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March 03, 2007 05:40 PM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

It’s a weekend of Party parties.


147 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. I understand that the Arapahoe Republican party has decided to have their county dinner on May 5 and it is titled:

    Cinco De Mayo for Tom Tancredo.

  2. This man is not just my hero, but he is my generation’s hero.  There’s a perfect story of The Gipper in his younger years…

    Once, late at night, Reagan was hanging out in his apartment.  He was looking out into the moonlit sky as he noticed a young lady walking below him on the sidewalk.  Suddenly, he saw a masked mugger run up to the girl to attack her.  Quick on his feet, Reagan ran to get his 45-revolver.  He pointed it at the mugger and yelled, “Let her go or I’ll shoot your head!”  The mugger ran off and The Gip personally escorted the girl home…safely.

      1. I was born in the early 80s and grew up with Reaganism in my blood.  Like so many of my peers, Reagan didn’t just show us how to be good Republicans, he showed us how to be good people, good Christians, and proud Americans.  I heard one of my students the other day, probably younger than me by just a few years, note how much he adored Reagan.  I shouldn’t have been surprised, after all, plenty of young people love the man for his unabashed love of this great nation.  But this kid is your average Bush-hating Boulder student from Northern California.  He’s a lovely guy but you can tell he’s spent a little too much time in the People’s Republic.  You just don’t expect that from thse students.  But maybe you should.  Because Reagan had the uncanny ability to touch even the most cynical of people.  His charm gave flight to lofty ideas.  And he changed the world because of it.

        1. . . . (and perhaps it helps if you were an adult during his Administration).

          Stumping in South Succotash
          March 29, 1982

          “. . . In an interview with the Daily Oklahoman in Oklahoma City, the President continued his recent criticism of the way the American press and television have been covering his Administration. Previously he had spoken to TV Guide of a “kind of editorial slant” in TV reporting of El Salvador that “challenges what we are doing there.” In Oklahoma City, Reagan charged that the press and TV are exaggerating the effects of the current recession. “Is it news,” he demanded, with a flash of anger, “that some fellow out in South Succotash* has just been laid off, that he should be interviewed nationwide?”  . . .

          *A mythical locale, to be sure, though Rhode Island does have a Succotash Point, where the unemployment rate of the surrounding township has risen from 5.7% to 7.7% in the past year.”


          At the time Reagan made this comment I was so offended that I got a T-shirt imprinted with “South Succotash, Home of the Brave.”  I still have the shirt.

        1.   During the week of Jan. 20, 1989, TNN ran a different Ronald Reagan movie each night of the week. 
            The night before Daddy Bush was sworn in, I recall watching for the first (and last) time, “Bedtime for Bonzo.” 
            It was actually kind of an entertaining and funny movie, and probably the highlight on Reagan’s career.

    1. But, you’ve proven me wrong  many times.

      “Proof that God  blesses America”  Give me a fucking break.  This is the same shit about God loves the Hebrews/Israelis, you know, we are the chosen people of the OT.  So chosen they were kicked out of their promised land for 2000 years.  It is this us vs. them, God (or Mommy or Daddy) loves me more than you bullshit why we have wars.

      Wars like you and your ilk think are just fine.

      This kind of “thinking” is so immature and self-centered I’ll stop here before I rant.

      Grow up, She loves all humans.

    2. believe credit for that comment goes to Roslyn Carter.

      Ronald Reagan kicked off his 1980 campaign at the Neshoba County, Mississippi state fair with a speech rights.  Both the subject and location were not coincidental – “states rights” were the rallying cry for racists in the South.  And Neshoba County was where three civil rights workers – James Chaney, Mickey Schwerner, and Andrew Goodman – were murdered for their work registering black voters in the summer of 1964.

      The divide-and-conquer, fear-based politics of the Republican party may have climaxed under BushCo, but its modern incarnation was begun by Ronald Reagan and his Karl Rover, Lee Atwater.

      Moral, my ass.

  3. Reagans tax cuts and his sharp increase in military expenditures resulted in a series of huge budget deficits and consequently more than doubled the size of the national debt.

    The last years of Reagan’s presidency were disrupted by the Iran-contra affair, which broke in late 1986 and involved the White House’s complicity in the illegal diversion of profits from arms-for-hostage deals with Iran to the U.S.-supported contra guerrillas fighting the Sandinista government in Nicaragua.

    Remember trees cause pollution and catsup can be counted as a vegetable in Public Schools?

    He outsourced foreign policy and took the U.S. standing in the world community to new lows, much like the current president, when he illegally mined the harbors of Nicaragua.

    Remember when Reagan fired 11,000 striking air traffic controllers. Remember Reagan authorizing covert, and illegal, support for Nicaragua’s Contras. His Budget director Stockman admitted that the Reagan supply-side economics were merely a front for redistributing wealth to the richest Americans. During his presidency, The Washington Times, a conservative paper owned by Sun Myung Moon, launched; Moon quickly becomes a critical ally of Reagan policies.

    And who can forget the results of Reagan deregulating the US S&L industry? Or the Boland Amendment signed into law and routinely ignored by Reagan.

    He also started the Strategic Defense Initiative, more popularly known as Star Wars, which has cost us taxpayers BILLIONS on a boondoggle of militarizing space.

    True Conservative, Christian values at work.

    1. Star wars did cost us billions, but it also allowed us to do loads of research in a number of different directions. As it is, we are heading towards a point where lasers will be used. The research on it started back in the 50’s, but it got major boosts under carter and another under reagan.  What a lot pf ppl do not realize is that JC was in the process of quietly re-building the military (stealth tech was one of his; in addition, he wanted to remove all the large ships of the navy except for ballistic subs and aircraft carriers and move us towards small networked ships; the direction that we are back on path with). reagan simply stole other ppl’s work (nixon, ford, and carter) and took credit for them while simply changing the gov. trough from personal welfare to corporate welfare.

      One of my personal beefs with the RRR lies, and what so many of the RRR’s never check, is that the USSR was bankrupted by 1980.  That was due to the policies of eisenhower, kennedy, johnson, nixon, ford, and carter. reagan never had a single thing to do with it. In fact, because he re-initiated trade with the USSR, he kept them alive. Of course, to be fair, it is possible that it allowed the USSR to collapse relatively bloodlessly.

    2.   Let’s not forget the ten of thousands who became infected and died of HIV/AIDS between 1981 and 1989.  It wasn’t until Liz Taylor shamed him, Rock Hudson was dying, and Nancy Reagan’s hair dressers and interior decorator friends were dead and buried before Bonzo could finally bring himself to speak that four-letter acronym.
        It’s unclear what Reagan’s intent was during the ’80’s while HIV/AIDS was spreading and he remained silent.  If he knew what was going on yet chose to remain silent and inactive, then arguably we’re talking about mass murder. 
        However, if Reagan was simply being his customary detached and disinterested brain-dead self, then he was only guilty of criminally negligent homicide on a mass scale.
        I’ll give the guy the benefit of the doubt and say he was only guilty of criminal negligent homicide, especially since he’s not here to defend himself.
        Anyone else care to argue that his criminal culpability was of a higher degree than negligent homicide? 

