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September 10, 2007 08:30 PM UTC

Does Gore's Endorsement Matter?

  • by: Colorado Pols

We’re going to steal this poll idea from The Washington Post blog “The Fix”. Last week it was reported that former Vice President Al Gore would make an endorsement of one of the Presidential candidates before the end of the primary process.

So here’s the question: Does a Gore endorsement make a difference for you?

What Does a Gore Endorsement Mean for You?

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35 thoughts on “Does Gore’s Endorsement Matter?

  1. …it wouldn’t make any difference unless he brought up something no one was aware of or had thought of.

    Go Edwards!  Thom Hartmann runs a quick poll of his listeners weekly as to their favorite candidate.  I can’t recall previous results, but this week’s was Edwards, then Kucinich, Obama, Clinton.  Even one Gore (who used to get a lot of votes) and one Ron Paul!  I will certainly concur that those listening to TH are a liberal lot.

    1. I voted for “strongly consider” because I would listen closly to his reasons and his endorsement would have a positive affect on me.  But like most of us here, I think far too much about politics to really need help deciding.

      Also, yes, Go Edwards!  🙂

      1. But I dont know how much of an effect it would be. Like you, I dont need help deciding, but I would be interested in seeing who he does endorse.

        Go Edwards.

  2. There’s nothing scientific about my reasoning for this, but yes, it matters.  To me.  I have waited and waited for the Gore PR machine to announce his late arrival, thinking that all of this hoopla was just a stunt to surge support.  Now that I’m 100% positive that we won’t see a Gore 2008 candidacy, I can settle for the second best (again my opinion) in that of a well-reasoned endorsement from a logical and earnest individual that happened to have a majority of the country’s support a few years ago…

    With that said, does the endorsement matter from a brass-tacks/numbers perspective?  I think it only matters if the endorsement is not Clinton.  Clinton is the front-runner, there is a Clinton-Gore relationship; it’s basically expected.  But if it comes in for Obama or Edwards, we’ll likely see some surge in support.  To what extent?  Who knows.  If it’s Obama, it would be interesting to see what kind of effect Gore’s pop-culture icon status has on undecided and/or unregistered voters. 

    Finally, a pre-primary endorsement of this scale would be a pretty big deal.  Any thoughts on the reasoning behind this?

    1. Wouldn’t it be great if this endorsement happened to be the exact stunt I was looking for? 

      “Al Gore Announces his 2008 Democratic Endorsement: Himself.”

      Dreams, dreams, dreams.

      1.   And you know who initiated the falling out?  Tipper.  She found Bill’s behavior with You-Know-Who to be so repugnant that she ordered Al to put some distance between himself and Bill.

    2. By doing a late arrival, he would have the ability to build up interest, and not allow it to plateau too early. I remember seeing that reagan was a late comer to the primaries and it was for that very reason.

  3. If it’s HRC everyone will say that was expected no matter his reasons.  If it’s someone else, folks will call it sour grapes and he could have been President if he had only listened to/used Bill. 

    Gore’s endorsement will be seen as all about politics.  The most curious endorsement effect I want to see played out is Opray’s of Obama.  Altho her endorsement makes no difference in my support of HRC, it is the biggest wild card yet played in this primary campaign. 

      1. the Oprah endorsement splits a lot of women, black, white and what have you, between Obama and Clinton?  Might be good for Edwards.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’m a woman and couldn’t care less about Oprah.  I wouldn’t mind Edwards with room for Gore in the cabinet.

  4.   I think a Gore endoresement will matter significantly to voters who still haven’t entirely made up their minds.

      A Gore endorsement can most help to deliver liberal/progressive (and some independent) voters to candidates now viewed by those folks with some skepticism, esp HRC and Obama. Gore would also help Edwards both with voters and the media by giving him credibility as a heavy-weight contender.

      But what I would really watch in a Gore endorsement is what commitments he gets in return regarding energy/global warming policy, or having a seat at the table in formulating policy with the next administration. 

      If he won’t run himself (which I still prefer), hopefully he will leverage his stature to exert maximum benefit toward sustainable and non-fossil fuel energy policy.

    1. Endorsments don’t mean jack.  Gore didn’t help dean, Howard Stern didn’t help Kerry and Oprah wont help Obama if anything in a general election I can see the Oprah endoresment hurting.

          1. …might force them!

            Just kidding, sort of.  Until you hang out with female friends and coworkers, you don’t understand the power of Oprah.  Fortunately, it’s generally for the good.

    1. …is the only one of the top three promising to shake things up.

      I think if Gore were to be the president, we’d see a lot of changes, especially in scientific leadership.

      An endorsement may be not so much issues, but a general sense of where the heart is. Overlooking the Clinton presidency, Hillary might be too close to the Big Money, Obama doesn’t seem to have a path yet.

      Mi dos centavos,

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