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February 23, 2007 09:31 PM UTC

Top Prize: Best Bigot

  • by: Colorado Pols

Who knew that white supremacists awarded prizes in literature? And who the hell would apply for the award? You can’t put this on your resume:

The Anti-Defamation League on Thursday condemned a white supremacist essay attributed to a composition instructor at the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus. But the civil rights group also noted that instructor Joshua McNair’s views are protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

ADL regional director Bruce DeBoskey praised CU officials, who also have backed McNair’s constitutional rights.

McNair’s essay, “Organization, Cooperation and Action,” won a prize in a 2004 contest sponsored by the white supremacist group Stormfront.

The essay says, “And though it may hurt to acknowledge, we cannot ignore the tremendous success of that most solid, focused and thus most powerful group in our midst today and how they amassed the supremacy they now enjoy. It was not through simple individual merit, but instead first through cooperation and organization, then by action.”

That description is usually applied to Jews in white supremacist literature.


15 thoughts on “Top Prize: Best Bigot

  1. I didn’t know they awarded you a prize!

    Mr. McNair’s views are far more extreme than that other professor up at CU that Caldara, Boyles, and Rosen can’t seem to get over. Where are those ditto heads on this guys remarks? I guess it’s ok to be a bigot in their view, as long as you are discriminating against the same group they despise.

    1. Hardly.  What I find so utterly fascinating is that this bloke is hanging with the nancy-boys over at creative writing while penning such nasty pieces to Nazi groups.  Creative Writing is one of the most monolithically liberal departments on campus–unlike Political Science–and my jaw dropped when I heard that he was teaching in Creative Writing.  Is that what you’d call ‘poetic justice?’

      1. Poetic Justice, is that it’s usually stings.

        I am glad to see the ADL condoned the act, but still acknowledged his First Amendment right. If the shoe had been on the other side (as it was with Ward), do you think the likes of say the Independence Institue KOA radio, John Andrews, and David Horowitz would afford McNair that same understanding?

      1. I didn’t call Boyles a Bigot, but if that is what you take from the comment there is something wrong with your deduction.

        I simply stated that Ditto heads like Boyles are silent on this matter while they bellowed out against another professor at CU purely for political reasons.

        Get it straight before you start laying out your own ignorance.

        1. But I do tire of the strained accusations of Racism against Boyles. To tie him to defimation or someone who spews it is completly out of touch with where his words and actions have been over the past 20 years or so that I have listened to his show. He lived through the Alan Berg nightmare. I refuse to belive there is any connection to his wanting the Border closed to being a supremacist.
          I do not agree with some of the extremist guests he has had on his show while trying to get our leaders to close the borders to Mexico but it does need to be closed and a reasonable immagration policy put in place. That is not racist it is reality. It sounds as though you are a Ward Churchill supporter since you rail against those who want him removed from CU.

          1. there should be a minimal requirement for spelling ability…



            haha, I have never posted on here, just couldn’t resist.

  2. I suppose the ADL means that, consistent with the 1st Amendment, the professor can’t be fired by the (public) university for his views.

    Certainly, the 1st Amendment doesn’t protect the professor from valid and/or stinging criticism.

  3. Churchill also consistently passed off his opinion as research and deserves to be fired for incompetence.

    This bozo – who knows. If he does a good job teaching and doesn’t shove his views down other’s throats, then I think he should be considered.

    But he doesn’t have tenure so he’s probably toast.

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