      1. It’s unclear what Reagan’s intent was during the ’80’s while HIV/AIDS was spreading and he remained silent.  If he knew what was going on yet chose to remain silent and inactive, then arguably we’re talking about mass murder. 

        I worked at CDC when reagan became pres. We at the CDC knew what was going on WRT AIDS (i.e. that it was spreading). So while reagan was speakingout against herpes, they went to him to try and persuade him to give up money to stop the aids spread, while there were so few infected(we thought it was less than a 1000 and it appears that it was less than 200 at the time). I do not know exactly what happened, but after several attempts by others, my boss was asked to help persuade him. After he came back from trying to persuade, he said that he would NEVER have anything to do with aids. He said that he had never seen such a nightmare. A year later, he was the first person asked to head the project and he turned it down with out a 2’nd thought. I am not certain, but I think that he almost converted from being a republican to a dem that day. And since he was a mormon priest( or bishop, i do not recall), that would have been near unheard of.

        BTW, if you read some of the books about the early days of it, you will find out a bit about this. But I have never seen it show the real early days show up by those with real knowledge.

        1.   As for books written on the subject at the time, I did read “And the Band Played” on right after it came out almost 20 years ago.  The movie version didn’t begin to scratch the surface that the book covered!

          1. yeaaaahhhhhh. I read it. From what I saw and heard, ATBP really did not know much of what was going on, beyond the SF and NY area. Sadly, I have not seen any books that really documented it beyond that area.

            The CDC (and I think the NIH, but I am not certain about that) was a LOT more active than was given credit in the book. As it was, by 81, we knew that it was not transmitted via toilet seats, towells, etc (arthopod-bourne was still a possibility, but only a very small one). And yet, in 82-83 when this hit the news media, I saw numerous references to that garbage.

    3. Certainly not the worst if you like to walk around pointing out how big your penis is.  “My missile is bigger than your missile.”  If you are of child-like mentality, Reagan was a great prez.

      Reagan started us down the path of destroying the middle class as he denied his roots in the same.  He told Americans that it is OK to be self-centered and greedy, and we got the abuses of the 80’s like Neil Boosh.  We are still paying for the S&L debacle.  He put us so far into debt that we are paying something $30,000 a day on interest on that debt – today!

      He was a master orator, a master storyteller, and a master con.  All you Reagan worshippers can’t see him for what he was and what he did.  He stroked your dicks, it felt good, as he was picking your pocket…..and your children’s. 

  4. Colorado!

    Did anybody catch this diamond in the rough the other day?

    This from Denver Post’s March 1 Go Figure:

    “Adult Coloradan’s political attitudes as surveyed last summer for Colorado College professors Bob Loevy and Thomas E. Cronin:

    41 Percent say they are conservative

    28 Percent say they are liberal

    (Do the math and 31 percent say moderate or neither)

    14 Percent say the overall quality of life has gotten better over the past two or three years

    28 Percent say the quality of their life has gotten worse

    40 Percent agree with the proposition that God created man in his present form all at once withing the past 10,000 years (!)

    74 Percent say that religion is vvery or at least somewhat important in their lives”

    Wow!  Conservatives make a plurality of adults and 40% are hard core creationists?!  The Catholic Church and most Mainline Protestant churches accept, generally, evolution or at least the commonly accepted geologic timescale of a 4.5 billion year old Earth.  I don’t know if even I agree with this 40%.  But it goes to show that outside of Boulder, Telluride, and Cheeseman Park, Colorado is full of hearty, God-fearing Americans.  And that, you my liberal friends’ dismay, is a very good thing.  (But don’t worry Democrats, they still, only God knows why, still vote Democrat, as the 2006 election shows). 

      1. I can’t find it online, either.  It’s page 3 of Thursday’s Post in the Denver West’s ‘Go Figure’ section.  It doesn’t go in depth–I just quoted exactly as it reads in the section.

        Bob Loevy is probably Colorado’s top political scientist, widely respected, and the media’s go-to guy on most issues political in Colorado.  He has a book about Colorado politics used widely across the state and he’s a terrific professor at CC.  The little blurb on Thursday is actually a tiny part of a much larger study Loevy did this summer.  Unfortunately, you can’t find that one online, either. 

        In essence Loevy’s point is that while the Republicans romped for several years and now the Democrats have found a rather large crease, Colorado’s electorate remains unchanged from, say, 15 years ago.  Most voters value faith and see themselves as conservative, though that doesn’t exclude them from voting Democrat.  He also, wisely, decries the whole demography meme about Californication and Colorado’s movement left.  The study says that while native Coloradans tend to be a bit more conservative than newcomers, for every Boston leftie that moved to Boulder, another socially conservative Orange County family came to the Springs.  So politics are very much in flux in Colorado.  Colorado’s a conservative state, but it’s very indepdendent in which party it goes for.  That will depend on leadership and common sense.  And, honestly, I think recent history demonstrates just how right on Loevy is. 

        1. While I am not a polysci type guy,  In the post and the news, I seem to find that the media guy for general colorado politics is normally straayer for colorado and national and Lawerence for national. But I have occasionally seen Loevy. Perhaps times have changed.

          But I would be curious to see this survey and how conducted. Sorry, but I am a show me on these things. It is far too easy to sway things.

          1. Polls make me suspicious too.  But these results jive with my observations and our past election results.  I don’t find it too surprising that 40% of Coloradans call themselves conservatives and are hard-core creationists.  That may surprise a select few in the various liberal echo-chambers around the state–Boulder, Aspen, etc.  But the study seems to hit on the thinking of most in this state. 

            1. 40% makes you a minority, not the majority. And these days, the middle like myself swing away from conservatives. That was proven very nicely in the last election. And I suspect that the next election will show the same, but time will tell.

              1. 72% also make up Colorado’s strong center-right majority.  That means that, at 41%, you need to bring along your contingent and only 10% of moderates and you have an election won.  Beauprez and Coors couldn’t do that because they lost some of that 40% to opponents and got solidly smoked by the 31% of moderates.  But Ritter did it quite well. He belongs with the 30% of moderates, the majority of whom voted for him, he held the 28% of liberals, and he got a small right-wing contingent.

                Here’s what it boils down to: if you’re a conservative you have a head-start in Colorado.  But sometimes that’s not enough.  If you run a crappy campaign, lose your conservative credentials, and run up against a true moderate of either party, you still can lose by a wide margin.  But if you’re a liberal, you’ve got to pray.  And because you’re a liberal, you don’t pray.  So you’re screwed.

