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September 20, 2007 10:18 PM UTC

Which is it

  • by: Foghorn

What she said in February:

“I sure don’t want Democrats, or the supporters of Democrats, to be engaging in the politics of personal destruction” – Hillary Clinton


What she said in September:

“Vice President [Dick] Cheney came up to see the Republicans yesterday. You can always tell when the Republicans are getting restless, because the Vice President’s motorcade pulls into the Capitol, and Darth Vader emerges,” – Hillary Clinton


So which is it?  She says one thin and then does another. 

Typical liberal. 


23 thoughts on “Which is it

  1. She likened him to a fictional character.

    She didn’t
    – accuse him of murdering multiple people
    – accuse him of being gay
    – attack his minor children for their looks
    – accuse him of drug trafficking
    – accuse him of rape
    – accuse his mother of working with the mob

    I could go on. You can see the difference, no?

      1. Answer the f***ing question. You do get the difference between all the instances of TRUE Republican “personal destruction” and Hillary calling Cheney the name of a FICTIONAL character, don’t you?

        1. I honestly think that Hillary feels that Cheney is evil and she was comparing him to an evil character from a movie. 

          If she doesn’t believe in the “politics of personal destruction” she should be a leader and not make any remarks tht could even be considered as destructive, don’t you think?

          1. to have that opinion of him and she’s even allowed to make a joke comparing him to a fictional character.

            that is entirely different than accusing someone of heinous crimes, like multiple murders or rapes or attacking their teenage family members based on their looks.

            1. Wouldn’t you agree that the ad represented the “politics of personal destruction”? 

              And Hillary had a chance to condemn it along with many of her fellow Democrats and pass the resolution, but she chose not too.

              And how about Vilsack, who is a top advisor to Hillary?  Why has she not denounced what he has said:

              “There’s a lot that the rest of the country is going to get to know about Mayor Giuliani that the folks in New York City know,” said Tom Vilsack, former Iowa governor and a co-chairman of the Clinton campaign.

              “I can’t even get into the number of marriages and the fact that his children – the relationship he has with his children – and what kind of circumstances New York was in before Sept. 11,” Vilsack said during an interview on NY1 last night.

              “There are lot of issues involving Mayor Giuliani . . . He’s got a very interesting past.”

                  1. “and we have idiot republican obscurists and apologists on this site playing games.”

                    “And here’s more of the stink we smell..”

                    “When the Commander In Chief is an idiot…”

                    “Or, perhaps you can shut your ignorant pie hole for awhile.”

                    “Many will remember the arms and legs being blown off our children for the lies of this Republican preznut.”

                    “The constitution was doing quite well before the neocons and the far right shredded it under this extremist right-wing, Republican controlled congress.”

                    “Do you read? Have you ever had to create and adhere to a budget? Hell, your wife probably balances your checkbook.”

                    “always ignorant gecko? and rude to boot.”

                    “Parsing is afraid for your health Foggy… You’re mental health.”

                    “Obviously you’re either young, naive, misinformed, uneducated or all of the above.”

                    “There are naive and bullheaded posters on this blog who would rather fall in with and goose step in line with the government than recognize this sad truth.”

                    “F****** Incompetent Liar”

  2. but I guess Repubs lack that talent…

    I suppose it would have been more apropos for her to just tell Cheney to go F%#k himself…  But golly gee wow, what politician would ever use that kind of language.  🙂

      1. He’s running for president, last I checked. Doing miserably I might add. Maybe because he is so stupid as to sing a song to a Beach Boys tune that went…”Bomb, bomb, bomb….bomb bomb Iran” Only Republicans……

        I don’t expect you to get it.


    Dear Senator Clinton,

    I understand that you have referred to Dick Cheney as “Darth Vader”. I regret to inform you that you are wrong. Even the least attentive aficionado of Star Wars knows that the man who became Darth Vader once had a soul and displayed normal human emotions.

    Furthermore, Darth Vader is a fictional creation. Dick Cheney is all too real, as difficult as that might be to believe.

    Your constituent,


    P.S. Further proof that Cheney is not Vader comes from the fact that Cheney has no military experience. Finally, Annakin Skywalker never accidentally shot anyone in the face.

  4. You said “Typical liberal.” To be correct, you should have said, “Typical politician.” If you try to pretend conservatives don’t do this type of thing, you must be in lala land. 

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