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August 11, 2007 04:03 PM UTC

Tancredo Straw Poll Machine Sabotaged?

  • by: Colorado Pols

As the Rocky Mountain News reports:

Rep. Tom Tancredo’s presidential campaign reportedly was the victim of an e-mail hoax on the eve of today’s Republican Party straw poll in Ames, Iowa.

The Des Moines Register reports that a hoax e-mail sent on Friday to almost 500 Tancredo supporters told them — falsely — that chartered busses to ferry them to the daylong events had either been cancelled or delayed.

“This is a blatant attempt to derail our efforts for the straw poll,” campaign spokesman Alan Moore told the newspaper. The campaign was trying to contact voters to assure them that straw poll transportation was on track as scheduled…

A whodunnit poll follows.

Who sabotaged Tom Tancredo's Iowa straw poll effort?

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46 thoughts on “Tancredo Straw Poll Machine Sabotaged?

  1. Romney will probably win the straw poll, but a strong showing by Tancredo will steal the headlines.  My vote is for Romney. 

    The poll is on the right track, it was probably another Republican.  Say what you want about Tancredo, he gives an exciting stump speech about being an unapologetic conservative; and conservative voters in Iowa really like him. 

    Nobody has more enemies than a white, conservative, straight male. And right now, the only candidate that the Rockefeller Republicans hate more may be Ron Paul (even more than Hillary).

    1. or shake my head in digust at your paranoia with this absurd comment:
      “Nobody has more enemies than a white, conservative, straight male.”

      Boohoo, those poor, under-represented, white straight males.  Boohoo what a horrid history they have had, what with getting all the advantages and some of them still failing.  Boohoo, how hard it must be to be a white hetero male in a world where the greatest percentage of CEOs, politicians in power, are white hetero males.

      Boo hoo everyone hates the poor white males and that is why they have no power, no money……..

      Truly laughable

      1. …but you didn’t address his issue.  Yes, everything you said is true.  And one of the results is that “everyone” hates us.  Some of that hate is benign, some is active. 

        One reason white males are in power is that white males vote.  Far more than other gender/ethnic groups.  I’m not saying that there aren’t other reasons, but there ya go. 

        What’s funny is when a woman or a minority selects or promotes their own, no one is upset. Think Wellington Webb with his racial nepotism.

        When a white person does similarly, there is much hand wringing and gnashing of teeth. We all like our own the best, we operate in our sub-culture the most easily. It’s normal.  That’s why kids in school cafeterias self segregate.  Nothing evil, human nature.

    1. taking on liberals is easy for Rockefeller Republicans because liberals are almost always wrong about everything.  Conservatives are more problematic for the Rockefellers because conservatives expose the soft underbelly of the GOP elite (immigration, free trade, WoT).

      A better than expected showing from Tancredo or Paul will force the Rockefeller candidates (Mitt, Rudy, John, and Fred) to address issues they’d like to sweep under the rug.

      Too bad there isn’t similar diversity between the Democrat candidates.

      1. Wow, the R front runners are Rockefeller Republicans?  Ole Nelson is rolling in his grave. 

        “Similar diversity?”  Kucinich, Edwards, Richardson, all seem to be fairly to very different from the front runners. Ron Paul certainly marches to his own drummer, and to say that TT is different is a polite way of saying, “What else can you say for yourself?”

        Regardless, back to the topic, this is just about a straw poll tactic.  It’s not a primary, it’s not a general.  Much ado about nothing.

      2. Liberals tend to be right on just about every big question. In the details we often get wrong answers, but that what happens when you work actively to better things – you try different approachs.

        So… Mr Sanctimonious, can you name one bigg issue that the liberals are wrong on now? Just one?

        1. I’ve, uh, “engaged” him before… Let’s say that you can tell where he lives because it’s below where the jet trails and black helicopters converge.

      3. liberals are wrong about everything? Let’s see: Civil Rights, universal suffrage, humanistic values, a recognition that humans live in the context of social systems rather than as atomized individuals, non-MacCarthyists, non-jingoistic, non-Medieval in their understanding of nature, non-advocates of ethical and political positions based on often astoudningly stupid superstitions and misconceptions rather than on science… . Yeah, those liberals are wrong about everything. So wrong, in fact, that the professions that dedicate themselves most to the pursuit of knowledge (e.g., academe and journalism) are notoriously skewed toward the liberal camp. What a coinquidink!

        But thanks for reaffirming the obvious: Ignorance, line up over here to the right….

  2.   If not, when are they expected?  I trust they won’t need Katherine Harris’ assistance in vote-counting.
      I presume Romney will finish first comfortably, but you gotta wonder how Huckabee, Tank, and Brownback finish.
      I had to laugh at Ron Paul, former libertarian, unsuccessfully going to court (FEDERAL COURT, no less) to request an injunction against the people running this beauty contest. 
      What irony…..

    1. YOu can’t make this stuff up.  A witty-bitty Iowa poll and apparently the black box machines crapped up.


      Straw Poll Results Delayed Due To Voting Machine Malfunction

      11 Aug 2007 08:25 pm

      AMES — The announcement of tonight’s straw poll results has been delayed due to what one informed source says was a voting machine malfunction. About 4,500 ballots had to be re-run. We are waiting….