                Windy, what I’m saying is that a conservative doesn’t need your vote to win.  It only needs a fraction of the moderate voting bloc to win.  But, at the same time, conservatives can’t simply write you off.  Because if they can win your vote you KNOW they’ll win.  But knowing your politics, I doubt many conservatives will win your vote.  So in 2008 and beyond they’ll need to hold their plurality conservative base and peel away at least a third of moderates (a la Bill Owens).

                1. That means that, at 41%, you need to bring along your contingent and only 10% of moderates and you have an election won.

                  I think that you meant to say 10% more of the grand total. You need slightly more than 1/3 of the indis. Also, keep in mind, that the vast majority of the unregistered ppl probably lean liberal, not conservative. Why? Because nearly every conservative leaner that I know ARE registered republicans. OTH, most moderates that I know are not registered and lean liberal (why we have mostly ended up with dem govs).

                  Windy, what I’m saying is that a conservative doesn’t need your vote to win.  It only needs a fraction of the moderate voting bloc to win.

                  1/3 is a lot. esp if they tend to lean liberal the way that I believe. BTW, I am guessing that I am who you need to sell. The soccer moms will tend towards security and a better future for their kids. It was the soccer moms that ousted your ppl, not me (I was opposed to W from the gitgo).
                    Now, with your current line-up,

                  1. you have multi-divorce rudy who was already being run out of NYC when 911 changed that.  In addition, iirc, he did not do a good job balancing his budget.
                  2. Mitt, who I was leaning towards until I noticed that he was being back by the very corruption that I am opposed to. But now, he will have to fight the mormon factor (if mitt does not address it, it will hurt him). But he did good things for MASS in terms of leadership. I really did like him. In fact, I think that I was the first one to mention him when this stuff came up 1-2 months ago (as well as ron paul, but I know that he has zero chance with the neo-cons; would have done great back in the 60s).
                  3. McCain was interesting, but he is now so desperate to win that he is trying to be everything to everybody and is becoming despised by all (when he told dobson that he would support creationism in school, he lost me right away and dobson would never go with him). Most soccer moms will worry about their kids future and will insist on a proper scientific education, not religious.

                  I give near zero chance of republicans winning the next pres.. It is the dems to lose (but they have to stop making SO many blunders). Now with that said, if they select (Hilary|obama) and some vp from east of the miss (even down south), I would have to give it to the rep. I really think that it will require a true balanced ticket.

                  BTW, in response to your other question (your sibling post), yeah, the conservatives have a head start. While I suspect that it is not 41 %, it is probably close. Of course, that means that Colorado is getting more liberal. Some 25 years ago, we were a major rep stronghold (well it seemed that way). I would guess that Colorado was ~50 republican in ’79.

              2. Many of these conservatives are Democrats in Adams County and Pueblo.  Of that 41% plurality, I’d say only about 25% of them are actually Republicans.  That leaves 15% of conservative Dems and independents who will vote Dem despite having a good consevative to vote for in the GOP.  That’s why this state is so damn difficult to project and typify.  It’s not a red state, it’s not a blue state, it’s not a purple state, is a conservative state with conservative values but an absolutely head-spinning voting record.  We’re so weird, here.  In most conservative states you vote GOP and that’s the end of it.  But Colorado has to be so damn independent.  We’ll bring conservatism to the dance, but we end up dancing with the Dems just as much as the GOP.

                Would you agree with that?

    1. Jesus Christ is truly the Son of God, and I do hope he is, I believe the so called Conservative Christians who adore the Dobson types, the Falwells, the Haggards et al will truly have to pay for distorting everything good Jesus tried to do into hate filled intolerance.

      It absolutely sickens me to see the loving nature of what Jesus tried to do in bringing down the greedy, hatemongers of his time (who were far too willing to let the poor starve, the different be tortured, and the children be mistreated) distorted by the hate filled greedy, sanctimonious Pharisees of today who call themselves Christians, particularly those who call themselves value voters when what they really are is hate and intolerance voters who worship at the altar of a hatred of anyone who is different.

      No matter how hard Reagan, or Bush, or Atwater or Rove have tried to push the notion that greed is a Christian value, it isn’t.

  5. go tom go-

    Hunter/Tancredo 2008

    Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo, the anti-immigration crusader, told the crowd that Miami was becoming a “third-world country” and that America was becoming a “linguistic and cultural tower of Babel.”

  6. What the corporate media have failed to acknowledge, and yet we all know, is that the 2008 Bush budget is more of the same, failed over-expenditures on the national security state and wars, and on favorable treatments of his cronies. The budget does not get serious about critical issues of the day, notwithstanding the platitudes Bush has mouthed about “compromise”, “energy independence”, “health care reform”, and others. Actions and numbers speak louder than words, and it is evident in Bush’s budget proposals. We must stop and reverse this budget dead in its tracks, for myriad reasons.

    “Money for nothing, and your chicks for free” – Dire Straits
    “Let them eat war” – Bad Religion
    “We can fight for democracy at home, and not in some foreign land” – Billy Bragg

    The 2008 Bush budget proposals can be boiled down thusly for the bottom 90 percent of Americans: let them eat war, and pay taxes while receiving no benefits. The mainstream “liberal” media has spent less time and print space (one day and several print pages in the Chicago Tribune and USA today, and probably 30-60 seconds on the TV news) analyzing this budget disaster and potential alternatives than it has on the Anna Nicole Smith media circus and Britney Spears bizarre behavior.

    Anyone care to argue the point?

  7. American Respect is a not-for-profit organization that believes invading Iraq has increased global terrorism, is costing thousands of lives, (and literally trillions of tax dollars) and is increasing energy costs.

    They believe the US should take a very different approach to addressing this problem. Their principles for reducing terrorism are:

    Pursue true terrorists such as al Qaeda by eliminating training camps, preventing arms smuggling, freezing financial assets and apprehending terrorist leaders.

    Find balanced solutions in sensitive areas which foment terrorism by rebuilding international coalitions. Violence in regions like Chechnya, Kashmir and especially Palestine directly and adversely affects the entire Muslim world.

    Decrease our profile in Iraq and use international coalitions to lead a march toward guaranteed rights, limited government and democratic representation. Further recognize that Iraq was arbitrarily assembled in 1919 from three ethnically and religiously different Ottoman provinces, and that a peaceful solution may require a return, either partly or fully, to this pre-1919 arrangement.

    Build up the economies of Muslim countries with the goal of creating a larger middle class in each. If abject poverty is a breeding ground for terrorism, then creating broad prosperity is a key part of the solution–especially in the areas of trade and land reform. And success in the economies of any Muslim country–from Morocco to Indonesia–is positive for stability and peace throughout the region.

    Establish a tone of goodwill in policies and actions toward these nations and their growing and increasingly global populations.

    This represents a logical approach to an increasingly illogical and dangerous administration.

  8. This is another liberal media-engineered misconception about me. I know genteel Coloradans aren’t looking for some arrogant, potty-mouthed braggart to lead the Republican Party back to glory, like I told Marty Sprenglemeyer earlier this week. They want a nice, church-going, well fed guy whose pleasant disposition makes you feel completely comfortable leaving him with your wife and teenage daughter in an East Colfax motel overnight. And folks, I’m here to tell you today that I am very, very well fed.


