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September 20, 2007 12:38 AM UTC

Fitz-Gerald Endorsed By Veterans Group

  • by: Colorado Pols

After being criticized for her “record” on the Iraq War by Jared Polis, CD-2 candidate Joan Fitz-Gerald today announced a timely endorsement from Colorado Veterans for America.

Click below for the full press release.

Colorado Veterans for America today announce their strong support for Joan Fitz-Gerald as candidate for U.S. Representative in Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District. Fitz-Gerald, who is the daughter of a veteran injured in the Battle of the Bulge in World War II, currently serves as President of the Colorado State Senate.

“Joan Fitz-Gerald has publicly stated that she wants to bring our troops home now. The people who understand what war means are the soldiers on the front lines  and veterans, ” said CVA Vice President Jim Hudson. “Fitz-Gerald has voted in the legislature and spoken out in support of our armed forces and their safe and rapid return to our shores,” he said.

Senator Fitz-Gerald said,  “I know first hand the personal cost of war and that is why I call for immediate withdrawal from Iraq. We need to bring our troops home now.”

CVA is a 2,000 member nonprofit group that has endorsed and worked for successful candidacies by U.S. Senator Ken Salazar, U.S. Representative John Salazar, U.S. Representative Ed Perlmutter, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, and Iraq War veteran Joe Rice, now state representative, House District 38 in Littleton.

“Joan Fitz-Gerald earned the support of Colorado veterans’ the hard way, building a legislative record of service to veterans and their family members,” said Bob Moser, CVA president.  “She reached across party lines to work with Governor Bill Owens to pass Referendum C, which was vital to funding programs and services for Colorado service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as veterans of earlier wars,” he said.

“She then worked closely with Democratic and Republican legislative leaders to ensure passage of bills to implement the long overdue assistance veterans and their families needed,” He added.
CVA leaders pointed out that Fitz-Gerald for years has included her concerns about veterans and their families in her public addresses, and often mentions the toll World War II took on her father, her brother’s military service, as well as her husband’s active duty during the Vietnam War.

CVA’s members actively campaign for their candidates by making individual contributions, marching with candidates in parades, campaigning door-to-door, phone banking, recruiting volunteers, sponsoring fundraising events in their homes, writing letters to the editor, phoning radio talk shows, and conducting press conferences.


29 thoughts on “Fitz-Gerald Endorsed By Veterans Group

    1. but this is a very active group. They’re members get out and knock on doors, show up at rallies and are generally visible. That’s worth a lot to a campaign.

        1. I was being sarcastic. CO was trying to belittle my comment, so I was going to use a republican talking point; when in doubt, invoke the troops and wave a flag!!

              1. I won’t do it again, especially in light of republicans voting against our troops yesterday. They don’t care about the troops on the ground, but rather about the man in the white house. They are loyalists, not patriots.

  1. Don’t these veterans know that she may have said “senators” when she meant “assembly?” Or maybe it was “100” instead of…something. No, wait, I think it was something about a parenthesis…

    I just lost interest in my own post.

    1. You’re as bad as Karl Rove. JFG will say “have a nice day” and you’ll ping her for not saying “have a wonderful day.”

      Your credibility re JFG or JP is basically 0 when you keep spewing statements like this. Save it for something real.

        1. I’m tired of the sock puppets that use any excuse to run down JP or JFG – they’re as bad as the wing-nuts who find anything Hillary terrible.

          And the thing is, there are clear differences between all three of them. And JFG’s vote on Iraq and JP’s wording of 41 are legit issues. But please lets stay at least mostly on the actual issues and differences.

          thanks – dave

  2. They are hosting a flag burning tonight at 8 pm on the West Steps of the Capitol, to be followed by a lecture titled “Ho Chi Min was right and Saddam was his best pupil”.

    When the VFW endorses her I’ll be impressed.

    1. Before you slander these veterans how about stating what your service to the country has been? These guys have taken bullets for the United States. What have you done?

      You may not like their politics but accusing them of being communist sympathizers is beyond the pale.

      1. the “newbie” here.
        Iron_Mike has been posting on and off for years here. And to answer for him, yes, he did serve.
        He has gone into great details about his service in past posts.
        But he is not one to gloat or answer snide remarks about his time in the service.
        That is probably why he did not respond to yours.

  3. At least this is an actual endorsement.  Though, a glance at their website tells you their not as much a Vet organization as an anti-war group (which is GOOD.  God knows I’m not knocking a group of Anti-war Vets).

    Lets just not pretend this clears up JFG’s “record” as it’s obvious she has an existing relationship w/ this group and neither WS or JP do (the 2 pics of JFG front and center are what I mean.  look at the website).

    But a positive development for JFG nonetheless.  Thank you for finding something substantive Pols.


  4. I know a lot of the CVA guys.

    Many of them are hugely active in the party, like Stan Davis. Some of them are staffers, like Perlmutter’s Bill Holen. Some are elected, like Joe Rice.

    All in all, the ones I know are about anti-Bush as you can be and some of them were with Veterans for Kerry back in the day.

    Not really surprising they are for Joan, seeing as they have the sort of deep party history Joan’s endorsers tend to have, but the people that I know in that group have wanted us out of Iraq for a long time so it speaks well to that issue.

    I don’t know how the group chooses its candidate, so I don’t know if the ones I know are individually supporters or not (I am pretty sure at least one former Polis staffer is a member of their group) but they are a group that will walk and knock, so I count this one as a nice win for JFG.

    1. TBTH is right, this group does have a lot of high profile politicos along with an active volunteer base. Big pick up for JFG on this one, kind of douses JP’s knocking her on that vote (which was ridiculous to do to begin with people, 100 out of 100 legislators voted for it!).

      This is just another sign that JFG just has it together while JP is going to stand there and try and find out what sticks. I think he’ll find not much sticks to a moving target though.

      And as for WS, yeah, just keeping your head down only works for so long. He is a tremendous longshot but deserves credit for still being perceived as anything more than that.

          1. Any polling on the name ID for the other 2? I know all of us insiders have heard of everybody, but the average voter? My guess is that no one is over 25%…and probably much less than that.

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