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February 28, 2007 04:10 PM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Before checking your stock portfolio this morning, write something happy.


50 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. Has anyone else seen the unbelievable waste of our tax dollars on I25 for Lamborn’s district office with his name in giant letters?!?  Not only is it a blatant violation of house rules  for a sign like that, but the fiscal conservative who is more conservative than any other is wasting our money as well. 

    Is Crank ready?!? 

  2. Owens administration asks that employees who received “bonus” checks for sick time dating back to 1999 ($40,000 in the case of Tom Norton) to keep the checks because it wasn’t their fault for the mistake the higher ups made?

    So, you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, and ask to keep it because it was just a little mistake?

  3. Curious story in the Ft. Collins city elections today. Young eager GOPer Scott Yeldell (Anne Yeldell’s son), campaign manager for council candidate Matt Fries and author of From the Desk Of…, got caught in about the stupidest lie ever. The Coloradoan says:

    Matt Fries’ campaign manager has apologized for misrepresenting his relationship with the City Council candidate in a letter to the editor.

    In Scott Yeldell’s letter, which ran Monday in the Coloradoan, he wrote that Fries had come to his door on a recent Saturday morning. Yeldell wrote that he “asked who he was, what he was running for and why he thought he should be elected.”

    Fries hired Yeldell late last year to run his campaign for the District 2 Fort Collins City Council seat, which is being vacated by the term-limited Karen Weitkunat. The district covers east Fort Collins. Lisa Poppaw is running against Fries.

  4. I’ve been gone a while so maybe this was addressed last week.  My search of ColoPols didn’t show that it was.  Sorry if this is old news.


    It would seem to be news when an arm of the Dem Party is attacked by one of the worlds best known tech billionaires. It would seem to be good news if you’re the parent of a child trapped in a failing public school.

      1. “We see this a lot — people from outside the world of education talking about how to fix things,” rebutted AFT spokesman John See.

        Hasn’t he heard: “Those who can, do; those who can’t teach (and those who can’t teach become administrators)”?  Jobs certainly is one of those who can (and does).  Anyone who has a stake in educating our kids ought to pay attention to what he has to say.

        Somehow I don’t think this will effect Apple sales to schools.

        1. Every time I hear that trite cliche is from someone hawking a pyramid scheme who dropped out, or never attended, college. It is usually followed up by the corporate structure is the real pyramid scheme.

            1. Democrat, union man, worshipped FDR because the New Deal saved his father’s ass. Until he met Nancy, and we all know the power of the ……

        2. I’m a person (soon to be formerly) from inside the world of education, and I can tell you from lots of first-hand experience that the vast majority of people in the world of education have their heads so far up their collective a– that we need some truly fundamental restructuring of that most vital of institutions, and particularly how it is *administered*. It is designed to select mediocrity for its teaching staff (and is actually often hostile to excellence, since excellence does not often correlate with inoccuousness, most superintendents’ and many principles’ absolute overriding criterion). At least in social studies, which is an orphan in education, the teachers on the hiring committees have no idea what excellence in their field would look like. The whole institution is geared toward the reproduction of mediocrity. Excessive resources are diverted toward the least motivated students, for the lowest returns, while above-average students are considered satisfactory and receive little attention, and therefore make little progress (there are programs for the very best, and I can’t comment on how well or poorly they are run). It’s a tragedy that few people are really aware of (all the attention is on marginal issues, rather than on the fundamental problems with how the institution is run), and that isn’t sexy enough for press coverage. We need a complete revolution in public education, and a vast increase in transparency.

          1. Let the parents select the school and a thousand flowers will bloom.  Kids will be better educated and professionalism will return to teaching.  I don’t expect to see it in my lifetime though.

            1. Parents can register their children in any colorado public school which has space. Denver parents have had the “choice option” for eleven years.  Tell me, how is that working out?

              1. Choice should include ANY school the parents want their children to attend. 

                Let me guess, you’re opposed to full choice since you’re afraid parents will choose to leave the public school system.  I have more faith in the ability of public schools to change.