  9.   Anyone else hear about that evil witch, Ann Coulter’s, latest screed at the national conservative issues conference last night? 
      While at the podium lavishing praise upon “Multiple Choice Mitt,” she saw some need to refer to John Edwards as a “faggot.” 
      Romney has not exactly denounced Coulter for her remarks although he did issue a limp statement distancing himself from Coulter and saying that all people deserve to be treatment with dignity.
      Although I’m an unaffiliated voter and I will probably be voting in the GOP primary next year (as long as Rudy is still in the running), I do feel the need to make at least a small financial donation to the Edwards campaign….in honor of Ann Coulter, of course! 

    1. It was despicable.  But don’t drag Romney into it.  Coulter is over-the-top and she’s responsible for her own whacky statements.  Do you intend on getting Romney’s disapproval for everthing stupid she says now that he’s got her quasi-endorsement?  I think Mitt already did distance himself from her before her speech.  Romney said, “Ann Coulter’s next.  Alright!  It’s always nice to have a moderate in the house.”  It’s funny because clearly she’s not a moderate.  Mitt was calling her fringy without offending her fans in attendance.

      Faggot is a nasty word, I wouldn’t use it, but it’s lost it’s effect.  Kids use it regularly without any reference to homosexuality.  Edwards is a dandy, but you simply don’t talk trashy, gratuitously using words like faggot, when there’s no need.  It has nothing to do with homosexuality and everything to do with Trashy Ann.

      1. Mitt Romney sought Ann Coulter’s endorsement well after she has disgustingly smeared the widows and family members of 9/11 victims. I guess embracing one of the most cartoonish demagogues in the country is one way to shed the reputation of being a political opportunist with no principles.

        Don’t apologize for Mitt. You lay down with dogs…….

        1. Do you think I’m condoning Couler?  She’s terrible for political discourse in this country.  And Mitt Romney would certainly never say the f-word.  Neither has Mitt gone for Coulter’s endorsement.  It has gotten to the point where Coulter’s endorsement hurts a man more than it helps.

          Mitt is a powerful, conservative candidate.  So it’s only natural that the media and left-wing blogs will go after him.  But this is not Mitt’s gaffe.  It shouldn’t even be part of the conversation.  Mitt Romney has a history of being an inclusive, non-bigoted sort of Republican.  Ann Coulter has not.  I love Romney for many of the same reasons I love Reagan and can’t stand Coulter.  And, it seems, the same goes for my countrymen.

          1. How out of character for him….in addition to being contrary to reports.  Of course, all reports could be false and your (somewhat pollyanna) opinion could be true.  People will have to weigh the possibilities of either scenario.

          2. I am curious. How do you claim to know him when you were born in 83? I have known a few that knew him and they said various things about him (and a few that have known W).
            From what I heard, he probably would not use it in a nasty context, but he was prone to saying some blue jokes about anything and everything; And I would guess that it included race and sex. To r’s credit, he at least kept a sense of humour about him. It seems these days that if a joke is the least bit blue, it causes problem.

            1. …I’m older than that.  But, you’re right, I didn’t know him so well when he was in office.  It doesn’t seem quite Reaganesque to say faggot. But, if you say so, I’ll trust you.  And he did keep a fine sense of humour about him.  His jokes were racey, but not malicious.  That’s what makes him so different from Coulter.  She’s got issues, clearly.

              1. I was born in ’80.  Geez!  You think I’m a 24-year old professor and father of three??  No way!  Yikes!  I’m 27–which is plenty young, I’d say. 

                1. Let’s review. You are making $60,000 annually at CU, wokring as an”adjunct” political science professor and a technican at Norlin. You are 27 years old and a “good buddy” of Hank Brown.  Something doesn’t smell right.  What are your professional credentials?

                  1. After graduating from CU with a BA and MS at CU, I decided to stay on.  After the Hoffman hoo-ha happened, I was lucky enough to work a bit with Dr. Brown on some university stuff.  And my GOP work puts us often together on various party things.  I’m pretty ambitious.  While my peers were getting drunk and getting it on, I was knocking on doors in precincts and meeting guys like Bob Beauprez and working myself into the party’s woodwork.  It’s paid off too. 

                    1. and I never heard anyone call him “DR.” brown.  He doesn’t have a doctorate, unless you want to count his law degree.  On a college campus, a Juris Doctor is never called “Dr.” because that term is reserved for the Ph.D.  You sure you are a college prof.  Of course, I was adjunct at CU many years myself, with just a masters.  But I have a hard time believing you know Hank well and still call him “Dr.”

                    2. IIRC, when he took over at UNC, a lot of profs were uncomfortable. So they rewarded (not awarded) him with an honorary. I do have to admit that I find it funny to call somebody dr unless they are md or real phd. But these days, they offer up Masters without a thesis (weird to me) and even the doctoral work being done by some PhDs is far less that what was required back in the 70s/80s.

                      With that said, Part of me believes that Hank has earned his PhD in light of UNC and CU.

                    3. With those stunning GOP results last November?  The party’s woodwork is akin to the woodwork on the Titanic, largely because of the dolts that populate the woodwork.  And now you, a self professed conservative, drink from the public trough at the most liberal and least enlightened university in the state.

                      And the Hoffman Hoo-Ha is more accurately called the Corrupt Athletic Department Hoo-Ha.

                    4. You claim to have two jobs at CU and are making $60,000 a year. Are you claiming that these positions are poltical appointments?  What is the MS in?
                      How are you qualified for the high paying job at Norlin?

                      The term “adjunct” professor usually means someone hired on a contract basis to teach one or two courses.  “Adjunct” is not faculty or tenure track. Such professors are used a lot at UCD and Metro and it is not seen as very satisfactory because the instructors are not paid very much. 

                      I think who bloggers are, their personal history, their occupation and employers, are their own business. But, you chose to make a big deal about your association with CU/Boulder. As a member of the CU alumni, I can not let that pass without some kind of explanation which makes sense. So far, not so much. 

                    5. He was responding to my inaccuracy about him (for some odd reason, I had it in my mind that he was from 83; I must have miss-read or miss calculated something that he said). I seriously doubt that he meant to open up this amount, but got cornered. In fact, a certain amount of anonymity  is almost required here. He has said things that I have certainly appreciated that he said, but I could imagine could get him in trouble with others. Speaking of his close associations was probably a mistake. I know that I have said too much about my past and associations, that could get me into trouble elsewhere (lost friendships; possible prevention of future jobs) if a few ppl were reading and researching this list.

                      While I have certainly been curious (and more so now),  I would not be surprised if he chooses to stay anonymous. Besides in his case, if you really wanted to figure it out, you can Google it and probably reduce it to about 1-3 ppl.

