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February 17, 2007 12:06 PM UTC


  • by: WinstonSmith

(This is a diary written by a Colorado Pols reader. Write your own diary by logging on and using the Menu on the right. – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Ok, so I’m a little curious about CD-2 and I wonder what people’s thoughts are. For example, obviously Joan Fitz-Gerald has good name recognition, but is that really enough to put her at 3-1 while giving someone like Shafroth (well known in environmental/ conservation circles) a 25-1?

Also, is Jared Polis really even a contender anymore? Regardless of what I personally think about the whole Amendment 41 issue, it has clearly tarnished his name.

In short, is Fitz-Gerald our next Representative from CD-2, or is there more potential for a battle than Pols seems to indicate?

Who will win the Dem primary in CD-2?

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30 thoughts on “CD-2

  1. Fitz-gerald has name id and her position in the senate. Polis has money, and lets be honest, money can do a lot of talking in a campaign.

    I’ll be honest, I dont live in CD-2 and dont go up there much, but I think it is more than just Boulder. So I think there is still time, but yeah, Fitz-gerald probably has the lead.

    1. Why Pols gave the 3rd spot in CD-2 a 25-1 yet didn’t give anything lower than a 20-1 in CD-4 where there in an incumbent. I’m considering throwing my support behind someone in CD-2,  but if people here know something I don’t, I don’t want to waste my time.

      1. Im just putting out purely personal opinion. To me, you’ve got three legislators Fitzgerald being the most prominent. I think any republican will have an uphill battle that is probably insurmountable.

        Polis got burned, but got burned early. Conversely, 81% of the voting public voted for the measure, and if I worked for him I would point to that statistic as an affirmation of his thought. I think it would be easy to spin 41 away.

        As far as Shafroth is concerned, I have never heard of him. That doesnt mean much, but he needs to be more than just an environmentalist. Im curious about his positions.

    1. a supurb campaigner—she was the first Democrat elected county wide in Jefferson county in 1990 for some 16 years when she was clerk, retained the position in a very bad year for democrats in 1994, lost CD-6 to the incumbent Dan Schaffer in 1996, but did as well as any Dem has in that district, got elected to the Senate in 2000 despite the districts numbers being mostly R, and defeating an incumbent. There’s a reason why DLCC chose her as their chair, she is a relentless campaigner.

  2. but in the end, I think Joan will take it.  High name recognition, high marks for bills she’s sponsored for the district, strong ties to the Dem party in the district (at least from what I’ve heard) and she’s a strong leader.

    Polis has the money to help him, but I think voters in CD2 will go with a proven track record rather than the perceived candidate buying his victory.

    Shafroth may be strong, but Joan will get the donors because her record shows her as electable.

    Same for Tupa or Menconi. Menconi shouldn’t even think about running for the big game until he realizes how to play locally.

    1. I had lunch last week with an old friend of mine.  Very Republican and conservative, acknowledged Neocon & he asked me to guess who he held a fundraiser for last fall.  The answer — Joan Fitz-Gerald.

        His sense is that she is smart and sensible.  I asked if he would support her even for CD-2 & he was positive he would.


    1. You are upset that Udall isn’t the primary sponsor to create a Department of Peace, disband the Defense Department, legalize marijuana, and invite Hamas PM Haniya to stay in the Lincoln bedroom.

      1. if Mark udall gets to decide who stays in the lincoln bedroom one day.  All of the things you listed would be a good start except for the Hamas PM thing. 

  3. Keep in mind that 41 passed at 65%. And I recall seeing so many here say that it did not have a chance of winning. Right now, I think that Polis is being underestimated by many of the insiders and on this site. Within another year, the crap over 41 will be gone. At that time, Polis will be able to say that he is opposed to the insiders and is fighting against them. That will fly well. And yes, the man has been successful businessman, not just lawyer or a politician. Personally, I think that he has the 3-1, not insider Fitz-Gerald.