      Recalls the very old joke about an airplane that is loaded and ready to take off.  A recorded voice comes over the PA and says, “This is the world’s first fully automated flight.  There is no pilot.  Don’t worry, nothing can go wrong…can go wrong….can go wron…

  3. that’s obviously a reflection on the dissatisfaction in the GOP with the current choice of candidates.  When will Newt, Jeb, and Condi get into the mix so that Republicans can have a real choice for their next standard-bearer?

    1. Jeb knows that being a Republican will be bad in ’08 but have a last name of Bush will be toxic. No way is he stupid enough to run.

      And Condi clearly put the word out that she absolutely won’t run – there is no mention of her anymore.

      1. I don’t think anyone else will enter the race. Period.

        Gore for the Dems? Nope.
        Thompson for the Rethugs? Nope.
        Bloomberg for the Indys? Nope. (I hope I’m wrong)
        Nader for the Greens? Nope.

        No specific reason, just my completely uneducated thought.

        1. I do think it is a shame on a couple of points that you are probably right.
            Gore would very likely win the nomination and most certainly the election.I know he said he was not running before  the press got ahold of his son’s foibles but this probably sealed it.
          Thompson is where we might see you scratching your head. He is has enough “persona” to think he is a real candidate.
          Bloomberg – Why not? a million here a million there it’s not like he couldn’t buy into the race at this point but I think he made some of those Miilions by being a little savy. Probably enough so to say – ah nevermind, How’s Google doing..
          Nader – Man I wish just for the humor factor. That guy still has the worst hair I have ever seen on a candidate.

          OOh now that would be a cool pol!

          1. but he didn’t run as a Green in ’04 and he probably won’t this time either. I forget who he conned into propping up his ego last time and I don’t know if they’ll be fooled again but he does have his little legion of followers and they can get him on the ballot in most states.

            I don’t think any of the other three are going to run. I don’t see Bloomberg spending tens of millions of his own money for a vanity run (and let’s face it, kids – without that D or R in parentheses following your name you’re never going to call 1600 Pennsylvania Ave home), and Thompson is going to wait to challenge in 2012.

          2. …we would be wrapping up eight years of a great Gore presidency. 

            I can’t recall where I read this, but Nader as much as said that he ran to foil Gore because Bill and Al did not call him up every day asking for his advice.  They pretty much ignored the egomaniac.

            1. Look, I have always said that 9/11 occurred because of the incompetence of the W. admin or because they wanted to. But to say that Gore would have been superior is a different matter. That would presuppose that you have abilities far beyond any human. While I seriously doubt that he would have been as bad as W, I am not convinced that we would have had a great president. In particular, he suffers the same issue as Carter did; Brilliant, but unable to convey them as well. JC was overall one of our better presidents for long-term vision. Sadly, he was not able to convey this desires. Gore was similar. As I watch him with GW, I am realizing that he has re-made himself and will be running again. He has learned from his mistakes and past presidents like Clinton (so-so, but smooth) and reagan (one of the worst, but gads was he smooth).

              1. ..on the fact that the Clinton administration and Richard Clark took Al Queda very seriously.  And that when they told Condi and her team that this was the biggest threat to America, she blew them…

                If the famous PDB of August 6, 2001 was read by Gore, do you think he would have ignored it like George?

                I doubt it.

              2.   That’s a very interesting observation.  For better and for worse, Gore clearly is not like Bill Clinton.  I cannot imagine Gore grasping someone’s arm, looking into their eyes, and empathetically intoning, “I feel your pain.”  On the other hand, I can’t picture Gore being “serviced” by Monica Lewinsky.
                  I never gave that much thought to which former president Gore would be like.  I once thought that he’s might turn out to be a left-wing Richard Nixon:  U.S. Rep, U.S. Senator, V.P. under a popular president, cheated out of the presidency, then turned bitter and revengeful til he won the prize. 
                  But I discarded that hypothesis when he took himself out of the running in ’04 (and so far, in ’08) and threw himself passionately into his work on environmental issues.  He is definitely not a Nixon-type!

            1. Same thing.

              If Nader hadn’t run, the morons probably would have voted for Gore.  Hmmm….doesn’t sound good.

              Anyway, any statisticians out there who know what states might have gone Gore if the Naderites had not peeled off his votes? 

              1. would have stayed home, but I think most would have voted for Gore if not for the choice to vote Green.

                Yes, there’s more to Bush’s shady victory than that but it was a factor and must not be dismissed.

  4. Tancredo is clearly enjoying himself and running a good campaign.

    Tancredo will be able to now compete in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. After running around he will be back in Colorado running for reelection at the Feb. 5 caucuses.

    No Democrat will even challenge Tancredo this year

  5. Take your pick. Those GOPs will be pointing the finger at one of these groups. Funny thing is, I would not be surprised to find out that he did it himself. After all, negative press is MUCH better than NO press. And I am guessing that about the only press he was getting was in Colorado or in a KKK meeting.

  6. We have NO ‘fraud free’ elections in U.S.A.

    The exit polls will show that Ron Paul Blew all candidates out of Iowa.  Even the MSM was “amazed” at the Paul turnout.

    FOX (FAUX) News (who begged viewers to vote against Paul after thier phony GOP debate) admitted…”Paul supporters were right that there would be a ‘problem’ with the Diebold machines.” 

    I like how the poll on this site ‘conveniently’ left Diebold out of list of possible culprits for voter fraud at the straw poll. 

    That is your obvious #1 answer.

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