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August 27, 2007 07:15 PM UTC

Denver Duo want Justice

  • by: Go Blue

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Jim Spencer wrote yet another great article about the Denver Citizens, who represent the hundreds and thousands of American citizens, that have been abused by the political operations of the Bush Administration that has put politics ahead of freedoms. With the resignation of Gonzo, this is a very timely piece.

“Spumed Denver Duo Won’t Settle Without Admission of Guilt
by Jim Spencer”

If the U.S. Justice Department wants to talk about settling lawsuits filed by two of three people thrown out of a March 2005 Denver presidential forum, here is what the pair wants to hear:

The White House broke the law.

“Any settlement that doesn’t have an admission of wrongdoing would be unacceptable,” said Alex Young, a member of the so-called Denver Three.


10 thoughts on “Denver Duo want Justice

      1. I have a good friend that was close to TMS.  I had her over ten years ago for that American tradition, Thanksgiving. I asked her about Tien Man Square.  Her English was still pretty poor but she told me about that day, very animated.  I was so moved I wrote up the conversation that night. A couple of snippets:

        “The most telling anecdote was yet to come.  After drawing out with her hands on my table where the demonstrators were and how the authorities trapped them with six “buscars” blocking their exit, she told me:

        “Brother…..paint (a brother is an artist)….wife…….(she stumbled over the next word, I then figured out it was ‘hospital’)…..yes, (slowly)hos…pi…tal…..many, many very bad, very
        ouch, dead!  Dead!”  By now Jing was acting out being hurt and/or dead.  “Brother wife….no talk.”  Again her hand gestured a gun by her head.  “No talk…..boom!”  Her sister-in-law was under orders to not tell others of the carnage and moral obscenities she was seeing and if she
        did so, there would be severe repercussions!

        At the time, she used the word “Fweedom” for her immigration attorney, too. 


        “A month or two ago I took Jing to the public library, one of my favorite places.  After ascertaining that they had Chinese language books, I signed Jing up for a library card and she took four books home.  A week later she had read and returned them and took a few more out. Arriving at her apartment one evening, she excitedly showed me a book in Chinese and the xerox copies she had made of some pages.  I recognized Chiang Kai-shek in most of them, the Chinese loyalist who escaped to Tawain as Mao Zedong  took control of China.  Jing’s father had gone to prison for supporting Chiang in the early fifties.  Jing – and her countrymen –
        had never been allowed to even see a picture of Chiang!  I asked her if she was going to mail them to her father.  Her eyes grew big and she tried to convey the reality of being Chinese:

        “No!….No!……..Father…….court” She then held up her fingers as if a gun were pointed at her head.  “Court…..Boom!”

        Today Jing is a citizen and looking forward to voting in 2008.  Her brother’s family has come along.  Her sister-in-law, the physician, sews clothes in Boulder.

        No, the tanks aren’t rumbling in the streets of Denver, but they didn’t in Budapest in 1956 until the people stood up for their human rights. Better safe than sorry.

        1. I am extremely glad that your friend was able to survive what so many others did not (Will we ever know the true numbers?) and come here.  It sounds like she and her family will be an asset to this country.  Hopefully her sister-in-law will be able to find a way to resume her medical career.

          I just take offense at equating what happened to these three, which I agree was wrong and they deserve an admission of guilt from those who detained them, with what was probably the most violent and vicious suppression of free expression since Prague in 1968.

          You just can’t equate the act of being detained on the basis of a pair of bumper stickers with an act of government enacted mass-murder and not expect people to object.

          I agree that the rights of the three were trampled on, they weren’t the first in our history by far, and won’t be the last, unfortunately.  This just doesn’t rise to the level of the massacre in Tein Man Square.

          1. Pardon my equating the two. They’re not equal. They share the same principal. My apologies.

            Speak truth to power….in whatever way available to you.

          2. …that they are different.  But they are both on the continuum of free speech or lack thereof.

            And you are right, these are the kind of immigrants we want here.  Her brother was speaking crude English within a month or two of arriving. In that time frame, Jing was going back to China for the first time in five years.  I picked her and her brother up to take her to DIA in my Jeep Cherokee.  He got in and observed, “Ah, Kwysler!”  I’m laughing as I type this; he was 100% correct.  Chrysler was one of the first major American companies to built a plant in China and the Cherokee was the output.

  1. From
    Foam or froth on a liquid, as on the sea.
    intr.v. spumed, spumВ·ing, spumes
    To froth or foam.

    I thought these folks were just tossed out of a meeting; I didn’t realize they were subjected to foaming as well…

    “Spume” is actually a good description of most of what I see in the Post nowadays.

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