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August 21, 2007 11:32 PM UTC

Salazar to Endorse Betsy Markey

  • by: Colorado Pols

Senator Ken Salazar is reportedly set to endorse Betsy Markey in CD-4 as she attempts to beat out Angie Paccione and Eric Eidsness in a Democratic primary.

As the Rocky Mountain News reports:

U.S. senators traditionally don’t pick favorites in contested primary races but to no one’s surprise Ken Salazar is making an exception.

Salazar on Wednesday will officially endorse his former staffer, Betsy Markey, one of three Democrats running for Congress in 2008 in the 4th Congressional District.

Markey served as Salazar’s regional director in the 4th District after the Denver Democrat was elected to the Senate in 2004. She resigned in May to run for Congress.

Salazar’s endorsement is a huge lift to a thus-far lagging campaign for Markey, who raised a paltry $36,000 in Q2 and badly needs something like this to give her candidacy some momentum.


61 thoughts on “Salazar to Endorse Betsy Markey

  1. It’s great that Sen. Salazar is endorsing.  Betsy also has the endorsements of a whole bunch of people who know what it takes to win in that district including State Sen. Bob Bacon, State Rep. John Kefalas, former State Sen. Pres. Stan Matsunaka, former State Sen. Peggy Reeves, former State Rep. Bernie Strom and others.  She’ll get the money, and this will help her name recognition…

    1. All those big names endorsed Betsy Markey, but she still had to loan herself $25,000? And how can anyone with a straight face say her supporters – especially Stan Matsunaka – really “know what it takes to win in that district” if they lend Betsy a name and not much else.

      Saying some people actually “know what it takes to win in that district” is a particularly silly cliche, since not one of those people have any idea at all. There hasn’t been a Democratic representative from that district in decades.

      1. you don’t get re-elected as a Colorado State Senator if you don’t.  Of course, by that standard, Angie Paccione wrote the book on what it takes to win as a Democrat in Colorado’s CD-4.

        But in the Big Leagues–U.S. Congress–those folks can’t claim winning expertise.  Angie got much closer than Stan ever did, and next year, she’ll win.

      2. You guys are funny.  Angie votes for vouchers, a terrible law keeping all services from undocumented aliens and parental notification and you still think she is a liberal.

        You should open your eyes and figure out why no one is endorsing her.  If she does win a primary the Dems will just lose again.

        1. The Markey campaign is the only one who actually needs endorsements right now to stay afloat. Banking on endorsements 12 months out is pretty sad. Why? Because no one cares. Being in the race this early is about the ability to raise money to be competitive against Musgrave. Betsy Markey is only making Marilyn Musgrave more electable. And that isn’t funny.

        2. Rather than slime Angie Paccione, why don’t you try to explain the merits of the candidate you apparently prefer?

          What has Ms. Markey done with regards to vouchers, services to undocumented immigrants, and parental notification?  How would she have voted at the State legislature on these specific bills if she had been in elected office?  How does Ms. Markey plan to represent a congressional district that would apparently be much more conservative than she is?

            1. I know Betsy and I’m supporting her.  I know Angie as well and supported her last cycle.

              Betsy would not have supported any of those conservative positions. If you consider yourself a progressive I challenge you to write and ask her yourself.

              It isn’t a smear to point out what bills Angie has voted for and has co-sponsored.  The fact Angie votes for conservative issues is one of the reasons I’m not supporting her this go around. I like her personally but I don’t agree with her politics.

              You all seem to think any time someone points out an issue with Angie it is a smear but anything about someone else is just fine.  Why is that?

              1. “I guess all those Angie endorsments are better – oh yeah there are none”

                “You guys are funny…You should open your eyes and figure out why no one is endorsing her.  If she does win a primary the Dems will just lose again.”

                (Yes, I omitted one sentence, the one where you mention the votes.  That leaves only snark and smear, apparently.)

                I just want to win.  I volunteered for Stan twice and Angie once.  A divisive primary, especially one with a quixotic challenge from the (arguable) left, is not helpful.

                Musgrave actually *won* last time, remember?  CD-4 is conservative, although changing.  How does Ms. Markey think positioning herself as the farther left candidate will help?

                1. Sorry for the sarcasm in those statements but it just kills me that people give Salazar trash for being to far to the right, try to associate Betsy with his positions, then go flocking to Angie when she is actually quite far to the right on most issues.  For some reason (maybe because it was ONLY state politics) no one pays attention to those votes.

                  If Salazar voted for a national school voucher program all the liberals would go nuts.  Angie does it for the state and they bury their heads in the sand.

