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September 13, 2007 08:38 PM UTC

More proof of the liberal bias in the media

  • by: Foghorn

Would a conservative group get this type of treatment?


By CHARLES HURT Bureau Chief
  MARKED DOWN:Sen. John Cornyn, at a Senate hearing on Tuesday, holds up an ad in The New York Times slamming Gen. David Petraeus. got more than half off the regular price for the ad.September 13, 2007 — WASHINGTON – The New York Times dramatically slashed its normal rates for a full-page advertisement for’s ad questioning the integrity of Gen. David Petraeus, the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq.…


19 thoughts on “More proof of the liberal bias in the media

  1. talk about this yesterday. He had a guest caller that owned a newspaper call in to say that the discount given to was many times the amount normally ever given to anyone.

    Like you say, the New York Times is WAY liberal. But then again so is the RMN and Post. Compare their human interest and anti war stories to actual news stories.

    Sickening, unless you are a limp wrist, commie lovin, America hating, Kum Ba Ya singing, hand holding, illegal immigrant lovin, Cindy Sheehan admiring, give the world away, long haired hippy type pinko fag……………

  2. You can give all the Repubs a discount if you like.  Does that sound fair?

    I love how people on the far right complain about the “liberal media” and the far left complains about…you guessed it…the “conservative media.” 

    If you dont like the NY Post, don’t read it.  If you don’t like Fox News, don’t watch it.  If Rush makes you want to blow a gasket, flip over to NPR.  If Rachel Maddow makes you reach for the Scotch, I’m sure Sean Hannity has some some words that will calm your troubled soul.

    What ya’ll miss when complaining about the media is that those of us in the middle have no one to listen to on the radio or watch on TV, IMO (Save for Ronn Owens in the Bay Area on KGO which does me no good in CO).

    So, instead of trying to “prove” the bias in the media, just realize that EVERYONE and pretty much every form of media is biased in some form, left and right.

    1. I have just been hearing a lot lately about the fact thay there is is no bias in the media and the newspapers are owned by corporations that wouldn’t approve of a liberal slant to their newspapers.  This is just proof that that isn’t the case with th NYT. 

  3. Giving a huge discount to the ad doesn’t come close to repaying the damage the paper did by running Judith Miller’s promotional advertising masquerading as front-page stories that came straight from the VP’s office.

    However, in the interests of fairness, it would be good to know why the NYT gave such a discount.

  4. Isn’t it possible this was a simple business decision?  I wonder what rates the ADL or charities pay for ads in the NYT, because is also a non-profit organization.

    Or perhaps they got a break because they signed up for more than one ad?

    It’s entirely possible the NYT cut MoveOn a deal based on political affinity, but to demonstrate that we’d need more information.  That requires investigation, which the New York Post apparently wasn’t willing to do.

  5. The NYT spokesman quoted the “open rate” for such an ad.  Does anyone in advertising know what “open rate” means?  Is that like the “rack rate” for hotels that nobody who is smart enough to find a discounted rate actually pays?  Did sign up for 10 pages over the next year?  Maybe they got the 14-day advance purchase rate, or used their AAA discount.

    Seriously, someone should find out whether the NYT gave a specially negotiated discount, or whether they just took advantage of some discount that anyone can get if they know how or what to ask for.

    According to an article at Editor and Publisher, the NYT says that there are “over 30 different categories of ads with varying rates” independent of content.

    And now various “conservatives” are demanding the same “special treatment” that got.  First, I thought conservatives were all about private enterprise and all that.  Why should they want to take advantage of handouts?  I thought that (according to them) a true conservative would refuse such treatment, much less demand it.  Second, nobody has yet presented any evidence whatsoever that the NYT varied from its usual business practices.  Has any conservative group called them and asked “what do I need to do to get the $67K rate?”  I suspect not, as that would probably make the story MUCH less interesting.

    1. Here we go:

      The Times advertising department categorized the Moveon’s ad as an “advocacy” (cause and appeal) ad, and the rate isn’t based on which side of the political aisle you’re on.  It depends on any number of factors, including whether the ad is in color or black&white and manner of placement.

      source: http://www.opednews….

      The Editor & Publisher article I mentioned in my previous post is here:

      1. “If you want to leave the day and section placement a bit loose, you might get the same rate or better than MoveOn did.”

        The ad ran the exact day that General Petraus testified. 

        Look, as I said before they can feel free to give whomever they want a discount.  They just got caught this time and now they are trying to cover their bias up. 

    2. Freedom’s Watch put an ad in the NYT earlier this year and was charged significally more than  They plan on running a response to the ad and they want the same rate that got.  That is just good business pratice. If they can get a cheaper rate, why not try?  If the NYT doesn’t give it to them, fine. 

      I think if NYT wants to give a discount to a liberal group, especially when their stock is doing down by hitting a 52 week low, more power to them. 
      I personally think giving out a $102,000 discount when the paper is bleeding money is not smart business, but they get to make that decision. 

      1. I went to the part of the NYT website where they publish their advertising rates:


        I do not fully understand how these rates work, but it appears that if you buy the “op-ed/first national news page” ad, you might pay as little as $51K, depending on the edition.  This appears to be significantly less than the open rate for an advocacy ad on other pages.  In fact, for a “global weekday” page, it’s $66,359.  Pretty close to the amount quoted as the price.

        This is on page 5 of the “International” rate book at the above link.  Notes include the following:

        Standard advertising unit number 3×10.5.
        Op-Ed reservations and cancellations must be done 5 business days prior to publication.
        To obtain a copy of op-ed guidelines, please call your Account Manager or COF at (212) 556-4995.
        First national news page – facing page (full page only) available Monday to Saturday, add 15% premium charge to applicable contract level.
        Note: Rates apply to Corporate, Financial, Insurance, Advocacy and Banking categories.
        Sunday position is full page only. Contact your Account Manager for details.

        I just don’t think it’s clear that paid a price other than what was published in the price book for whatever type of ad they ran.

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