                    6. You are absolutely right about bloggers being able to post and maintain their privacy. My concern with this Dr.DHGLQ goes back months when he or it or whatever first started posting and named himself as  a CU professor and also working at Norlin….by so doing, he reflects on that institution….

                      My real concern is not that he is who he says he is….but that he is not…

                      .I can’t shake the notion that there is something very artificial about the construct and that various notions are simply being test run, here….under the guise of someone claiming to be associated with CU/Boulder…

                2. for one so young to be so closed-minded, so intolerant and willing to praise the likes of Reagan.  Do you know how many thousands of innocent natives of Central America were slaughtered by those supported and paid for by Mr. Reagan’s goon squads of the Americas? 

                  What part of your Christianity does the slaughtering of innocents come under anyway? 

                  I learned early on that Jesus said, “Whatever you do to the least of me, you do to me” and the “Blessed are the peacemakers, for THEY are the children of God.”  What part of Christianity says it is OK to kill because the people are poor and brown skinned and no one will notice?

                  Please let me know what part of the Reagan administration was Christian and loving?  I was a young adult and the hate filled greed of the Reaganites is second only to that of Bushco war and hate mongers for oil.

                  And btw I really have to laugh at those of you insisting that poor Christians are being persecuted here in the USA.  What a pathetic distortion so bullies like Coulter and O’Reilly can get their way and a lot of money for spreading hate.  The entire list of presidents have been white Christian males; most of Congress and the Supreme court are Christian (and when a Muslim gets voted in, some Christians go off the deep end).  This country is bullied by the Christian right…..
                  and sadly, Jesus was NEVER a bully. 

                  How do you justify those who would distort his love to justify the murder and mayhem for greed?

                    1. They will not respond.  Rarely do those throwing around their “Christianity” in public, using it like some kind of a club, respond.  If they feel they cannot bully you, they back off cause they simply cannot justify the actions of someone like BUSH or Reagan.

                      As well, anyone who used a handle saying Dobson has God-like qualities is either someone trying to spoof us all  to get things going, a non-thinker.  No way will I believe anyone with an IQ over 80 can possibly admire that child abusing, animal abusing man and then expect people to take them seriously. 

                      I have been to Focus and see the Stepford Men and Women and it is a truly pathetic site indeed.

                    2. I’ve never said a word about my faith (whatever it may be) here. 

                      I do know that Christ wasn’t a bitter, pompous angry, deluded goof like either of you.

                      Reagan didn’t defeat Ortega militarily, his own people threw him out into the street where he belonged with an election.  Notice how his message has changed since then.  Now he speaks of Christ, and forgiveness. 

                    3. speaking to the person who goes by the handle of Dr. Dobson Has………. etc.  Cannot even bring myself to say it, it is so nauseating to assign some low life like Dobson as having qualities that are supposed to be associated with decency and goodness.

                      And learn the real history. 

                      Reagan and his cronies set up NED, a cover for a group of CIA operatives whose job it was to overthrow governments, interfere in the elections of people not deemed “suitable” to the United States. 

                      Drink the Koolaid all you want.  Ronald Reagan and his policies were responsible for the deaths of thousands whose only crime was wanting to decide for themselves who should be their leaders.

                    1. Some of them do it at the request of a Higher Calling, like the UN, or because they feel the poor peoples’ pain.  They’re okay.

                    2. What are you implying, my dear friend Lauren? Has history demonstated innocent deaths on both, or rather all sides of the aisles. Of course! Speaking for myself, I decry, impugn, citicize, damn and ask for the removal of all such miscreants. Don’t you?

    2. And also notice how most conservatives around the blogosphere, and your’s truly (not known to be the toughest advocate for the gay community) have soundly condemned Coulter’s comments.  It was wrong and conservatives aren’t afraid to say so.

      But where is the consistency on the left? When John Edwards’ bloggers leveled disgusting comments towards Christians, everybody here simply tossed forward the First Amendment as an excuse.  Some defended the comments; others ignored them.  Or what about when the left-wing blogs were filled with death-wishes to Cheney the other day from rabid, America-hating liberals?  No condemnation here (and I suspect a select few participated on the Death to Cheney virtual rally).

      The problem, or should I say the reason, few in America take the ACLU or the various gay advocacy groups seriously, is their inconsistency.  The Left always hyperventillates when somebody goes off on blacks or gays or whatever token group is attacked.  But why is Christianity fair game?  The bigotry I’ve seen here, alone, has been saddening and despicable.  Add to that presidential bloggers and the media, and you have an anti-Christian cocktail that is much more powerful than some windbag’s f-word.

      It’s kind of like the idea that the more intensely people rail against gays the more likely it is that they are themselves homosexual.  The more the left gets all out of sorts about supposed anti-gay bigotry, the more likely it is that they themselves are hiding a vicious anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-semitic bigotry.  It’s easy to condemn us big, bad, meany-weany conservatives and our tacit bigotry when you’re hate-mongering closet is bursting at the seams.  These few leaks from the Edwards team or the media are only letting off steam.  When the whole thing bursts you’ll see how venomous is the left.

      1. I have never seen someone cling to the mantra of Victim as loudly and unabashedly as you. 

        Christians are so mercilessly victimized in this country….that’s why they’e never achieved any sort of power or influence.  They are always marginalized.  One day…….far off, surely,…a Christian may be elected to office, or be on television, or be a billionnaire.  That day seems too far off now to imagine, doesn’t it?  Keep the faith, some distant day, it may happen.  Until then, FIGHT THE POWER!

  10. A big one.

    Submitting a claim for a staggering $77 billion, the city of New Orleans joined tens of thousands of would-be plaintiffs who rushed to beat a Thursday deadline to alert the Army Corps of Engineers that they may sue for losses resulting from the levee breaches after Hurricane Katrina.

    Also joining the queue were Entergy New Orleans, the city’s bankrupt electrical utility, which is seeking $655 million, and the New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board, which put in a claim of about $460 million, spokesmen for the agencies said….

    Until recently, the idea of suing the Army Corps of Engineers was dismissed by most lawyers as a non-starter. They pointed to a 1928 federal law immunizing the corps from lawsuits stemming from its flood-control projects.

    But early last month, U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval ruled that the corps has no such protection when it comes to lawsuits over problems caused by its navigation projects.

    That decision kept alive a 2006 lawsuit filed against the corps by WDSU-TV anchor Norman Robinson, a Lower 9th Ward couple and two St. Bernard Parish residents, and raised prospects of success of similar cases.

    1. “Billions of dollars in federal aid hasn’t rebuilt our city, so we’ll try to soak the government for some more.”

      Sorry, folks, but dollars don’t rebuild anything.  You actually have to WORK for it.  What a concept.

      1. Certainly not the Billions spent on Iraq under “Heck of a job Brownie” Bush and their Republican mismanagers.

        Of course dollars are needed to rebuild anything. That statement is just stupid. I’ve built everything from birdhouses to 40,000 sq. ft. structures….and not once have I done it for free.