                  I haven’t seen anything from Betsy’s campaign positioning her to the far left which wouldn’t help win the 4th CD. 

                    1. So, we have one guy using multiple handles–unbelievable. Are the Markey trolls this stupid? Do they think we can’t read who posts what comment?

                      Good God, you people are insulting to thinking people everywhere. Pick a handle and stick with it, instead of using sock puppetry to bolster your candidate’s sagging campaign.

                      This is just disgusting.

                      Fun/Honest–you are neither fun nor honest. You’re just a troll and I’d love to see you try and pull this shit on a national blog or over at Square State. You would be banned inside 5 minutes for your dishonest and deceitful, juvenile behavior.

                      Pathetic. If I had any lingering respect for Markey, it’s pretty much dead.

                    2. FunInCO has repeatedly implied that he is close to Betsy and the campaign, so this is a pretty bad sign about the kind of campaign they are running: all smiles on the surface, but lots of shadiness, negativity, and sheer resentment underneath it all. Her people constantly come on here and make her look ridiculous with their bungling, but they never seem to get a clue.

                      Betsy Troll(s): piss off!

                    3. You guys are really ridiculous sometimes.  You call anyone that is a supporter of someone other then your candidate a troll?  I told you who I’m supporting and why.  No campaign is controlling me are they controlling you?  If I don’t agree with you and try and make my points for the candidate you call me names and accuse me of being unethical.  Who do you think you are? 

                      I haven’t accused you of being shills for some other campaign even though you obviously support Angie.  More power to you.  Why just spam anyone out that has a different opinion?  Do you own the blog?  Is this just an advertising medium or a discussion blog.

                      You obviously don’t know much about the candidates.  Probably don’t know either one; your just loud.

                2. Good for you, and I thank you. It takes belief and dedication to keep hammering on an uphill battle.

                  For the 2008 election cycle, I will be in the Land of the Harris, sad to say.  I presume that she is in the dustbin of west coast Florida politics, but she has her clones.

                  My family there is FDR Dem and we do everything we can to keep the flame burning.

      1. It seemed like they weren’t actually friends to begin with, more like colleagues who shared a law background and Hispanic heritage.  Senator Salazar did make some critical comments about our Attorney General recently, so I don’t imagine he’s getting invited to Gonzales family barbecues, if he ever was.

    1. Salazar’s popularity amongst Democratic voters is in the 90% range. Except for a few of the BeTheChange die hards  Democrats in Colorado love Ken Salazar.

      This endorsement is huge.

      One thing for sure this is shaping up to be one bloody primary. Both Markey and Paccione have high priced highly skilled consultants working for them.

            1. I just hope that other liberals on this blog start agree with Ockham’s Razor and raise the level of the debate on this site. 

              Is that a bad thing?

              1. “no, it is right between the part on Liberals being God and government is Holy”
                  or other smirky replies about anything bad said about Bush such as “He was busy working with the CIA to distribute crak to the inner cities so he sould support his drug habit.”

                Yes, you really raise the level of deabte on this site.

              2. It’s quite hard to take that statement seriously when you say it, since you debuted on this blog by affecting an unrelentingly sarcastic persona until most readers deemed you too confusing to pay attention to.

                Regardless, I don’t think saying “raise the level of debate” repeatedly is going to accomplish anything.

                1. Regardless, I don’t think saying “raise the level of debate” repeatedly is going to accomplish anything. 

                  Unfortuantely I think you are right. 

          1. You seem to be getting down off the 100% sarcasm kick, and I appreciate that.  But you have to admit that someone posting a supposed 90% approval rating for Salazar has to start out with less than a 90% credibility rating.  One might even say it was a sarcastic post.

      1. SurveyUSA last November asked “How’s Ken Salazar doing as your U.S. Senator?” and 69% of registered Colorado Democrats polled said they approve.  45% of Republicans did too.

        This puts Senator Salazar’s overall approval rating at 56%, the statistical average for all U.S. Senators.

        I wouldn’t disagree with the statement that Ken Salazar is a popular Senator (he’s over 50%), but looking more closely at the numbers shows him to have much stronger support among Independents and Republicans than most Democratic Senators, and weaker support in his own Party than most.  None of which is surprising.

        If you have other polling data, share it.

        1. Salazar is at 70% favorable statewide amongst Democrats in a poll that only had two choices favorable or unfavorable. His overall approval rating outside of Metro Denver is 63%
          including Republicans. So the Senator’s approval rating amongst Democrats in Musgrave’s district is likely close to 80%. This figure was not broken down by party.
          The number that really counts though is Salazar 72% and Miles 28%.
          Name one endorsement by a prominent Colorado democrat that carries more weight than that of Ken Salazar?

