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September 15, 2007 04:00 PM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“We need to change our ethic and aspire to be more Canadian-like.”

–Michael Moore


64 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. Words of wisdom from a class A nutjob America hating liberal…..
    Boy howdy.
    Why doesn’t this dimwit move there if it is so f%^king wonderful in the Great White?

        1. How totalitarian of you. Anytime one of libruls try to help America become better, you tell us to get the hell out. Again Gecko, I ask you, why do you hate Americans? It seems more and more apparent every day with every comment you make, that any suggestion or opinion differing from your small-biased-slant must be anti-American. 

          Your party is full of totalitarians like you. Here’s someone putting party before country, first telling Wayne Wold he hasn’t a pray in winning, let alone his concerns mean nothing to ConMen running the party. http://www.rossputin

          1. These, “I LOVE AMERICA but I hate anybody or anything that looks or thinks differently,” totalitarian mentalities have been running this country and this state for way too.
            The spin of “owning America” is tiresome.
            The ridiculous and nonsensical meme has been allowed to go on way too long.

            Hopefully we are seeing the beginning of change.

            1. To paraphrase Jesus, “The knee jerk tribalist cretins will always be amongst us.”

              Such politics will always appeal to a certain segment of the voters. Witness the ongoing disaster of this administration and yet a third of Americans still support this incompetant moron.

                1. …so, no.  That’s you guys. 

                  And PS, we tend to be better educated and more open minded, so not cretins, either.

                  Try something more substantial than “I know I am, but what are you?”

                    1. you are the much better mosquito.  Annoy, annoy, annoy.  Then out of frustration I swat, you say, “See?”

                    2. People who disagree with you are misquitos?

                      What happened to all that liberal talk about tolerence toward people who are not like yourself? 

                    3. ….very different from other cons here.  I may butt heads with them, but there is usually a sticking to the topic, for example.

                      You are unique, I’ll hand you that.

                    4. If I do get off topic it is usually because someone is going in that direction, but I will admit, when there are usually 3-4 conservative posters and a dozen liberals it is hard to keep track of all of the conversations and all of the attacks. 

    1. Because we (Michail and me and millions of others) were born here.  Because we want changes, not moving vans.

      BTW, unlike America’s stupid family reunification immigration system since 1965, Canada actually has a qualifying system.  We had one until 1965.

      In my depression after GW won, so’s to speak, again in 2004, I did look into immigrating to Canada.  They have a simple online Q&A to see if it was even worth your while to try.  It is obvious that they were looking for young people – there goes my chances – and those with tech skills, bilingual (not Spanish, guess), and perhaps some family relations including your spouses. 

      Of course, Gecko, the whole thing about “Love it or leave it” is anti-American at its core.  Our whole history is that of changing things when we see great injustices.  In MM’s case, it’s health care.

        1. Those are the nations of our philosophical and linguistic origins.

          No nation is under any obligation to be “un-racist.”  I do think there is an obligation through law making to do what is best for the country, overall.  Bringing in huge, hard to assimilate numbers of people who have very different cultures is a recipe for disaster. 

          Have you ever looked at immigration requirements from the countries sending us the greatest numbers?  Now, there’s racist.

          1. One of the things that makes America America is not that it is perfect, but that it does by and large strive to be better than it is and to live up to it’s ideals.

            One of those ideals is that we do not discriminate based on race, culture, religion, etc. And one of the strengths of this country is that it gets the best from every other culture. Welcoming immigrants from all cultures is a source of strength for us.

            I do think we need to concentrate more on the quality of immigrants such as eduction, skills, motivation, etc rather than family.

            1. Within our borders, certainly.

              As to gets to live here, and using the old meaning of “race” which has been pretty well replaced with “ethnicity”, we can pick and choose and in what quantities. 

              It’s not an “I’m beter than you” discrimination; more on the order of “You are a better match to successfully assimilate here.”

              Wide ranging immigrant origins is not a strength, it is a huge burden to get them to assimilate, if at all, along with huge welfare costs for those that can’t make it on the open market.

              1. First, you can’t be racist in who you admit and non-racist inside the country – that just won’t work.

                As to limiting who can easily assimilate, would we be better off if we had never allowed anyone from Asia – such as the Chinese and Indian who are the founders of about 1/3 the high tech startups in this country?

                1. Who knows?

                  But the fact that the foreign birth of many of our tech folk shows that they assimilated. 

                  As to make race/ethnic decisions for admission, why not just let any one in?  Oh…….

                  1. First you say restrict immigration to people of similiar culture (I assume Western Europe) because others will have a hard time assimilating.

                    Then you say Asians are ok because they have managed to assimilate.

                    The thing is, they did not assimilate at first and they have changed our culture (for the better) with the culture they have brought here.

                    So the only way to gain from these groups is to bring them in and wait for them to assimilate – and they always have.

                    1. …they are smart, driven, and adaptable to the new environment.  But outside of them and Western Europeans, what other group has successfully assimilated?  By that, I mean fluent in English and let’s say HS graduation by the second, native generation. 

                    2. Look, the legals that come here and are looking to be HERE, and not just here for the job, do great. The problems come in with most illegals and those that just come for a job and will return OR those thatare able to live in a small community like themelves.

