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September 06, 2007 11:52 PM UTC

Rudy Best GOP Bet in Colorado Thus Far

  • by: Colorado Pols

RBI Strategies today released statewide results from a Presidential poll.

In a head-to-head matchup, Rudy Giuliani outpolls Hillary Clinton 50-44. Giuliani is less successful in a matchup with Barack Obama, leading just 46-45. Both Clinton and Obama handily beat Mitt Romney, however.

Also of note: Governor Bill Ritter has a 66% favorability rating.


24 thoughts on “Rudy Best GOP Bet in Colorado Thus Far

    1. He believes in keeping government out of our private lives and in lowering taxes. He’s strong and decisive, but sometimes changes his mind—about women.

      1. He’s as radical as Bush when it comes to privacy, GitMo, Habeaus Corpus and Homeland Security. He’s wants the government in everyones personal life, except for his own.

      2. and Guliani is, if possible, even more blindly aggro about the expansive, interventionist foreign policy that has marked Bush’s “leadership.”  Reading his statements, Rudy seems even less in touch with world realities than does GWB.

        The hubris and distortion of Bush’s regime can be distilled into one sentence: “Bring it On.”  (Or “Major combat operations in Iraq have ended,” or “we’ve turned the corner,” I suppose.)  Guiliani seems intent on out-posturing Bush in this vein.

        We need a thinker this time.  Rudy’s not the one (he said hopefully).

    2. the “Real Rudy”.

      I cannot imagine why anyone anywhere sees this jerk as a leader.  He is as phony as they come.

      At one time, people admired fire fighters.  And guess what?  The firefighters from NY, the volunteers who put their lives on the line on and after 9/11 and these people KNOW what really happened on that day.  Firefighters despise Guiliani. THAT should speak volumes.
      The only people who admire Rudy either don’t know him, or are suburban whites who love injustice as long as it is directed toward minorities. 

      It sickens me to read people admire this fool. Even worse, the people who went nuts over Bill Clinton cheating on his wife, are now perfectly fine with the likes of Rudy who was having one of the most open affairs of politicians.  Everyone in NY knew it and then he announces the end of is marriage publicly before he had even told his wife and children.  I don’t know who’s worse…Rudy or Newt (announcing their divorce while she is having cancer treatments, and trashing Bill while he is having an affair).

      But somehow the party of family values will spin that Rudy is a great leader, and his private life shouldn’t matter.

      1.   I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was politely received and nobody threw anything at him. 
          I think fear of HRC is motivating a lot of Wing Nuts to put aside the “choice thing” and the “gay thing” and the “gun thing,” swallow their pride, and support Giuliani.

          1.   The other reasons are Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis and Al Gore. 
              I’m probably going to vote for Hillary in the general election, but I don’t have a lot of confidence in her ability to “close the deal” with the voters. 
              So I want to hedge my bet and vote for the least offensive Republican in the GOP caucuses next winter.  That would be Giuliani.

            1. But then again maybe you like fascist leaders.

              Good luck then.  My friends in NY despised this man.  He got good spin from the press, as does DUBYA, but he was, in their view, one of the most vile, self serving leaders ever in NY.
              Oh yea, one of my friends is a firefighter. ….just saying

      2. If he is the pub candidate. Heck, they would gladly support Clinton if he or she had the word republican behind their name. And would go ga-ga if it was Mussolini (or any of his co-harts).
        The simple fact is, that Rudy is no different than nearly all of the other pubs. He has multiple divorces, multiple opinions depending on who he is talking to, and is religious if it is good for him (via polls).  He will happily run a massive deficit, spy on all Americans, and listen to all of the top corporations.

        1. I ask because you are probably the only libertarian here. Did you notice that everytime Ron Paul was asked a question or started to speak Guiliani would sigh loudly into his microphone or start laughing at RP’s response? Totally unprofessional and uncouth.

          1. First, I am not the only Libertarian here. I suspect that I am not even the only registered Libertarian (but could be wrong).
            But, I have not been watching these debates. Since I, like 1/3 of Coloradoans , have no say in which candidates get to run, I will wait until the real debates. As it is, the major pubs will do their best to keep Ron from winning. They know that he really is a RINO (well at least today’s pubs).

  1.   Rudy’s got Ben Nighthorse Campbell, John Elway, and a herd of RINOs in his camp.  Mitt has the folks over at Trailhead who gave us the Beer Baron, Bill Owens, and Both Ways Bob.
      No wonder Rudy runs better in Colo. than any of the other Republican candidates.  The only mystery is why Colo.’s favorite xenophobic son isn’t running better….

    1. but the support of Roger Ailes for Rudy Giuliani (hey–I spelled it right finally!) trumps everything else.

      (Sorry the link is to a reg-required NYT story, but it’s the best summary I could find of their long career of mutual assistance.)

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