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August 16, 2007 08:10 PM UTC

Who Do You Support for President?

  • by: Colorado Pols

It’s time again for the monthly “Who Do You Support for President?” poll. Remember, this is different than the polls about who you think will win the respective party nominations; this poll is all about who you support.

Check out last month’s results or get to voting below…

Who Do You Currently Support for President?

View Results

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20 thoughts on “Who Do You Support for President?

  1. I’m sad to see Edwards campaign pulling out of Nevada. I understand he hasn’t raised a war chest comparable to Clinton or Obama, but his message is really hitting home with a lot of the base.

    1. I would love it if Gore got into the race.  My dream ticket is Gore/Obama for so many reasons. However, without Gore, my next choice would be Edwards.  He can make the case for representing real change, for making the little guy his priority over the big corporate interests (regardless of his own wealth; they’re ALL wealthy.  He at least grew up around working class people) and for pushing hard for decent health care for all. I also trust him more on Iraq than I would Hillary and he wouldn’t be handicapped right out of the gate with astronomical negatives. 

      As for Obama, whenever I see him in debates I really WANT to see him do great, I WANT to be impressed and inspired but there is something so hesitant about the way he expresses himself, I can’t quite say I see him as ready for the top spot.

      1. …still waiting for Gore.
        Chris Dodd also has impressed me with strong progressive positions on major issues.

        Hilary will only be incremental (but positive) change from Bush.  The bureacracy will be managed more competently, there will be less unregulated corporate/environmental exploitation, but she is still a national security/geopolitical hawk, cozy with the business elite, and will not hesitate to use any unitary executive powers that she inherits from Bush.

        Obama just doesn’t do anything for me so far.

        I find my opinions on the major candidates have consolidated at this point but I keep reminding myself, we are a long way out.  Unforeseen events could completely change the dynamic of what has become a pretty static campaign. 

      2.   The only successful Democratic tickets for the last 45 years have been headed up by southerns (Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton).  Maybe the Dems need to stick with what has worked in past….
          Still, in my gut I know it will be Hillary and in my heart I’m (kind of) hoping she is the nominee.

    1. I’m surprised to see Hillary winning this one.  I knew she would sway a lot of people but I figured it would take her longer to convice the CO bloggers.  I’m impressed.

  2. Sen. Gravel has been called a lot of things, but ‘That Alaska Senator Dude’ takes the cake. Leave it up to Coloradopols to make a joke about the Presidential Candidate with the closest personal ties to our state. At least it was a decent joke about the man who’s giving the 1st tier candidates and campaigns a run for their money.

    So sure, twiddle your thumbs about Al Gore. But don’t insult Sen. Gravel, even Stephen Colbert didn’t go THAT far.

    J. Skyler S. McKinley
    Colorado State Director
    Mike Gravel for President 2008

    1. This voting list appeared very early on.  As I recall it may not even have mentioned Gravel until some people, who couldn’t quite remember his name brought him up as that guy from Alaska.  We all know who he is now but “That Alaska Senator Dude” stuck and its not as if he has any chance of getting the nomination.  No disrespect intended.  Just a little levity. 

        1. I think most married couples talk about their jobs and offer each other lost of input.  I’m sure he will be doing the same here and I’m glad he will be a part of her adminstration.

  3. Political Dynasties vs. Direct Democracy. Which would you choose?

    Bill Clinton is a talented Statesman, and Sen. Clinton has occasionally been a talented legislator. But I’m really not in favor of either entering the White House, each can come to represent politics as usual.

    Sen. Clinton can take the opportunity to do more good in the Senate than making History in the White House. There are Senate Maneuvers which can end this war.

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