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March 02, 2007 01:35 AM UTC

"Let the Crap Flow"

  • by: Tyler Chafee

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

It seems that the press is still willing to uncritically print anything Dick Wadhams says.

As Colorado Media Matters notes:

In a March 1 article about political websites that “play dirty,” the Rocky Mountain News uncritically quoted likely incoming state GOP chairman Dick Wadhams as saying, “I probably would invite more of this from the other side, because I think it hurts them. So let the crap flow.” The News, however, failed to note Wadhams’ own widely reported use of dirty play in the 2004 U.S. Senate race in South Dakota between Republican John Thune and incumbent Democrat Tom Daschle.

In fact, Wadhams is a pioneer of dirty internet politics.  In 2004 he spent tens of thousands of campaign dollars manipulating blogs to trash his opponent.


33 thoughts on ““Let the Crap Flow”

    1. The crap that flows is what makes people despise politics. If we can get real discussion on issues I bet there would be an increase in participation. CMM is a useful tool in clearing up the subterfuge.

  1. I can’t believe this Dick Wadhams character.  Can you imagine paying shills to blog?  Unthinkable!

    How much does a paid shill blogger get these days?

      1. I don’t know.  I suspect it is more like work than we realize.  I’ve used beta test software before: crash, freeze, infinite loop.

      2. many years ago in Longmont.  His dad, as he got older, was always on him about playing those video games.

        Today he works for a video game company in Austin, creating and perfecting games.  Dad is eating humble pie. 

        A funny aside:  Since when he and my three daughters were littl they would often spend the night one house or the other.  Now they are all in their 30’s.  He grins and says, “Yeah, I’m the only guy that’s slept with all three of the ****** girls!”

        Well, I presume that’s the case.  Ouch.

    1. I think sometimes they pick pretty small issues to bitch about. But they are generally very clear about what they are unhappy with and all they do is repeat the stupid/inaccurate/bigoted statement some wingnut said.

  2. Bane claims Coloradopols “tries to weed out anonymous postings that make inflammatory charges with no proof. “We don’t want it to be a place where it’s character-assassination central,” Bane said.”

    This site is a hotbed of inflamatory charges with no proof.  But then again, we wouldn’t expect Media Matters/Coloradopols/Colorado Confidential to expose the lies of one of their own writers now, would we?

    Case in point: a recent post accused former Governor Owens of “funneling money through CNAC” (can’t remember what it stands for but a nonprofit group he raised money to several years ago for policy stuff) — (implication he used money from this organization for political purposes).  No evidence of any “funneling” of money I’m aware of.

    You have repeated countless make-believe accusations against Republicans and Republican groups by ProgressNow, Colorado Confidential and Clear Peak Colorado.

    But oh yeah, you guys helped write those stories too.  It’s a classic case of the fox guarding the hen house.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, Jason.

    1. There are plenty of posts without evidence on both sides so quit crying. When Ritter was running there were multiple character assassinations a day that had no merit and no evidence. They weren’t deleted. The GOP has an entire “news” network devoted to unbased attacks on Democrats… and you are whining about a blog? Give me a break.

      1. “research” network of which the Independence Institute is a member.  There are at least 45 other “research” groups like II putting out biased, partisan information nationally on a daily basis.

    2. Because this is just a private blog.  It is not TV, radio, or print that both reaches millions and is allegedly neutral.

      That’s why.

  3. but only the errors that help to affirm my deepest held beliefs. I’d wake up every day with a spring in my step and a smug smile on my lips. What a life!


    1. Someone should remember that when he officially becomes chair. “Dick has officially become chair of the Colorado GOP. Let the crap begin to flow!!!”

    1. he was named Dick? While it can be used for Richard, It is a proper name. and Richard can not be used Dick.

      And some people prefer it. Such as an Aurora Salesman whose name is Richard Crook. The bench would not fit Richard, so he had the choice of Rich or Dick. And he went with Dick.

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