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February 27, 2007 04:23 PM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

We told you you’d be back.


32 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. President Bush reportedly met yesterday with Walid Jumblatt, a member of the Lebanese Parliament who has repeatedly called for U.S.-backed regime change in Syria.

    After visiting the White House, Jumblatt addressed the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute, which wields significant influence within the administration. “Many people say there won’t be a stable Lebanon without regime change in Syria,” Jumblatt said, adding that he “urged the Bush administration to aid opposition groups fighting the rule” of Syrian President Assad.

    Jumblatt’s meeting with the White House is notable not just because of his radical foreign policy views. In the past, Jumblatt has cheered the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq, referred to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as “oil-colored,” and claimed the real axis of evil is one of “oil and Jews.”

    – “We are all happy when U.S. soldiers are killed [in Iraq] week in and week out. The killing of U.S. soldiers in Iraq is legitimate and obligatory.”

    – “The oil axis is present in most of the U.S. administration, beginning with its president, vice-president and top advisers, including (Condoleezza) Rice, who is oil-colored, while the axis of Jews is present with Paul Wolfowitz, the leading hawk who is inciting (America) to occupy and destroy Iraq.”

    – “In November 2003, the United States revoked Jumblatt’s diplomatic visa for wishing out loud that Wolfowitz had been killed in a Baghdad rocket attack.”

    While the White House has yet to comment on Jumblatt’s visit, his regime change talk yesterday “drew a round of applause from the AEI audience.”

  2. http://draftalgore.m

    We’re getting a mmember a day, which ain’t so bad considering he “isn’t running.”  Mike Litwin talked a bunch about this today in the Snooze, there’s incredible amounts of internet support developing.

    See ya tonight!

  3. House Dems got schooled today by the minority, stopping the Dem’s effort of government mandated sex education (without parental input) dead in its tracks.  Rep. May Rocks.

    1. It has less to do with keeping kids away from condoms and much, much more to do with parents having choice over their children’s education–especially something of such import as how they will order their values on human sexuality.  I was a little annoyed with May for the silly smoking ban but this is redemption–big time!  The Colorado GOP has emerged with only slightly less gusto than Lazarus from the tomb, so far.  They got the message from the last election: it’s not that we want you to move left or right on the issues.  It’s that we want you to fight for what matters most–a smart, efficient government; a better education system that puts control in the hands of parents, not Capital Hill bureaucrats; a common sense to health care that embraces the free market; and less partisanship on the issues that we simply don’t care about. 

      Parents, and I’m one of ’em, DO care about how their child is educated.  We DO care about the union-boss bills that will endanger our stallwart business climate most people admire.  We DO care that kids are spending time on science and math FIRST–without compromising other valuable academic subjects–and that failure to do so simply won’t prepair you for higher education (oh man is that true!).  Planned Parenthood will get some tasty concessions before 2008, but with a smart, principled GOP leading the minority, it won’t be the bonanza the Planned non-Parenthood folks were hoping for.

      1. what radio show I heard it on, (I think it was yesterday), but a lady caller was complaining about the school where her toddler attended was forcing the kids to read stories about fictional families…….with same sex parents.
        I think she said her kid was in the 3rd grade or right around there. The stories were about little boys and girls with two daddies and/or two mommies.
        She was on her way to the school to give the teacher a piece of her mind.

        A little young to be forcing politically correct nonsense on them doncha think?

          1. I’m sure that’s how Socrates, Plato, Jefferson, Washington, Churchill, Franklin, Roosevelt, Kennedy. et al got their start. That is the most hilarious quote I’ve ever seen. Frighteningly, I think you believe it.

          2. My wife’s pregnant and due in about a week.  Here’s some selections I thought I’d put on Baby’s First IPOD:

            Top Ten
            1) Arms are for hugging!
            2) Save Tibet Now!
            3) Peace is a moral value
            4) You gotta fight for your right to marry.
            5) Government belongs in the boardroom, not in the bedroom.
            6) Equality is a liberal value.
            7.)Don’t like gay marriage? Then Don’t have one!
            8) In Goddess we trust!
            9) I’m a sexy, smart, pro-choice Democratic woman! (Especially appropriate for baby boys).
            10) Si Se Puede!