                      The illegals HAVE to lay low, so they can not take advantage of anything that helps them move ahead. As such, they can not get help from Police, School, etc. That means that they do not get educated not can they get help during criminal issues and that leads them to believe that it is ok to commit crimes. About a year ago, I saw a car hit another at Arapahoe/dry creek (actually different name) and then try to flee. I stopped him at Walmarts, upon which he started to run. After I showed him what would happen if he continued, only then did he stop and put up his hands. Even then, he was telling me in Spanish that he felt that he did nothing wrong, and that I should let him go. I have little doubt that he KNEW that that this was wrong, yet felt that America was lawless enough that he could pull this off.

                      Likewise, those that come for a job, not for the country, will tend to flock like themselves. They do not take advantage of what is available to them. All of the South Americans, Asians, and Africans that I know are very successful. But even knowing that, one of my old bosses (hai wynn(sp) who was allowed in because he had been helicopter commander during ‘nam) told me that there are lots of issues in the Asian community. Plenty of ppl there refuse to learn English because they have a large enough community that spoke their local language. In the end, these ppl did not assimilate.

                      The simple truth is, that everybody who chooses to belong to this country, will do fine. And yes, nearly all those that speak english will have a major advantage. But the english speakers that come here will do better because almost all have higher levels of education AND their families have money. After all, how many ppl have you met from Britain who are being janitors or even construction workers? I know some Canadians, but they came in years ago.

                    3. But outside of them and Western Europeans, what other group has successfully assimilated?  By that, I mean fluent in English and let’s say HS graduation by the second, native generation.


                      Here’s a report on a recent study from George Mason University, not exactly a bastion of flaming liberals.


                      The researchers contend that census data shows that most Latino immigrants want to learn English and speak English well enough. Only 7 percent of the children of Latino immigrants speak Spanish as a primary language, and virtually none of their grandchildren do.

                      Just as they did a century ago, immigrants largely come knowing little English. But they learn it, and their children use it as a primary language. National magazines such as Hispanic Business, with a circulation of 265,000, and Latina Magazine, with a circulation of 2 million readers, are published in English. So are regional publications in numerous cities including New York, Houston and Los Angeles. English is the language of Hispanic-American commerce and culture. Clearly, the nation is firmly set in English-speaking norms.

                    4. They first had to be let in and we had to wait 20 – 40 years to see how it worked.

                      So what other groups? I think almost all immigrant groups by the 3rd generation beat the native average.

        2.   I’m reading a book on the history of Supreme Court decisions involving GLBT issues. 
            INS latched onto the term “psychopathic personality” in immigration legislation from ’50s and ’60s to deport law-abiding gay and lesbian foreigners in this country. 
            Once the American Psychiatric Association decided to stop being an accomplice to such bigotry in 1973 by removing homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses, the foundation for that form of discrimination started to crack.

      1. 5 And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by men. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward.
        6 But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

        1. Shine your progressive love light into all corners of the world….especially Foggy’s. Enlighten the naysayers who believe not in the family of man, your gloriouos creation Earth, or the delights of economic justice and the peace that flows from justice. Open the eyes and hearts of all men and women who support war and destruction of innocent lives, and change their evil ways. And Lord, as a Democrat, I know you’ll be there with us in the 08 elections. Amen.

                    1. You right wing intellectual, Foggy.  Yes, poor spelling does detract from the content of the message.

  2. …an interesting overview on the influence of Atlas Shrugged at fifty years.


    Far more important (in my very biased opinion), this month is also the fiftieth anniversary of On The Road by Jack Kerouac.

    The BBC was in town this week and they spent some time interviewing me about Neal Cassady and OTR.

    I think Jack would have liked AS.  At the core, the book and Jack’s MO was mostly about “me.”

      1. The charge-discharge curve issue, the leakage of the charge issue.  Theoretically, more energy can be stored in a smaller space.

        I find their claim incredulous about charging in five minutes for such a long drive.  Even with a household 200 amp, 220V service and all your lights shut off, there isn’t enough watt-hours to move a vehicle.  That’s 44kw x 5 minutes equals 3.7kw/hr. That’s your toaster oven on for two hours.

        No way, Jose. That’s also assuming 100% charge and discharge efficiencies.

        1. I must have wiped out my response to you. That is too bad, it was actually a good one (no ranting; just info).

          First, they say that it is capable of a fast recharge; they do not say that it do so from the home. The idea is to be able to recharge at night if you like (via 110), OR be able to plug in at a service station and recharge in a couple of minutes. The service station would actually have large capacitors underground and would be “filled” from much larger lines. With a $9-15 recharge, you would go some 500 miles( Shoots, we would be back to the good old days of clinton).

          As to your skepticism, I do not blame you. I was that way until I saw who was backing them. It is klien perkins (or something like that) from the valley. This is the group that backed Amazon, Google, SGI, and Sun. Overall, they have a pretty good track record. Apparently, they have been in on the ground floor and have done all the major fundings rounds. Now, to do these, places like KP require that you meet benchmarks. Since they have KP has continued funding them, it means that they have met the benchmarks. Keep in mind, that EEStor is NOT in research and development. They are in the process of trying to  move to production. IOW, they have a product, now they have to finish scaling it up profitably. That is the question that remains.

          As to charge/discharge, I am guessing that they have that under control. About the only real issue that I am going to be interested to see is how to handle accidents. 54KW is a LOT of power. Assuming a total ground, and what happens? I know what happens in a small capacitor with a fraction of the power. Hopefully, they have thought through something about that.

          Got to say, that I wish that I had a million or more. I would love to shoot for this. Screw the car. There is a few other uses for these that can make a profit within 3 months.

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