        3. My mother was a teacher for decades, was revered by her students and peers alike.  I was a teacher for a few years out of college.

          Sure, there are duds in teaching, just like any profession.

          But that is a broad brush you are painting with, and might I add, damned unoriginal.  I can practically hear the “Yuk, yuk’s” eminating with your perceived clevernes..

      1. or is this another lefty smear?  I did a Google search and came up with nothing on Jobs personally.  There is a stock options investigation regarding John Lasseter at Pixar and questions about Jobs giving him special treatment at the time of the Disney buyout, but nothing on Jobs himself.  Help me out here.

        If you want to look at a “top-downer who says do as I say not as I do” check out this link. 


        Your boy sure walks the walk……NOT!

        1. Jobs used restricted Apple shares to pay off taxes, rather than use his own money. He’d rather take it out of the stake-holders pockets than his own.

          He’s ranked up with there Anschutz; using the company troth to pay for his own problems.

          1. He had some back-dated stock options and has come under SEC scrutiny because of them.  However, he never exercised the options and he no longer has them.

            1. What are your sources?  The options involve Lasseter not Jobs.  If anything, Jobs gave Lasseter favored treatment.  Nothing has been proved; no charges are pending.  You’re just turning on one of you own.

              1. I don’t even know what that is supposed to mean.

                However, it was widely reported that Jobs had been given back-dated stock options.

                There was no suggestion of wrong-doing on his part as he never exercised them and there is even some question that he even knew about them. 

                Nonetheless, the SEC was looking at it.

                I did not suggest that anything wrong was done, or that there was any kind of charges pending.

                I just pointed out that indeed there was an issue with the SEC.

          2. Okay, for the record I’m an Apple shareholder.  My IRA is up considerably over the last two years thanks, in large part, to Steve Jobs.

            I followed the link you posted to AppleInsider.  It doesn’t even allege that Jobs did anything wrong; where do you find malthusians?  Furthermore, it states “Therefore, the net-share settlement will have the effect of a share repurchase by the company — essentially Apple reinvesting in itself, which will reduce the number of outstanding Apple shares on the market.”  and since the share price was $64.66 on March 19, 2006 (the date of the transaction you are citing) versus today’s closing price of $84.61, the shareholders are better off by $90,000,000!!!!! 

            Who got hurt?!? 

            Wait a minute, I DID get hurt.  It was in January when you people took over the government.  It’s going to be a long four years!

            1. There was an article in Time a few weeks ago about Jobs and the new I-phone.  Basically says he made an oversight in exercising his options, but there was no intent to conceal anything or deceive anybody.  Tempest in a teapot.

              1. A tempest in a teapot.  But look at the beginning of this thread; the topic was his comments on public education and the teachers union.  Not liking a liberal leaving the reservation, a number of posters tried to disdredit him by citing a contrived options scandal. 

                I guess I took the bait, but I’m not going to let these aspersions go unchallanged.

    1. Yes there are outstanding teachers. And a lot of good teachers. And there are abd and atrocious teachers. It’s called the bell curve.

      But when you can’t fire anyone, it allows a much larger bump at the low end of the bell curve because someone incompetent is not going to leave for a job elsewhere where they can be fired.

      They have got to remove the worst performers. My idea is to require each district to fire 1% (or more) of their tenured teachers for 10 years.

      1. Political suicide, of course. 

        I recall some teachers even way back then who were basically babysitting and doing as little as they could. The admins should ask the kids what they think of the teachers.  They see through the bullshit.  And any teacher that the kids complain about at “Too hard”, they are the keepers!

  5. Wayne Williams, self-proclaimed “future first morman President”, has apparently dropped out of the 5th District Chairman race against Bob Balink.  He must have counted the votes and realized that his Lamborn endorsement has meant diddly squat and has no support across the district.  Is this another indication that Lamborn is suffering in the 5th? 

