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September 13, 2007 12:15 AM UTC

When's Tancredo Going to Let Wiens and Harvey Know?

  • by: Tancredo Watch

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Tancredo had said he’d decide by June whether he was going to run for re-election in CD-6. Another promise broken.

Wiens and Harvey must be going crazy wondering if they’re going to get a shot at the seat in ’08. They’re just twisting in the wind until TT decides what the heck he’s gonna do.

What and when do you think Tancredo will do?

What and when will Tancredo do?

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17 thoughts on “When’s Tancredo Going to Let Wiens and Harvey Know?

    1. It would be a hard race, but it can be done. They would need to:

      1) Have some name recognition already
      2) Not be afraid of grassroots organizations like C4CD6
      3) Start soon… to build a volunteer base and do some fundraising
      4) Hire a solid campaign manager that will get the campaign to stay on message
      5) Get support from the party – something that CD6 has never gotten.

      That last one is a biggie… Howard Dean talks about a 50 state strategy. Well, we need to take that to every congressional district. By not supporting CD6 the Dems that are down ticket suffer. For example, look at the narrow margins in HD37 and HD39. A stronger CD6 candidate could have helped both of those turn into wins.

      1. Seems to me Fitzgerald could save her party a load of grief by moving back home to CD-6 and taking on Weins and/or Harvey. Probably have the same result without resorting to the inevitable gay-bashing she’ll need to resort to to beat Polis.

        Or “Ianman2k” would you suggest Polis move into CD-6 and leave the 2nd to carpetbagger Joan?

        1. So an incredibly succesful female politician, one of the most succesful in state history who is President of the Colorado Senate will have to resort to “gay bashing” to beat Jared Polis?

          That’s quite a statement Iron-Mike.

        2. Joan FitzGerald has been one of the strongest supporters of the LGBT community in Colorado’s legislature. To suggest that she will “resort to gay-bashing” is so from so far afield that I (as a gay man) find it offensive.

            1. I use the phrase “out front” on something all the time and I’ve never meant anything about being gay using it which is what I assume you are saying here.

              I’m not disagreeing with you, I just would like to see the context as it may have been inadvertant.

              FWIW – I don’t think the fact that JP is gay matters much. He will get some votes for and some against because of it. But I think they will be pretty evenly balanced.

              – dave

              1. …but someone (presumably a JFG shill) was in here some weeks back ranting that Jared was a closet case who paraded around in public with a woman (GASP!) and not publicly declaring his sexual orientation til he decided to run for C.D. 2 (as though C.D. 2 was located in the heart of San Francisco).  There was also some link to an offensive website posted.

        3. Joan maybe the most accomplished female politician in Colorado… She is certainly the most ambitious. Since 1998 she has been on a single track to Capitol Hill in DC. She abandoned her actual home in CD-6 just because she couldn’t win there. Found a new, safe district that would allow her to compete for Leadership. But she’s not from there… Come on, look at her “career”. It’s about what is good for Joan first, what is good for you DEMs second, what is good for Colorado probably comes in after her concerns about who will pick up her dry-cleaning.

          So yeah, Joan has spent nearly ten years, saying the right things, moving away from her actual home and turning her back on her former supporters, just so she could be ready for this race. Will she resort to gay bashing to beat Polis? Of course she will. Oh she may not actually say it herself, but you can guarantee her lackeys will be out there saying, “Colorado just isn’t ready for an openly gay Congressman… The GOP will be able to put anyone up, flood us with CD-5 money and he’ll beat Jared.” And so begins the erosion of that nice “moral high ground” you guys enjoy right now (take my word for it, I’ve seen it happen).

          Or, she can prove me wrong. It’s not up to me really.

          1. candidates move all of the time to get into better districts – ask Both Ways Bob.

            The race is for CD-2, you really think that being gay will hurt Polis up there?

            1. Good points there Steve (I have no dog in this fight, except I think Joan is my dog because I have her birthday circled on my calendar) Balboni… Herb “I’m not selling my Georgetown loft” Rubenstein was a good example of blatant carpetbagging. Mark Udall, raised either in DC or Arizona depending who you ask and where you ask it… Had to dodge questions back when he first won that seat about when he actually took up residence in CD-2. So you may be right… Carpetbaggingdidn’t hurt Udall, probably won’t hurt Fitzgerald either.

              “The race is for CD-2, you really think that being gay will hurt Polis up there?”… Thank you for getting this rolling Steve. What I think doesn’t matter, but this is how the gay bashing of Polis will start. You don’t start by saying how bad it is, you just start by saying how it can’t hurt him in CD-2. See, then it’s OK to talk about. You say “This district is accepting of gay people”, “so much of our electorate is gay here in the District, of course it’s not an issue…” Then you get to turn the conversation… “You know, if Polis gets the nomination this will be the number one targeted race for Focus on the Family”… “Even though we are accepting of Jared and his lifestyle, the rest of Colorado is just too homophobic to let him get elected”.

              So you just started the whole, “it’s OK here, but…” conversation Steve. Way to be a sly bigot. I’ve seen it happen kids, “Of course we accept Jewish people here in Colorado, but Holtzman…”, yep sounds real familiar.

              Anyhow, keep going Steve, I look forward to your “The fact that Jared is gay has nothing to do with this race, but…” comment.

      2. Nice plug for your website though.

        No matter how many volunteers you have, you won’t be able to talk to all the voters in that district, and even if you do you wouldn’t persuade them.  Even a huge media buy (which you’d never get the money for) wouldn’t do the trick.  They like the GOP down there, and whoever’s name is next to that party, they’ll check that box.  It’s that simple.

        Why would the national party take limited resources and put it in that district when other, more evenly split districts, are still in the GOP’s column?

  1. with Chuck Gosnell and the Hotaling gang for his election?  Whoever it is that is NOT lined up with that axis of evil is who I’ll be making campaign donations to for the primary, if Tancredo isn’t running again.

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