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August 28, 2007 03:28 PM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

When you don’t comment, the terrorists win.


25 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. Speculation is that in town meetings across the country, constituents are giving their representatives an earful about the Iraq war, health care, global warming, impeachment/accountability, etc. What will the Congress look like between now and Christmas. Fitzgerald to replace Gonzo?

    1. …but even now so many Americans buy the Bush-Paul-Guilliani line.  It permits a sense of moral superiority when there is none, in reality.

      To respond to David Cross’ question, “Yes, we ARE a nation of six year olds.”

  2. Mike Cerbo will resign his house seat to take the head job at the AFL-CIO.  More money, but more grief.

    Let the line begin to replace him in the House.


  3. Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) has come out of his rehabilitation for the brain aneurysm he suffered this past winter.  He will be returning to his normal duties on the floor of the Senate with the end of the August recess and has announced his intention to seek re-election in 2008.

    Congratulations and best wishes to Sen. Johnson on his recovery.

      1. I can’t think of much in the senate that was a 59-40 vote – can you? With the GOP filibustering damn near everything I don’t think Johnson’s attendance matters. 

      1. He’s got a full segment on tonight’s Nightline, interview by Bob Woodruff.  The general story as “leaked” is that he’s not talking retirement.

        I’m also guessing that he’s given the go-ahead to others to start soliciting support, since there are several links on the DailyKos homepage today on ways you can do that.  The front-pagers at dKos don’t usually jump the gun on things like that.

  4. Bush to attack Iran http://www.politicsw

    And while Bush says, “America will not abandon Iraq in its hour of need,” he has abandoned the American people in their time of need, from the families of 9/11 victims, the 9/11 Firefighters, Hurrican Katrina victims, to average Joe sixpack who has lost his freedoms under the guise of “protection from the terrorists.”

    How much longer must we suffer under this Presidency?

  5. Apparently Colorado Pols is hiding George Soros in the inter-tubes! http://colorado.medi

    All the while Brad Jones will not disclose his donors, which only a simp couldn’t figure out where his funds came from; which is of course why Jon Caldara played dumb since he and Brad Jones share the same funders. (A little birdie by the name of Corry told me that.)

    1. While Brad Jones might not be as slanderous as Ann Coulter, he’s school of thought is about the same.

      And we all know what tyype of evil crazy bitch Ann Coulter is:

      1. But this concerns me more; and I would like to invite a serious, soul searching, insightful depth oriented discussion about it:


        Why are males so disoriented in the current culture?

        I’m not talking about ex-senator Craig from Ohio either.

        Personally, my genes ask me to respond to the challenges of my environment to “win” and “survive”. My heart and soul genes require me to do it in a way best for the “tribe”….my extended family first, and then my community…then my nation…then my world.

        What is wrong where so many men have lost their way?

        1. I know, I asked myself that same question when I watched Lott, Ashcroft, Jeffors and Craig all “toe tapping” in unison at their “Singing Senators” gig.

        2. We live in the “me” society. We have been taught through the media, through movies, through athletes, through climbing up the corporate latter, that We are to believe that We live in a cut-throat society and it’s every man for himself.

          We once had great leaders who asked Us to sacrifice for the greater good, for our brothers, for chidren, for our neighbors, and for the commons. We once…had great leaders who asked us to be Americans.

          And then We were then told that “We” are not the answer, that “We the people” should go about our business and forget about the Government. That “We the people”  were merely the mob to not be trusted, and that our government, our democracy, our sense of community is dangerous. We were told to stop caring about Our fellow man.

          We went from a “We” society to a “Me” society.

          1. …as best exemplifed by the 1980’s book title “Looking Out For Number One,” by Robert Ringer. 

            I got sucked into that “Me First” philosophy and it was my moral ruin.  Thank Goddess I got off of that train years ago.  I’m poorer but happier.

          2. I had an English Prof make the same point yesterday and it elicited a negative reaction from the class.  I was amazed…but this “me first” attitude has quickly become the norm in society…

            1. Someone has been asking the simple question about what is more important to study in college for, money or service and happiness. The figures have made a complete flip flop from the sixties. Something like 70-30 now, was the reverse.

              Charitable donations have dropped dramatically amongst those who have recently attained wealth and grew up in the 80’s or later.

              Someone on Pols had a quote about how the conservative (i.e., leave me alone so I can maximize wealth) movement has spent 2000 years justifying greed. Well, trying to.

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