren’t getting rich. They never will, because like me, they chose a career as a blue collar worker.

            Admit it, the UAW is a giant greedy entity, feeding off of the tit of GM, Ford, etc.
            Well, that tit is going to run dry. What will they do then?

            1. As I think I recall from an earlier post.  Why do you think your wages are fair but their’s aren’t?

              What amazed me about your earlier post about culpability for the strike is that you lay everything 100% at the union’s feet.  Rationally thinking – I know you are intelligent, if misdirected – that is impossible in something as complex as labor relations. 

              Over the last few decades, management is just as culpable as labor in the making of Detroit’s problems. Labor is only one relatively small cost in the production of a car. “labor expenses for General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler LLC amount to about 10 percent of the price of a new vehicle, including wages, benefits and ”legacy” costs for retiree pensions and health care.” http://www.manufactu…  Also, “Nissan, Honda and Toyota all pay about the same wages as the Detroit Three.”  This page is a good overview of the problems of Detroit, and yes, some of that is union based.

              Our assinine health care system adds about $600 onto every car built here instead of Canada, and about $900 over one built in Mexico (my rough calcs based on costs of health care per nation.) 

              Management has constantly looked backward instead of forward. They built SUV’s because of the high profits instead of hybrids.  When they finally needed to put hybrids on the market, they were forced to pay Honda and Toyota many millions of dollars for the technologies.

              Did the UAW have anything to do with that decision, or our health care system?  I think not.  Get off of your ideology, Gecko, and smell the mismanagement, too.

              1. the management at the Big 3 are guilty of not adapting to the times.
                The K-Car was a prime example.
                But I still think that $28.00 an hour is damn good money for unschooled labor. Damn good. They have nothing to bitch about.
                Same goes with me. I make a little over that and don’t complain about my wages, benefits, or working conditions.
                I only complain cause I’m burnt out. Something that has nothing to do with the job in general.
                Ya know?

                1.   Gecko, every once in a while (usually a long while) you say something that is absolutely correct and with which I cannot disagree.  This is one of those rare times!

            2. Ah, Google is your friend.  Well, mine in this case.

              Too funny.  United Steel Workers, apparently.

              Surely, you don’t begrudge their wages and benfits, do you?

        2. The UAW has been at the table with GM management since July, and if you’ve picked a newspaper since then you would have known it’s been one-way conversation where management won’t listen to the worker class citizens needs…sounds awefuly familiar… like the republican party!

          1. for weeks now. But I really did not think these dumbasses would actually strike a company that is holding on by it’s teeth. That is just plain stupid and yes, greedy.
            I would love to see the big 3 just fire all of them and hire all non-union workers to replace them. I bet there would be millions of people willing to work for say, $18.00 an hour to do their jobs.

            1. A sad comment on the state of the working person in America these days.

              Circuit City laid off all their long term, higher paid employess this year.  But they could reapply for their old jobs at lower wages!  So much for employee loyalty.  If your glass company realized that they could fire all their Geckos to save on labor, would you think that would be good?

              1. wished for the past year that they would.
                After 23 years of working at the same place, one gets really tired of the same stuff.
                But because my boss is a good friend, I stay………….

        3. I know you love american made gear-GM wants its products made overseas.

          The union wants GM to make its small cars, electrics and hybrids in the US.  This is the issue there has been no movement on.  Everything else the has been progress.

          If they don’t make these cars in the US they will be made in korea, china or perhaps mexico.

          Their not fighting for money, they are fighting for american jobs and american manufacturing infrastructure.

          1. Job security sounds like “Neener neener you can’t fire me.” Moving production off shore is also job security, but I’ve not hear that angle. Of course, small cars and hybrids are the future, so theres a double whammy. 

            If you trundle yourself down to Hermosillo, Sonora, you will come across a huge Ford plant.  The streets around it have names like Lincoln, Mercury, Henry Ford.  Now, long ago I used to visit the GM Van Nuys plant, one of my customers. And here is the difference: The Hermosillo plant has almost no parking for its workers, unlike the acres and acres for the Van Nuys workers. I guess the concept of Henry Ford of having wages high enough to buy his cars hasn’t hit Mexico yet. 

            PS, if you drove a foreign car to the Van Nuys plant, you had to park as far out away from the entrances as you could get

        4. Gecko, you need to make an apology to people who are developmenal disabled, their families and friends and all of us.  The remark about “retards” is unconscionable.  Now maybe your mother did not raise you right or maybe you just had a bad night.  But, what you said is god awful; not true and the most prejudiced remark I think as ever been posted here…

          It is not okay. Apologize.

          1. when you go after all the rest of the posters here that yell obscenities in reference to the likes of Tancredo, Lamborn, Bush I, Bush II, Marilyn M, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Mike Rosen, Gunny Bob, Peter Boyles, Pete Coors, etc. etc.
            Not a word is said when some of the most hateful, vile words are spewed about these people. Why for what I wrote?
            Or is it politically correct to print obscentities about Republicans.

          2. dwyer Monday August 6, 2007 :
            “Tancredo is stupid, reckless, and without any moral compass.”
            “decent people should turn their backs when he enters a room.”
            These remarks are un-called for too. Cutting down a representative of our people. Many people take great offense when representatives that they voted for and consider to be doing a fine job are called stupid and reckless. i for one think he is doing a fantastic job even though he is not in my district.
            Now you yourself don’t usually spew hatred but many many here do.
            Where is the alarm for what they say?
            Sir Robin is a prime example………
            Tit for tat.

            1. What is he doing that you so admire? Is it his blatant racism? His xenophobia? His inability to get things done? His forgetfulness when it comes to his big issue?

              I find it funny that when you say this: “Many people take great offense when representatives that they voted for and consider to be doing a fine job are called stupid and reckless.” Yet you rip on democratic congressional members.

              I am a constituent of his and find him to be reckless and stupid. Calling someone retarded though is absolutely uncalled for. It is about as low as you can go, and while I dont expect much from you, I would expect you to not sink this low.


    1. we could solve the global competitiveness issues facing Detroit by having the government pay for health care, just like everyone of the competing nations does. Why our Republican’s insist on leaving our industries at such a competitive disadvantage is beyond me.

      Funny that Republican’s love the free market except when working men and women come together to exert influence over the market and gain some control over their own destiny.


      1. Republicans don’t beleve in the free market, rather they use the myth of the free market as a slogan to disguise their intentions to tilt the balance of equilty against one class in favor of the other.

        “Let the free market work” while we hand out corporate welfare checks.

        “right to work” for no health care, slave wages, and no pension.

        “trickle down”… well… it doesn’t trickle at all.

        People are looking for real leadership, who will take action, with real solutions, not offer hollow slogans and talking points.

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