            1. Amongst Democrats outside of Metro Denver his approval rating is much higher than it is statewide according to the
              Survey USA poll that another poster put a link to. If my math is right Salazar is well above 80% approval amongst non metro Denver Democrats such as those who live in Fort Collins and Greeley

              1. Your assumptions may well be right.  I don’t doubt that Salazar is fairly popular in CD-4, possibly more so than elsewhere.

                But you’ve not provided evidence for that.

          1. My butt can match yours for made-up statistics any day.

            You do see that I cited the source of an actual poll.  SurveyUSA did break it down by Party identification, unlike the poll that your butt did.

            Miles?  You mean Mike Miles?  What the frack does he have to do with anything?

            As to your final desperate attempt at changing the subject: Ritter.

      2. Here’s a tip, it’s not just the BTC folks who don’t like Salazar. The Habeas vote did a lot of damage to his reputation among some fairly high-profile Denver Dems that I’ve spoken to.

        Democrats in Colorado have tolerated Ken Salazar, to say they love him is just false.

        1. . . . something like 18 percent of voters nationwide approve of the job Congress is doing.  Sen. Salazar shares in responsibility for that low rating.  There are many Dems — not just BeTheChangers — who are unhappy with several Salazar decisions.  Senate rules provide the minority party with a lot of power to stop majority action — we don’t need our majority Senator helping out the minority as much as he has!

  2. Salazar is a very cautious guy, as evidenced taking his time on Pinon Canyon.  He would not endorse unless he thought she could win.  It wouldn’t be good for him politically if he did…

    1. and quickly forgotten.

      Ken Salazar’s choices were:
      1) No endorsement.  This would be typical, since picking between candidates of your own Party before a primary can seem like meddling.
      2) Endorse his long-time employee, emphasizing their ties to deflect any criticism.

      Of course he’d endorse her if he thought she couldn’t win.  Salazar’s not up for re-election until 2010, and he’ll be impossible to unseat regardless of this failed endorsement.

  3. This endorsement is great. It gives the warrent-less wiretaps/Alberto Gonzales wing of the Democratic party a place to vote in next years primary. 

  4. That’s A.B.A. as in Anyone But Angie (if Stan was running I’d also be in the ABS camp) I am hopeful that this will give BM a chance to turn it around.

    A single quarter is a datapoint, not a trend. A second terrible quarter and then we have a trend. But I am hopeful that she is doing a good job now raising money and Salazar’s endorsement is based on knowing what she has pulled in so far this quarter.

    As for AP, still waiting for her to explain her finances. Unless she does so she has no chance. Not just for reducing MM’s ammunition, but showing that she can concentrate on what works best rather than getting defensive.

    – dave

  5. Just seems a touch premature unless Salazar is already worried about BM’s viability.  What about getting it down to one candidate to avoid a primary and just fighting MM?

    1. With everyone concentrating on early fund raising numbers I think it was critical to have Salazar come out early. With that kind of help Betsy will have a better chance to raise early money and deflect some of that.

  6. Angie came close to winning but she couldn’t appeal to eastern Colorado.  While Betsy worked for Ken she spent a lot of time in those areas.  She has got the best chance at toppling Musgrave, which is in everyone’s interest.

    1. Angie Paccione is a moderate Democrat who is in tune with CD-4’s politics.

      Angie proved she can raise lots of cash, and she’s off to a good start again.  Musgrave runs a TV war, so $$$ is King.

      Angie has excellent name recognition.

      None of these points are true about Betsy Markey.

      Angie would have won with better messaging about Musgrave’s finance attack, and better volunteer coordination in Weld and Larimer–all have been addressed for 2008.  She’s ready to win and I’m looking forward to it.

      1. No candidate is perfect but AP’s choice on how to use paid media played right into MM’s hands. And it appeared to be not because she made some bad decisions, we all do that.

        What worries me is her #1 goal seemed to be to “correct the slime from MM” rather than win. If AP stays focused on protecting her honor, she’ll lose again. The CD-4 race is a dirty dirty dirty fight.

        Regardless of cash, political positions, name recognition (much of which is bad in her case), she has to be able to campaign effectively. And until she credibly addresses her past financial situation I have to assume she is unable to do so.

        1. I thought BM might have what it takes, but her poor fund raising scared me off.

          AP is liked, but her campaign last time was fundamentally flawed.

          I so wanted to bump MM off, but I’m afraid no candidate (no EE either) can this cycle.

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