        Do you think that the people of New orleans, an American City, who owned property and maintained it for generations, haven’t put any work into that? Do you disagree that FEMA should exist? Do you disagree with disaster relief? Do you disagree with property insurance?

        Do you have any clue as to how the world works, my friend?

        1. But a pile full of bills in itself doesn’t do crap.  Especially when all you’re doing is pointing blame in addition to stockpiling funds for God-knows-what. 

          Hurricane cleanup is ugly.  I know.  I rode my bike yesterday through a beach town and along a torn-up stretch of road that, after 3 1/2 years of cleanup, still looks like a hurricane went through.  I slept on my couch for 6 months because the roof above my bedroom with the gaping hole in it wasn’t exactly on the priority list.  I met folks from Mississippi a few weekends ago, and they’re in the same boat after Katrina.

          Yet no one is suing the Corps of Engineers.  Hell, here in NW Florida, we had reason to – years back they did a bunch of construction on the barrier island for the bases, which in turn made them, and the mainland across the sounds and bays, more susceptible to hurricane damage. 

          No, we sucked it up, rolled up our sleeves, and got to work.  Just like the people in Mississippi, and just like thousands before have done after hurricanes. 

          Of course, the beauty of it is that it’s absolutely perfect evidence of what happens to a city and society after decades of corrupt nanny-statism by Democratic populists.  Because that’s the ONLY variable. 

          1. He did the “fly by” just like his son. It was Clinton who went to work and upgraded FEMA and Jeb Bush who, I understand, did a good job with hurricanes, before and after, in Florida.  Although, I would grant you would know that better than I.

            Maybe it helps a state if their governor is a Republican (read: Florida and Miss) as opposed to a Democrat (read: LA)  I also think it makes a difference if it is a major city which is crippled as opposed to resort towns…

            The Army Corps of Engineers are locked in the  50s mindset that Nature is always something to be tamed, not understood.  Whereever they have done flood control work, they have set up for different flood castrophes….someone should sue the Corps….they destroyed the wetlands which had protected New Orleans from hurricane “surges.”

    2. government because they live 15 feet under sea level, next to a godamn ocean, and got flooded.
      Fucking typical.
      It is the Army Corps fault that the levees broke……..
      Surprised that they don’t try and blame Bush for the flood…….
      Oh wait they did………

      I suppose The Bravely Running Away one supports this garbage….

      1. That had Bush played it cool, he’d have $500 Billion that could have gone into our country, for our citizens (prior to Katrina New Orleans was considered a crown jewel of America’s cities), rather than wasting it in the deserts of Iraq. Priorities and Planning, Baby! That’s what good government is all about. Oh wait, it’s been 6 years since we had any good government. What was I thinking?! More briken promises and mismanagement that hurts Americans.

      2. Way back when Andy Jackson fit the Battle of NO, it WASN’T below sea level.  No levees to speak of, no Corp of Engineers.  Lots and lots of land between NO and the Gulf.

        Time goes by.  We change the flow of the Mississippi, we pump oil out of all that natural barrier which caused it to sink, and slowly NO became vulnerable.  There isn’t a year or a date when all of a sudden folks say, “Holy mackeral dere, Andy, we best be shuffling off to Buffalo.”

        Some would say that living in NO is less of a hazard to one’s health than riding a MC…..and they would be right.

      3. Way back when Andy Jackson fit the Battle of NO, it WASN’T below sea level.  No levees to speak of, no Corp of Engineers.  Lots and lots of land between NO and the Gulf.

        Time goes by.  We change the flow of the Mississippi, we pump oil out of all that natural barrier which caused it to sink, and slowly NO became vulnerable.  There isn’t a year or a date when all of a sudden folks say, “Holy mackeral dere, Andy, we best be shuffling off to Buffalo.”

        Some would say that living in NO is less of a hazard to one’s health than riding a MC…..and they would be right.

    1. I quickly counted the repetitive words he used during this snippet:  America – 10, Family – 4, Strength – 7, God – 3, March – 2.

      Where is the compassion for people in the Republican party leaders?  Why are they obsessed with showing our strength throughout the world? 

      1. One can almost see Dobby whacking in front of the television.  I mean neither to be crude or denigrate you, Dobby, but it’s about the only adjunct activity I can see that would get you so excited. 

        I once interacted a lot with some fundies on a wheelchair project.  Wonderful people, doing true Christian work.  In fact, they were in Afghanistan while still under the Taliban fitting people into wheelchairs.  Much better than bombs, no?

        Anyway, I noticed that numerous certain words and phrases were like drugs.  Throw in some “Father God”‘s, “prayerfully”‘s, etc. in conversation and prayer and I could almost feel the religious erections popping up.

            1. I’ve got my buddies Mark Foley and Ted Haggard over and we’re watching secret films of Mitt crossdressing in feather boa and sequins while reading from the Book of Mormon.  Foley brought along some of his transcripted IM chats but nobody seems terribly into them at the moment.  Teddy wanted to give Mike Jones a call but my wife thought it’d be too inappopriate for the kids.  You know how it is with gay gettogethers and the wife.  It’s worse than when I have my straight friends over to watch football. 

              Well, I gotta go.  Tim Gill’s at my door.  He’s wearing a Mitt ’08 onesy bathing-suit and he’s got Jared Polis with him.  Bipartisanship, you know. 

  11. The right wingers — and their leader, George Bush — would rather send other people’s kids to war. Mike Stark is at CPAC and notes the glaring absence of military recruiters among the pro-war set:

    There are no military recruiters here. No United States Marine Corps. No Army, no Navy, no Air Force or National Guard – hell, not even the Coast Guard is here. Thousands and thousands of College Republicans, but not a single recruiter in sight…

    Even the military knows that recruiting at an event like CPAC would be a waste of time.

  12. China is hugely dependent on Iran for its energy needs, or else the rapid industrialization and modernization envisioned by the Chinese elite will come to a sputtering halt. U.S. war moves against Iran threaten China’s lifeblood. Stock markets, being very future-oriented, pick up on rumors of war very quickly and the Shanghai Stock Exchange acted accordingly.

    The Chinese didn’t cause markets to fall: the main factor is U.S. economic and foreign policy. The elements of a global recession – or worse – have been in place for some time now. As one commentator presciently put it:

    “A US housing market in sharp decline; rampant speculation in a bubble-like mania in China; growing clouds of war over Iran. These are the elements of the gathering ‘perfect storm.'”

    Years of living beyond our means, combined with our imperial delusions and the prospect of a war that would send oil prices skyrocketing, triggering a global economic meltdown – that is what has sent the markets spinning, and threatens to destroy our economic system.