    1. See: http://www.coloradop

      Please post any information as you may have to the diary that’s above.  I was hoping Williams would commit hari kiri and have the heads up vote against Balink.  But, looks like Lamborn’s been disavowed by one of his main supporters whose cuttin’ and runnin’.  I’m sure Wayne’s wife will keep her job with Lamborn but you know Lamborn’s looking over his shoulder now as his supporters get the message that it’s not politically prudent to be hooked up with Lamebrain.

    1. A man that I once knew finally decided to get his life toghter and applied to RTD to be a driver.  He was put onto one of those private contractors, Trans something. 

      He was fired after a few months, he says because he kept insisting on safe vehicles and he always had safety issues.  This man may have had various problems, but lack of integrity was not one of them.  I believe him

      In a strange twist of fate, I was with a police officer one early AM because the alarm went off where I was working.  I heard on his radio about a possible suicide at a certain address.  It was my friend’s.  He was just so effin’ depressed at what had happened.  Thanks, private contractor!

        1. But a low number would be a lie. 

          Many.  Who knows?  Filler jobs between “real” jobs, Jobs that I quit because I was young(ish) and cocky, maybe the challenge was lost.  Trying out different things. Lots of self-employment and some independent contractor. Fired from some.

  6. After sending them into Hell’s Gate. ahem..:

    The Walter Reed story gets worse. It’s bad enough that the Army is now retaliating against the wounded veterans who were whistleblowers for their pathetic care. It’s even worse to find out that the Army has known about the poor conditions for three years and did nothing about it.

    Oh, and Donald Rumsfeld knew about it last October and did nothing about it either, but it was only a month before he was canned. GOP Representative Bill Young of Florida knew about the conditions as far back as 2004, (which means Rummy knew), yet never did anything about it. Any threat by Young for more oversight would have gotten attention, because Young was chair of the House Appropriations Committee at the time and could have dealt with this himself as a member of the House Army Caucus. But he was just too damn busy rubber-stamping whatever the Bush Administration wanted to ignore.

    But remember, the GOP cares about the troops.

    Let’s talk hypocrisy and warmongering for proft…ie, treason.

    1. . . . Jim Nicholson was on the PBS Newshour tonight (Feb 28), attempting to respond to concerns re: poor treatment of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Nicholson couldn’t seem to answer the most basic of questions – for example, why only 312 soldiers (out of tens of thousands injured) have been identified as having traumatic brain injury.  Supposedly the VA will begin TODAY screening all returning soldiers for such injuries, nearly 4 years after we invaded Iraq.  If you missed the show you can find audio for the segment at

      1. in the sixties.  Edited by Paul Krastner, I believe.  Frequently in court for obscenity.  So he printed up zillions of signs to include in the magazine.  “FUCK COMMUNISM.”

        They same people who typically hauled him into court didn’t know what to do.  You couldn’t say “Fuck” back then or put it on display.  On the other hand, they all agreed….

  7. The Snooze had a good one page article today on Colorado’s slipping in the tech race due to a lack of funding of higher education.  Sorry I don’t have a page or specifics, that paper went into a Delta airlines trash bag somewhere over a red state.

    They also discussed how states are either competing in the tech arena (all “blue” states, I might add)or they have a lesser educated workforce and rely on ag, extraction industries, and the like. 

    The baby of the “cut taxes!” movement firmly planted on our doorsteps.

  8. Or am I missing something?

    House and Senate call on purged attorneys to testify. “Democrats in both the House of Representatives and the Senate vowed to hold a new round of hearings to determine if partisan politics played a role in the firings of eight U.S. attorneys across the country. … The controversy flared up early Wednesday afternoon after David Iglesias, the departing U.S. attorney from New Mexico, told McClatchy Newspapers that he believes he was forced out because he refused to speed up an indictment of local Democrats a month before November’s congressional elections.”

    If true, this tramples on ethics, fair play and integrity…smell Republicans?

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