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August 16, 2007 08:17 PM UTC

Oil & Gas Industry Lets One Fly

  • by: Colorado Pols

As The Denver Post reports:

Colorado oil and gas producers are organizing to influence government policy in reaction to concerns about a perceived anti-energy bias in the state.

Chief among their worries are a reconstituted oil-and-gas commission that reduces energy- industry representation, efforts to delay a plan for drilling on the scenic Roan Plateau in western Colorado, and a movement to stop natural-gas production in Moffat County’s Vermillion Basin.

“This vital, growing industry is threatened by overregulation,” said Fred Barrett, chief executive of oil-and-gas producer Bill Barrett Corp. “We as an industry need to find better ways to tell the public what the costs of certain public-policy decisions are.”[Pols emphasis]

A new organization to advocate for increased energy development and less regulation, Americans for American Energy, will be based in Golden and run by a prominent Colorado energy executive, Greg Schnacke.

“If Colorado doesn’t take steps to address these kinds of (regulatory) obstacles, it will hurt the state’s competitiveness relative to other states,” said Robert Wright, chief executive of Denver-based gas producer PRB Energy Inc.

This is an interesting, and perhaps ill-advised, public cry to take by an industry that doesn’t exactly generate a lot of sympathy from the public. Oil & Gas companies are right up there with Big Tobacco when it comes to popularity; it’s hard to see the public getting all teary-eyed over their complaints.


11 thoughts on “Oil & Gas Industry Lets One Fly

  1. Can we please do a full comparative analysis of oil and gas vs. other technologies, including health costs, long-term environmental damage, subsidization, property rights conflicts, etc.?

    I also like the following:

    Colorado oil and gas producers are organizing to influence government policy in reaction to concerns about a perceived anti-energy bias in the state.

    Really?  An anti-energy bias?  That’s almost as good as being told that being against slavery was an “anti-cotton bias”.  I don’t see people being against energy – I see people looking to improve efficiency and reduce harmful practices.

    1. Or a whine.

      “If you make us clean up the salt water that we’re dumping on to this farmer’s field, we’ll have to raise your winter heating bill by $100.”  Just doesn’t have the right ring to it.  I’m sure they’ll work it out.

  2. His corporation has had over 100 complaints since 2005.  You can see the complaints by searching the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s database.  Here’s how:

    1)  Go to:  http://www.oil-gas.s
    2)  Select “Complaint” as the search type
    3)  Enter “Barrett Corporation” as the operator
    4)  Set the number of records to 1,000

    You can then see all of the complaints by homeowners that have the misfortune of living by his oil/gas wells. 

  3. It’s as if they have bent over and asked, “please sir may I have another.”  http://www.colorados

    And this is most laughable: “The Ritter administration may say that they are friends to energy, but their policy says something else completely.” McElhany remarked. 

    It may seem Andy McElhany knows what he’s talking about, but it’s been proving over and over something else completely!

  4. Yeah, you tell us.  Don’t forget all the health issues, and while we are at it, funding a super-pig military budget so that we can protect our needle in our arms in Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

    Total cost per gallon of gasoline:  About $20.

  5. 1st–Its personally offensive, disrespectful, and utterly absurd to equate the folks who want to protect Roan Plateau–like, say the mayors of Garfield County communities, with Osama, as does the new Schnake/Sims bastard child, Americans for American Energy.

    2nd–Industry should pony up the math…  Show me how rampant development in CO has brought down energy prices…  How’s this for another article:  (“Bye-bye Colorado nat. gas, wildlife, roadless lands, clean air and water… hello price increases and industry profits!!!)–

    “Expert: Pipeline will alter market
    By The Associated Press
    DENVER – Expansion of a natural gas pipeline from the Rockies to Ohio will likely boost profits for gas companies and prices for area consumers, an energy market expert said.

    The Rockies Express pipeline, being built from Colorado and Wyoming to the East, will radically change the market’s structure…

    Currently, gas from Colorado and Wyoming is cheaper than the national price because there aren’t enough pipelines to ship it to other regions…

    The Rockies Express line, expected to be pumping gas to Ohio within two years, will change that, Bennett said.”

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