    Capitalism, contrary to the popular leftist myth, doesn’t cause wars: indeed, capitalism is the antithesis of war. Yes, some profit from war – the war industries, and their economic satellites. If the American Enterprise Institute sold stock, they’d be right up there with Google. It doesn’t matter that their intellectual stock – as predictors and policymakers – is at an all-time low, what with the Iraq war disaster and growing public opposition to our crazed foreign policy. What matters is that those in power – in the White House, and Congress – are buying it.

    Markets fell precipitously in the run-up to war with Iraq, and they are doing the same as war clouds gather on the Iranian horizon. As the U.S. colossus goes lumbering after its latest victim, and world markets are shaken, we can expect more of the same. The Iraq War Crash is coming down on our heads – but hey, if you own Halliburton stock, or perhaps Lockheed, you don’t have a lot to worry about.

        1. Here’s the Reuters story on it.  He has to file with the SEC, so it’s public info.

          I just wish Moveon would quit beating the war drum against Iran just so he can make a profit from his blood money.

            1. …need to explain the hypocritical position Soros is in?


              I’m making the argument that the military industrial complex conspiracy that so many lefties live in is ignorant of reality.

                1. but you’ve completely missed the point.  It’s not a conspiracy other than he wants to make money.  Just like the other stockholders do.  But somehow, when he buys the stock, it’s not some sort of new world order bullshit conspiracy that lefty (yes, FAR lefty) goofballs like you whine about.

                  You think MoveOn or Air America will start turning his money down now that he’s a war profiteer?

                1. You are hilarious.  Is ‘crap’ showing you facts rather than platitudes?  Or is it simply disagreeing with you.

                  Oh – it must be time for you to call me ‘boy’ again and tell me how you’d slap me if you saw me. Hey, it beats having to argue substance, right?

                  1. I truly appreciate my wing nit frineds opinions. My question is, where is your substance? A breakdown of the defense busget was just provided. Don’y you understand? What facts have you shown me? I’m happy to debate facts, sir. Again, where is your substance?

                    1. What in the hell are you talking about?  Were we dealing with the defense budget? No. We were talking about a private citizen investing $64 million in a defense contractor that nearly every one of his pet causes vilifies as being the key to a (nonexistent) conspiracy.

                      This is really very rich that this is so over your head.

                    2. Let’s start from the top. I write a blog attempting to explain a key tie between China, Iran, the stock markets and foreign policy nuances. You change the subject and accuse MoveOn of banging war drums. I challenge that and you challenge the “myth” of the military industrial complex. I point out that there is a $739B defense industry, and provide a link, and you ask me “Were we talking about the defense budget, no we were talking about a private citizen….blah, blah.

                      The fact is, Laughing Boy, you took us off topic with your “platitudes,” which, the definition is:

                      a banal statement: a pointless, unoriginal, or empty comment or statement made as though it was significant or helpful

                      I would politely suggest your comments fit that definition to a tee.

                      Have a nice day:-)

                    3. But you’re still missing my point.  After all of that. I’ll try to diagram it for you:

                      1. Your ilk (screeching, whiny, socialist-leaning, anti-American (yes, just embrace it), faux intellectual elitist liberals) decry a military industrial complex that is the root of all things evil, and complicit in anything bad happening anywhere in the universe.

                      2. George Soros funds many venues to raise the visibility of  folks with the aforementioned personality profile as though most people actually cared or believed what you thought about the world we live in.  Without his money, MoveOn, Air America, etc. would simply cease to exist because very few people want to advertise on them or support them.

                      3. A prominent talking point on many of these outlets is the evil that is Halliburton.

                      4. As it turns out, Soros has invested almost $65 million in said evil company.

                      5. I seem to be missing his name on some sort of ‘liberal blacklist’ as an evil person that is profiting from war, and by owning so much stock in a defense contractor, undoubtably influencing the government through existing back channels to go to war with random countries (that are not a threat to anyone and have rivers of chocolate and butterflies on every street corner) simply to increase their stock value.

                      6. You ignore this inconsistency and actually use the word “nuance” when describing one of your free-association, random, lost-in-the-sixties rants.

                      If you miss it this time, I’m going to have to go to the hand puppets.


  13. Now that Al Gore has won the Academy Award and his success has become a threat to the GOP Puppet Party and its corporate masters, the Republican propaganda machine has gone into high gear in its attempt to smear him as a Green hypocrite. The charge: he has two houses, drives cars, and travels.

    Of course, George W. Bush and more Republicans than Democrats have two houses, drive cars, and travel. The difference is Al Gore pays for the pollution caused by his houses, cars, and airplanes by buying carbon shares; that is, giving a calculated amount of money to environmental causes to offset the pollution he is causing.

    If everyone did this, we would have zero sum pollution.
    Of course the Republicans, ever concerned about the plight of poor people, as their legislative record suggests (not), complains that Gore can afford to cover his pollution costs, but others can’t. In their warped, propagandistic minds, this make Gore a bad guy.

    Nonsense. This is how Gore deals with personal pollution, because he can afford it. For those who can’t, his film and the books of others suggest many, many ways the individual can deal with personal pollution. No one has ever said buying carbon shares is the only way to fight pollution. To imply so suggests how desparate and fearful the GOP machine is of Gore and his ideas.

    I live in a house, my wife and I drive a car, and travel. This year we’re buying $300 worth of carbon shares to offset our personal pollution. If you’re interested in considering doing the same, google buying carbon shares.

    1. won’t solve the Navier-Stokes equations.  Google that, and you’ll understand the folly of the attempt to use computational fluid dynamics to predict the behavior of the atmosphere decades into the future.

        1. I’ll work on my succinctness:-) Appreciate the comment.

          I realize $300 isn’t much. Drops of rain do fill a bucket, though. Every little bit helps.

      1. Some of the neatest pictures. A wonderful sight that reawakened my eye and photo interests….not to mention again admitting how little Science I know. Thanks, HRM:-)

  14. Hi;

    I just hit CP for the first time today and wow – 55 posts for the weekend thread. So I looked for the top 4 posters who between them are 65% of all the posts:

    13 – DDHGLQ
    9 – Sir Robin
    7 – One Queer Dude
    7 – windbourne

    And a lot of it is irrelevant argument IMHO. Did Reagan every say “faggot?” Who cares. He clearly choose to ignore AIDS for years until forced to address it by Nancy, Dr. Koop, and others. That is the key point on that topic – that he ignored the issue while people were dying.

    – dave

    1. It reminds me of dreams, and the soundtrack was more to my liking than David’s YouTube piece. Thanks to both of you. Nice contributions:-)

  15. Most recent issue arrived and they are switching from every week to every 2 weeks. It has seemed a lot less relevant to me over the last couple of years and I guess I’m not the only one. This is almost certainly the begining of a death spiral for it.

    Too bad – there is a need for a good opinion magazine on the left. But TNR is no longer it.

    1. There is still the nation, mother jones, atlantic (sometimes), New Yorker, and Salon.

      TNR may become a strictly online magazine ala Salon. I still read there articles online, and while it may not be as relevant as it was 2 yrs ago it still piques my interests on occasion, much like the others I mentioned.

