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August 10, 2007 10:25 PM UTC

GOP Chair Lays Down The Law

  • by: GOPpundit

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

El Paso County GOP Chairman Greg Garcia is loaded for bear and doesn’t appear to be intimidated by a sitting Congressman.

Chuck Gosnell, Jon Hotaling, Club for Growth, and the (non)Christian Coalition of Colorado were set back on their heels with a Wednesday evening statement from Republican headquarters in Colorado Springs.

“…we have seen divisive, dishonest attacks and damaging inferences. As we move forward, we will leave those political tactics – and anyone who utilizes them or will not disavow them – behind.”

…and there’s more.

Chairman of the El Paso County Republicans, Greg Garcia also leveled a statement that could only have been meant for the incumbent Representative from the 5th Congressional District with this:

“A Primary contest can and should be a positive, spirited, healthy and robust exchange of ideas.  It is our hope that in Republican Primary contests, candidates resist attacking each other.  Rather, it should be an opportunity for the party and its candidates to thrive on the battlefield of intellectually provocative debates and demonstrations of leadership and consensus building. 

Our party will no longer tolerate false or misleading statements or innuendos. We will work vigorously to encourage all the candidates in a primary to hold themselves, their direct, and their indirect supporters accountable to a high standard of integrity.”

As has been widely reported on Pols and in other blogs and traditional media there was a great deal of attention paid last cycle to the Club for Growth/Hotaling/Gosnell attack ads aimed at Jeff Crank for the benefit of Doug Lamborn. On repeated occasions various candidates in the race, party officials, and members of the media asked Lamborn to denounce certain statements as false and he never did. I wonder how this will play out in the coming election cycle.


22 thoughts on “GOP Chair Lays Down The Law

    1. Are you calling Crank a RINO? Because if so, that’s laughable.  Like him or not, he is socially and fiscally conservative. I think the greatest area of contrast between him and Lamborn is Crank’s effectiveness as a community leader versus Lamborn who really alienated a lot a voters last time with false attacks on his opponents.

      Let’s see Crank is currently on the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition PAC, and if anything, they are more conservative than the NRA.

      Crank is a past board member of a local Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center – or some similar pro-life clinic.

      In 2006 Crank was the candidate who put forth specific fiscally responsible ideas for tough restrictions on government growth “Crank hopes to cap annual growth on government spending at 4 percent and require a two-thirds vote to increase taxes or exceed the cap.” (6-4-06, COS Gazette)

      RINO? Um, no. If you don’t like Crank, hey, just say so! 🙂

      1. Never met him but he sounds like a good candidate. I’ve never been impressed with Lamborn.

        My point is that party leadership has little chance of repairing the republican rift. CFG and christian coalition will continue to pursue a path of intra-party destruction until it backfires. Maybe the upcoming CD-2 primary will be that event.

        1. I do like Crank, but I am more interested in getting rid of Lamborn than getting Crank elected. If McElhany or Suthers want to run I would support them as equally as Crank.  Lamborn is not healthy for the district. We need a leader.

    1. I believe that would be impossible because after working as Hefley’s chief of staff Crank went into the private sector and didn’t run for anything until he ran for the 5th CD in 2004.

      1. While Jeff Crank has not run for public office before 2004, he hasn’t held several party offices.  I am sure that I have seen flyers where, running for party office, he has received the Christian Coalition’s endorsement. 

        1. that the Christian Coalition did support Jeff before the 5th CD race, then they are hypocrites. Does any one have evidence of any fliers done by the CCC in support of Jeff Crank?

          1. Garcia’s point in his statement – and my comments subsequent – are that “running herd” on dishonest politicians is a strong and healthy things for the county party.

  1. “…we have seen divisive, dishonest attacks and damaging inferences. As we move forward, we will leave those political tactics – and anyone who utilizes them or will not disavow them – behind.”

    They won’t have a party left…

  2. He’s a good chairman.  He may not be able to do a lot if things get negetive, but at least he said it and if a candidate goes negetive, they’ll look like a jerk

      1. Last week, favorable comments Garcia made about Lamborn were in the Gazette.  And, Lamborn’s people ran with it.  This week, Garcia did what the party leadership should have done in 2006 and didn’t.  Now, Lamborn’s people want to run away from it.  The Hotalings and Gosnell seriously wounded the party and themselves in 2006.  Maybe we can recover.  We shall see.

  3. This is a serious question.  There’s no need to publicly embarrass them any more than they were and should have been in the past by mentioning their names again.  But, some hold elective office while hold others influential positions in Christian organizations.  The fact that these individuals did not disavow Lamborn’s tactics in 2006 has seriously wounded their credibility, as evidenced, for example, by the results of the election of El Paso County bonus members this year.  If Lamborn and his supporters pick up where they left off in 2006, what repurcussions will there be to those endorsers if they should once again remain silent?  Let’s say that they aren’t the ones doctoring newspapers headlines like Gosnell (the Christian Coalition of Colorado).  Let’s say Gosnell does the same again this year, whether finding some retired Denver accountant or someone else to front the money, and reissues the exact same wedding cake his piece as he did in 2006, via the CCofC. [He would just need to leave Rivera’s name off since Rivera isn’t running.]  Garcia’s press release puts the onus on Lamborn to disavow that wedding cake hit piece.  It doesn’t expressly address Lamborn’s endorsers that didn’t fund the piece.  And, that’s fine.  But, if they remain silent again in 2008, it really says they agree with the methods, and reflects on their bona fides, or lack thereof, as men purporting to have a Christian faith, whether as elected officials or as influential officers with Christian organizations.

    1. What Will Tom Minnery Do?  Will he disavow the tactics and dirty tricks of the Lamborn campaign?  Or will he endorse and support a candidate who has no accepted gambling contributions twice from sources that Focus on the Family itself has criticized? 

    2. I was only passively aware, via this site, of Lamborn’s campaign. So, my question is what is fair game and what isnt? Is GOPpundits insinuation that the comments were directed at Lamborn a violation of this call to resist attacks? Are your threads about Lamborn’s voting or comments about his financials below the belt? Personally, I dont care, but everyone acts like the so-called 11th commandment should be revered, yet bash their person’s opponent.

      Silence does not equal complicity. In fact, and I am no expert, but isnt a politician calling out a PAC or an outside organization for their actions an acknowledgement of that outside group, and thereby illegal? I thought this was an issue before, and I dont remember a resolution. I know you are talking about individuals, but I wanted to throw that out there to find out what the deal was.

      Back to the individuals. I dont really know almost any of the names mentioned, but still silence does not equal complicity. Really, you are trying to push a false dichotomy, a sort of low-level with us or against us. I also find it a little troubling that you are insinuating that being a christian and being a Lamborn supporter, or at least not calling to the carpet “unchristian” like behavior with regards to this campaign means they are weak in faith, or they arent really christian. Again, I find myself not really caring, but I must admit to a little guilty pleasure in watching republicans and christians eat their own.

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