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August 13, 2007 11:18 PM UTC

Sen. Salazar Gets Tough on Pinon Canyon

  • by: Colorado Pols

A welcome development for Sen. Ken Salazar’s imperiled public image, as the Denver Post reports:

Responding to widespread fear the Army will seize land to expand its Piñon Canyon training site, U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar said he will write legislation to block mandatory property sales.

The Democratic senator said in an interview that he is considering a measure that would not only insulate property owners but force the Army to say what it is doing with its current property and why it needs more land.

Meanwhile, Republican Sen. Wayne Allard also has hardened his position.

Allard is negotiating with the Army on legislation that would offer assurances to landowners who do not want to sell, a top aide said.

The willingness of the two senators to step in now, after weeks of saying they wanted to balance conflicting needs of the Army and residents, could alter the military’s plan for growth.

If you’re relieved, imagine how his staff feels.


7 thoughts on “Sen. Salazar Gets Tough on Pinon Canyon

  1. We all want the jobs that come with big army bases.

    The army base needs room to expand in order to provide the type of training our troops need.

    If they are not allowed to expand they will eventually close down and move to an area that wants military bases and the jobs they provide. We want our cake. Military jobs.
    We want to eat it too by pandering to a few ranchers.

    The ranchers will get fair market value and than some for their ranches.

    Someone needs to point out that we can either have the cake.
    Or we can make two dozen ranchers happy. However, the ranchers will not be so happy when the army walks away and does not meet their extortionate demands for payments well in excess of the actual value of the land.

    1. We’ve heard this all before.

      Some of us have addressed these specific concerns of yours.

      Obviously, to no avail. 

      “If confronted with other facts or dialogue, repeat.”

      1. Where those Lamborn talking points that Iconoclast posted?

        Does anyone have that clip of Lamborn screaming at the mic. FOR the government to move in and take farmland from the rightful owners?

    2. Perhaps Senator Allard and certain El Paso interests?
      They will be the ones getting the gravy as well as the money.
      Oh, and if the agriculture goes of course this means water as well as land for easy taking. I smell a rat. Iconoclast you write like a well oiled machine.

  2. This is not conjecture about what may possibly happen in the future, or what the Army may need. The Army has proven that it doesn’t need any more land. It proved it after the first Eminent Domain seizure in 1983, by NOT using the PCMS hardly at all in 24 years. Then it proved it again, with it’s own after action report after the invasion of Iraq, that said it didn’t need more land to train on. They have 25 million acres now, and have proven they don’t need the PCMS, and certainly not the largest federal land grab in history, to take 1/8th of the state! There are no “willing sellers”, so Eminent Domain is the only way to get the land. Our Senators need to support the people of this state as the legislature did, and the House in DC did, and stop ALL progress toward taking more land! There will be no “fair market price” because the threat of Eminent Domain seizure has already destroyed the market value of the land. This is all history. This has already happened.

    1. …that the PCMS land wish is just a Ft. Carson intra-military woodie. “My training ground is bigger than your training ground.” 

      Over the years, millions and millions of acres of private and public land have been taken to pollute with bombs and other armaments.  The deserts of CA and NV are full of them.  We need more?

      We need more long range armaments practice places when the Dept of Offense even says that the wars of the foreseeable future will be boots on the ground, anti-“insugent” types? 

      Maybe we should just buy a few billion acres of Iraq…..

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