  16. This is Israel’s entry into the 2006 Eurovision contest, Eddie Butler.  Butler actually immigrated to Israel from Chicago before he converted to Judaism.  When I’m in Israel he’s all over the radio and tv.  Great guy.  He does lots of charity work for the region’s poor children.  There are hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian immigrants in Israel and more coming every day.  They come with only the clothes on their back and his charity work is vital.  And, by the way, he can sing, too.

  17. Because a friend invited me to sit at her table (gratis), I just got back from the Jefferson-Jackson dinner.  It was the first one I’ve ever been too, but people said it was the largest ever (just under 2000 people).

    Anyway, Romanoff was funny with his “Cheney” Award, a nod to the Oscars.  The award goes to one who exhibits outrageous hubris and/or yeoman-style stupidity (I don’t remember all of the qualifications).

    The Nominees were:

    Marilyn Musgrave for “Little Miss Sunshine”

    Tom Tancredo for “Desperado”

    Janet Rowland for “Brokeback Mountain”

    The surprise winner was George W. Bush for “Apocalypto.”

    Overall, the dinner was great…..why, you ask?……because seating was at 7, and the whole thing was over before 9.  That is the definition of success.  Also, Pelosi wasn’t bad.  She gave several plaudits to Colorado folks, said we need to focus on getting terrorists in Afghanistan, scale back in Iraq, train soliders, etc. 

    Still, political dinners are exhausting……how on earth do people do this all time?!

  18. Latest I am hearing is that there is a desire by the R majority on the CU Regents to name Lynne Cheney President of CU When Hank is finished.  She is after all, a Grad.

    1. when they push for “rumsfeld” or “browny” for the job. No doubt that Owens would be pushing for one of them if he was still gov.

  19. Gonna have to change my handle to “HildabeastSlayer”.
    Got my new Harley Street Glide…..
    110 cubic inches of fuckinay!
    Time to sell the Titan

      1. Now you’ve done it.  You’ve fired up the Gecko with the lowest blow of all, mentioning something not related to Colorado politics 😉

      2. around Harley motorcycles. It comes standard on all models built after 1903.
        Any and all Jap shit can’t get near them as bad as they want to.

          1. My new 110 inch Street Glide and/or my Titan will give any one of those rubber bands a real run for their money.
            And after say 10 years when my Titan blue books at $14000.00 and the top of the line Jap shit lists for maybe $2000.00, we’ll see who is laughing at who.
            wink wink nod nod

            My Dad used to call them rubberband/paperclips….zing em’ for a couple times and throw them away. Hence the other term disposable “Bic lighters”.

            1. A Harley is almost twice the displacement of a 1 liter Japanese engine and the HD will give the latter a “run for it’s money.”


              Hey, Harleys are wonderful machines, Gecko.  Nothing looks like them, sounds like them (75 degree out-of-sync firing), or yes, resale value.  But all those attributes don’t make them fast, especially in cornering. 

              It doesn’t matter what you or your father think about Japanese or German bikes.  They are built for different purposes. Other than some objective things like speeds, it’s all subjective.  And that means no one is right or wrong. 

  20. Max Blumenthal visited the PCAC. What a fascinating trip into the psyche of the conservative mind. Cognitive dissonance, projection, fallacious thinking, persecution, hatred, bigotry and back pedaling in all its glory. 

    This is the mindset that has dominated American politics, to its great detriment, for the last six years. There’s a lot to undue. The great distraction machine will be working overtime. We need to work double time.

    They don’t have the truth on their side….let’s make sure lies don’t rule.

  21. Earlier in the week, the WaPo had an astounding article. You may recall that there have been mass firings of United States Attorneys around the country, including two that had ongoing investigations into public corruption by Republican members of Congress?

    Well, it seems that a third member of the class of slaughtered US Attorneys may have also been fired in retaliation for his ethical conduct during a public corruption investigation.

    David C. Iglesias, the recently fired US Attorney in New Mexico, had an open public corruption investigation into a Democratic member of the state legislature.  He reports receiving calls from two Republicans from the Hill, asking him to speed up the investigation so he could indict before the November Elections.

    A political tempest over the mass firing of federal prosecutors escalated yesterday with allegations from the departing U.S. attorney in New Mexico, who said that two members of Congress attempted to pressure him to speed up a probe of Democrats just before the November elections.

    David C. Iglesias, who left yesterday after more than five years in office, said he received the calls in October and believes that complaints from the lawmakers may have led the Justice Department to fire him late last year.

    Evidently, Iglesias did not allow political pressure to alter the timetable of the investigation and is now paying the price. It should be noted that he made a mistake in not reporting these contacts to DOJ, but honestly now, in his shoes would you paint a target on your own back and “out” yourself to Alberto by alerting him to the fact that you have some ethics and scruples? Come on!

    1. This is something people can easily understand – attorneys being fired for investigating corruption.

      It’s like Bush wants 100% assurance that the Democrats will sweep in ’08 too. He just keeps on giving.

  22. Watching the National Football League the last two years often turned my stomach when a big game came around, for they always turned to the United States Armed Forces to strut cool hardware-often jets-right at the end of the national anthem in a crude, disquieting nationalism that somehow tied the violence of the sport into the admirable violence for US policy. The game, the fans, the conquest, the blood and death, it’s All-American mayhem time, baby!

    Even after the United States Army killed one of the league’s own, Pat Tillman, they never batted an eye as the Army repeatedly lied to Pat’s family about how he died, and to this day no one really knows what happened, so many officers lied. It’s far worse than a disgrace, it’s a poisoned knife in every moral and principle Pat ever stood for, but the League was as oblivious to the lying horror of the war as they were to the honor of Pat Tillman, flying over the jets, letting loose small field artillery, swooping in with helicopters as the big tits bounced and the violence commenced.

    One National Football League player of honor and integrity never went along with this foul charade, quarterback Jake Plummer of the Denver Broncos. A friend of Pat Tillman’s, Jake used his public position and dedication to Pat to become the Tillman family spokesman for anything they wished publicly said. The Tillman family had also needs the insulation in dealing with the foul US journalism corps and the lying US Army, too.

    Almost all of Jake Plummer’s peers are wealthy Republicans in a violent profession, the owners he plays for are often rabid corporatists and the league gaudily embraces nationalistic militarism whenever it can, but Jake Plummer, leader of the Denver Bronco offense in the highest-paid position the league, defied it all.

    The honor and sacrifice of Pat Tillman demands no less from Jake Plummer, and I will never forget this extraordinary behavior. Jake Plummer had a good career that never ascended to total quarterback stardom, but his behavior toward Pat Tillman and his family forever cements him as one of my favorites of all time. He’s the best man I’ve ever seen in the league, and he will not be forgotten, even though he retired today.

    Thank you, Mr. Plummer. Go in peace and may good fortune follow you always.

    h/t paradox

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