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August 23, 2007 07:41 PM UTC

Registry For Gang Violence Offenders

  • by: CrazyOkie

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

In reading the Denver Post article about the first day of school at Manual, I was amazed when the article mentioned that two students flashed gang signs and then a fight broke out – right in front of the principal and the DPS Superintendent.  Pretty bold.  Too bold.  We as a society need to focus on gangs, and dramatically decrease the pattern of young kids migrating towards violence and gangs.

In my view, neighborhoods should be able to track gang violence offenders.  The obvious way is to treat gang violence offenders similar to sex offenders.  Make them complete a publicly accessible gang violence offender registry (for two years after the offense).

It is time that we focused on gangs, learned more about why gangs exist, what are gang signs, gang colors, gang behavior, and most importantly, who is actively in a gang.

Should we have a law requiring gang violence offender to register?

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8 thoughts on “Registry For Gang Violence Offenders

  1. a kid gets on the gang list at 13 with a can of spraypaint and it will screw his life.

    Why not just execute people for anti social behavior.

    1. I assume that most gang members are Hispanic, Asian and/or African American.  Would this be a racist law?  Would it lead to more profiling?  I’m not sure.

      1. If you are coming into the situation saying “I assume that most gang members are Hispanic, Asian and/or African American,” what are the local police going to think. This law would have the potential to go horribly wrong – excessive police presence and force in schools and communities of People of color, a promotion of the schools to prisons pipeline that those communities know all too well…etc, etc..

        I love the part about finding out more about gangs. Let’s figure out why they exist and why they seem to thrive in certain communities. Better yet, lets defer to the research that’s already been done in this area.

        People don’t join gangs so they can be violent. That’s just a side effect. I’d hate to promote a law focused on patching a problem rather than than solving it (and further destroyed communities in the process).

          1. Kill the gang leaders, only stage the deaths to be the result of some pansy-ass kink that would utterly destroy their macho persona and all credibility.

            Not the most legal or cleanest solution, but it would work.

            1. Doesn’t address the sense of immortality the new leader would have.  Cut a head off, another appears.  Doesn’t address the desire to join gangs.  Sort of like lopping a weed tree off, but it still has a healthy stump.

              We’ve lopped off a lot of heads in Iraq, figuratively speaking, and we have more snakes than ever.

          2. Sorry for taking so long to respond, I’m just getting used to the Pols format…

            Most communities in which gang violence is an issue already have organizations or programs to address it. As far as I’ve seen, those programs are focused on restoring interest and hope in the educational system (further destroyed by NCLB), providing opportunities for organized sports, and helping families deal with intense poverty.

            I’m pretty sure those programs could use any and all support, be it in the form of space, time, money. I have a lot of trust in such programs since they are usually by and for said communities and they seem to get results. I admit I have no more evidence than what I’ve seen. That’s why more research is in order.

            …Now, if gangs sprang up in middle or upper class communities with adequate school funding and opportunities for a variety of extracurriculars, I’d have no idea what to say. But even then, I don’t know how comfortable I’d be with labeling gang members.

  2. But I don’t believe it’s legal to publicize the names and addresses of minors. And being that a significant number or gang members are under the age of 18 (ie. Manual High School fight), registration may not accomplish what you are after here.

    The good news in all of this: Manual is open again. The 5 points neighborhood had a bad summer, so hopefully the school reopening will have a positive effect in the long term.

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