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March 01, 2007 04:02 PM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

It’s not over the line, it’s how you feel.


47 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread


    Scott Yeldell resigned as City Council candidate Matt Fries’ campaign manager Wednesday night after misrepresenting his relationship withFries in a letter to the editor.

    In Yeldell’s letter, which ran Monday in the Coloradoan, he wrote that Fries had come to his door on a recent Saturday morning. Yeldell wrote that he “asked who he was, what he was running for and why he thought he should be elected.”

    Fries hired Yeldell late last year to run his campaign for the District 2 Fort Collins City Council seat, which is being vacated by the term-limited Karen Weitkunat. The district covers east Fort Collins. Lisa Poppaw is running against Fries.

    1. story:  “Fries said he had reviewed every coordinated campaign letter to the editor but did not see Yeldell’s. He knew his campaign manager was writing a letter but didn’t ask him to lie, Fries said Tuesday.”

      Why would Fries have to say he didn’t tell Yeldell to lie in the letter to the editor he was writing? That seems like such an odd comment. 

      Also, why did Fries read all the other “coordinated Campaign letter’s to the editor” but not Yeldell’s?  This is another one of those incidents that just doesn’t smell right.

      1. Interesting to note the poor grammar. The word is now that Matt Fries wrote the letter to the editor himself, and Scott Yeldell took the fall for him. That would help to explain the terrible grammar — Matt barely made it through high school. Maybe we can do better for city council than a liar who asks for cover for his own stupidity.

  2. Still won’t cover Pelosi appointment of William “It’s in the Freezer” Jefferson to Homeland Security. If this was a Republican appointment, the story would have been on this site yesterday.

      1. Jefferson will be  listening to our inner most secrets on Homeland Security.  How much will it cost to leak some of these secrets?  I figure the price is right around $95,000.

    1. Teaser to a Sebastian Junger article in Vanity Fair:

      “Could a bunch of Nigerian militants in speedboats bring about a U.S. recession? Blowing up facilities and taking hostages, they are wreaking havoc on the oil production of America’s fifth-largest supplier. Deep in the Niger-delta swamps, the author meets the nightmarish result of four decades of corruption.”


      From the article:

      “The problem isn’t purely a Nigerian one, either. Oil companies have long been thought to pay for the allegiance of local youth gangs, and Jomo claims that Agip offered to pay MEND $40 million in exchange for “repairs” to the company’s pipelines. (An Agip spokesman strongly denies any payment to or contact with MEND.) The American corporation Halliburton has admitted that its then subsidiary KBR paid $2.4 million in bribes to the Nigerian government and is under investigation for its role in earlier bribes totaling $180 million. And House representative William Jefferson, of Louisiana, is being investigated by the F.B.I. for allegedly accepting bribes from the vice president of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar. These were said to be in exchange for help steering lucrative business contracts to Africa. (Jefferson has denied any wrongdoing, despite the fact that the F.B.I. found $90,000 in cash in his freezer.)”

    1. I am sorry if that is bad news for Denver (is it?)
      But Opie Gone Bad is totally my favorite local band, and if it means seeing them play more often, I am all for that!
      Be still my heart…

  3.   I’m thinking about changing my ColoradoPols moniker. Among the possible “noms de plume” I’m considering are the following:
    1.  Ted Haggard’s Main Squeeze
    2.  Gecko’s Pet Goat
    3.  Homo Erectus Politicus Correctus
    4.  Mary Cheney Has Godess-like Qualities
      Any thoughts on these possibilities?  Any other suggestions?

                1. are suggesting that maybe I could fill in your blanks :)?

                  Not that I think you would ever have any blanks.

                  However, all you have to do is whistle.  You do know how to whistle don’t you Steve?

    1. Someone who doesn’t have any personal experience or sense of history – just a test they didn’t want to take.

      That happened to me just after I got into college; some loser decided he couldn’t face up to an Engineering exam, and every day that he had class, at around 8:45 in the morning, there would be a bomb threat causing evacuation of the building and cancellation of classes.  Between that and a serious electrical problem on campus that year, we almost had the quarter cancelled.

  4. Would it really surprise anyone here if we learned that “Iranian-made” Explosively Formed Penetrators weren’t made in Iran ?

    Yes, those diabolically deadly devices, insidiously inveigled into Iraq by the Quds Force, were in reality being manufactured within Iraq, with parts shipped from many places in the Middle East – but *not* Iran.  So sayeth The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.  Only two weeks ago, Administration official were “sure” that Iran was the source for these devices.  Just like they were “sure” that Saddam had reconstituted his nuclear weapons program.

    And people still wonder why we doubt and question our President and his Administration?

    1. He told us the Iranians were *selling* the EFPs, not that they were teaching the militias how to make them!  I must register my discontent with this over-exaggeration and outright-falsehood by writing a cliche in Sharpie on a piece of cardboard and dancing around downtown in dirty clothes and unwashed hair!

      1. To be serious, all during the cold war the FBI would find American companies selling restricted technology to the Russians. This didn’t mean that the US was officially supporting Russia.

        I’d say it’s pretty likely while there are people and companies in Iran happy to sell anything to the insurgents, it’s unlikely that the government is officially doing so.

        If this administration wants me to believe Iraq is officially doing this, I need to hear it from the one organization that was right about Iraq’s WMDs – the International Atomic Energy Organization.

        Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

        1. The economic and political situation of the US during the Cold War is roughly equal to the economic and political situation in modern-day Iran?

          Umm…  Not so much.  Al Quds ain’t exactly Blackwater.

          1. I’m saying if the U.S. couldn’t control what was shipped out of this country to Russia during the cold war, how can we expect Iran to have total control today?

            They have less control thaqn we had – and we had stuff being snuck out.

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