        1. That stuff only happens when parents aren’t closely involved in their child’s education.  That’s why the Democrats wanted to take sex education out of the hands of parents–where it surely belongs–and into the liberal bureacrats in Denver.  Absolutely nobody would teach their three-year-old about gay parents.  It’s simply not done no matter your opinion on gay marriage.

          But Gecko, it gets much worse when kids are older.  In some schools (none in Colorado to my knowledge) kids are given bananas and cucumbers on which to slide condoms for practice. In more extreme examples, kids are told to simulate sex acts, just, you know, to get a feel for it–to know what it is you’re getting into.  And of course there’s lots of stories about schools teaching students that gay parents are just as normal or natural as straight parents.  Again, that’s tremendously confusing for kids no matter your ideas about homosexuality.

          My wife and I have mulled over our kids’ education.  We’ve considered home-schooling, private schools, and public schools and we’ve, for now, come down on the side of public education.  We’re in a nice, conservative part of Jeffco, we planned on being deeply involved on our kids’ education, and there’s always the private school option if it comes down to it.  And the Republicans did a good enough job of setting down safeguards while they were in power so that teachers cannot easily teach contrary to the values of what is probably the vast majority of parents. 

          Of course much blame lie with absentee parents who either don’t pay enough attention to their kids’ education and/or they don’t do a prudent enough job of giving their children a strong enough character and values education.  If you leave it to the schools, you’re going to get “Jimmy has two mommies.”

        2. …about any books where the parents are racially different. Or there is only one parent. Or the mom works. Or a single thought is expressed in the book that is not exactly what she wants to hear.

          Because lord forbid the children should be exposed to any  new ideas. This is school after all – exposing children to new thoughts does not belong there.

          What gets me about people like this is they are proud to go in and try to corrupt the very concept of getting an education.

          And parents, don’t worry. Your bigotry carries much more weight with your children than a children’s story read to them at school.

        3. Suppose there is a child in that classroom who has same sex parents? Suppose the other kids are teasing and/or confused? I am for backing off using kids as targets in political contests….let’s give it a rest…

      2. Again, that all encompassing “parents”  You can only speak for yourself and you want to cite polls, that’s okay.  But  only egomanics and people with psycological problems proport to “know” what everyone else is thinking….

        I remember when and it may still be true, today, I heard many people repulsed at the idea of racially mixed marriages. I read about whites fighting so that they would not have to eat sitting next to a black man or use the same restroom. I remember being told by Southern white friends that they would not serve in the military because they would not take orders from a black man.  Now, should parents have the right to insist that schools reinforce these prejudices?

        You don’t answer the questions I post to you.  Afraid?

        As for Jefferson county, my prejudice:  we call it Stephen King country:  John Hinkley, Eric Harris, Dillon Klevbold (sp) all came out of that culture….

    2. …they will start teaching the kids that the world is round, that to planets revolve around the sun, not the earth, and that we have evolved over millions of years (obviously some have evolved more than others).

      I do not understand why some parents take steps to keep their kids ignorant.

      No I don’t agree with everything they teach in sex-ed. I also think a year of Geometry is a total waste of time and handwriting skills get way too much time.

      So we have another vote for ignorance and fundamental religious beliefs driving the school curriculium. Way to go…

        1. Scared the shit out of you huh?

          Having 3 daughters, one out of college and two in high school I’ve seen that the schools do a very good job of getting across – if you have sex wear a condom.

          It’s not 100% yet but its a lot better than it was.

          1. I went to public school until high school where I went to an all boys catholic school. Junior year, I think, they rolled out the sex talk: abstinence is the only 100% effective, but here is everyother method and the rate of effectiveness. Best one I had heard.

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