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August 09, 2007 04:20 PM UTC

Wadhams Blasts "SleazeNow," Schaffer Attacks Continue

  • by: Colorado Pols

As the Rocky Mountain News reports:

A liberal group renewed its attack on state Board of Education member Bob Schaffer, saying his call for disclosing political contributions went by the wayside when he cast a vote favoring one of his campaign donors. Michael Huttner, director of ProgessNowAction, called Schaffer “a complete hypocrite when it comes to corruption.”

But Schaffer and Republicans fired back Wednesday, with GOP state party chairman Dick Wadhams calling Huttner a “sleazeball.”

And to think the election, in which Schaffer is running for U.S. Senate, is more than a year away.

Schaffer, a Fort Collins Republican, cast the deciding vote in May requiring the Denver Public Schools board to reconsider a decision to terminate a charter school.

Schaffer voted without disclosing that the owner of the company managing the school contributed to his 2004 failed U.S. Senate campaign. Huttner maintains Schaffer had a conflict of interest and should have abstained from voting.

In addition, the charter-school company owner and his wife this summer donated $4,600 to Schaffer’s 2008 Senate campaign…

During a December board meeting, Schaffer was critical of what he called “scam” grant programs that the legislature passes and the state board then must implement. He said some programs appeared tailored so that only a specific group is eligible to apply…

“I’m just suggesting that we ask one question: Who do (they) give their cash to at election time?” Schaffer said.

“SleazeNow, otherwise known as ProgressNow, does not disclose the donors who finance its existence,” [Wadhams] said.

A lively exchange, but this article is notable for one thing: the lack of any mention of Schaffer’s opponent Mark Udall whatsoever. We said yesterday that Wadhams needs better talking points to defend Schaffer from this attack (Wadhams feebly likened Schaffer’s vote for a specific charter school operator/donor to Udall’s support for unions in general). No mention of that today. Does Wadhams really think “don’t listen to Progress Now, they’re sleazeballs” will work out any better?

This response suggests profane bluster is now substituting for a credible defense, which a long record shows is what Dick Wadhams is best at. We’ll see how that plays with the media and public, though our prediction is that it won’t go over real well. Seriously, “Sleazenow?” What is this, third grade?


15 thoughts on “Wadhams Blasts “SleazeNow,” Schaffer Attacks Continue

      1. ProgressNow has been out in front of this Senate campaign pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of each republican candidate and the best the DICK can say is “well they are just sleazy for pointing out the obvious!” 

        This is going to be a fun year especially with Wadhams being beat at his own game for the second cycle.

    1. Just a reminder that when initiated this attack, Udall’s campaign disowned its tactics, which are sensationalistic and open Udall to similar attacks.

  1. is a bunch of crap. Brennan has given money to every big-time Republican cause and campaign for years, and this is likely no different whatsoever. This whole story is basically a liberal group reaching for headlines, and their timing is way off. If they were going to pursue this, they should have waited six months.

    Empty accusations make everyone look bad.

    1. I think it’s legitimate to point out that Bob Schaffer was the one crowing about the need for formal disclosures for the Board of Education, and agreed to write up guidelines.  Then he blew that off, and never disclosed these potential conflicts of interest to the rest of the board.

      “Everybody does it” is a weak defense when you’re the one who was complaining most loudly about the same thing just a few months ago.  Schaffer’s pretty screwed on this one, and deservedly so.

    2. if it’s you caught with your pants down standing behind a cow.  (Happened to a friend of my brother’s, so this isn’t just some crude analogy.  OK, crude, but not imaginary.)

      BS is a hypocrite, big time, plain and simple, and might also be a lawbreaker.

      Own up to it.

    3. Coming from the guy who said “let the crap flow” and now is whining like a little school girl after losing at his own game.

      BS and DICK Wadhams are two of a kind, hypocritical, lying, opportunists politicians who are looking out for their own instead of doing what’s right for this state.

    4. They have nothing to complain about.  It’s nice to see the party of the self-righteous get what its got coming.  If your going to campaign on your superior morality, superior values, superior religious piety, and point to the other party as lacking on all counts, you can’t complain about being judged by your own repeated ad nauseam standards. If you’re going to go all holier than thou you can expect people to enjoy watching you squirm.  We do and we’re not apologizing.

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