  4. I think that Joan will win for precisely those reasons stated in someone’s (I forget exactly whose) post earlier — she is smart and sensible. I think that she will be able to connect and speak to CD-2 voters very well, saying that she is smart and sensible enough to understand what needs to get done and how it can be accomplished. I think that CD-2 voters will be looking for real meat (or tofu, it is Boulder after all) in what a candidate’s saying, rather than electability. Joan can show this, I don’t think that Jared can. He’s a good guy, but he hasn’t proved that he is as smart and sensible as Fitz-Gerald — in the words of DDHGLQ, he hasn’t showed that he can “gitrdone” — especially with the amend 41 debacle. The only people who could speak as smart and sensibly as Joan will to the voters are Madden and Tupa, but they will most likely get simply steamrolled out of the way.
    But we’ll see, it ain’t over ’till it’s over.

  5. I am a Republican and I intend to support FitzGerald personally and financially.  She is pragmatic and smart and a hard worker.  Republican candidates in the last few years have been a disaster.  The right wing won’t let someone who can win, run for the office.

    1. CD2 has certainly changed over the years (both politically and geographically).  But keep in mind that when he 1st ran in 1998, Udall only beat Republican Bob Greenlee by a few 1000 votes.

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but 1998 was the old district lines (before CD-7). My understanding is the new lines are pretty much a lock for the Dems. Not so strong as say CD-1, but if there is going to be a challenge it would probably be in CD-7 before CD-2.

          1. My pick would be former state rep. and former county commissioner Michelle Lawrence.  She lives in the Jeffco portion of the 2nd CD.  I think she’d give Fitz-g a run for her money though I agree that the district leans more D now than it did in Greenlee’s day.  Also, CU regent and boulder bolder founder Steve Bosley might be an electable R.  And any warm body, with the possible exception of Pat Miller, would crush flaky Jared Polis if the Ds are so desperate as to nominate him.

    2. You are NOT a republican.  If you (as a republican) can support Madam Fitz “…personally and financially…” then you should just switch parties.  Pragmatic?  Smart?  Hard worker?  Right.  You must not own a business if you can support someone that wants to make your business a closed shop.  Get serious. 

      1. And I intend to support Joan too.  You may think the closed shop law resonates with voters, but it doesn’t.  The reality is that for small businesses like most of us own, union representation isn’t even a possibility.  Once again, Dick Wad has come up with a triangulation to try to get voters to ignore the real issues.  Dems have learned.  Look at what happened in Virginia. 

        I agree with you that the above poster should switch parties.  I did.  It feels to be great to be an unaffiliate and not to have to support the bozos the Republican Party is nominating these days.  And people wonder why the Republican Party and its candidates have fallen on hard times in Colorado.  It’s because people like me, long time Republican supporters, donors and activists have quit the party and aren’t afraid to punish it for its absolute rigidity and stupidity.  Have fun in the miniority.  I intend to keep supporting Dems until the Republican Party comes around, and at my age, that ain’t likely to be in my lifetime.

        1. Good answer, Craig.  Rather than staying with your party during the bad times (which I agree can be bad with some of the bonehead candidates we’ve put forward) and fighting to reform the party and bring it back to its roots, you just bail and become a “free unaffiliate” so you don’t have to work hard. 

          1. You demanded that the other poster (who dared to support Fitz-Gerald) switch parties because the Republican Party wasn’t big enough for the both of you.  Now you criticize someone who’s done what you requested? 

      2. It’s just a registration if you aren’t active in the country party stuff.

        Wouldn’t you love it if some Dems were going to vote R?  Bet you wouldn’t feel quite so firm about changing registrations.

        People of one party often vote for those of the other.  I’m a dyed in the wool liberal Dem, but there have been a few occasions over the years that I’ve selected the Republican candidate because of better credentials.

        Note, however, none of those positions were ever legislative, governor, or president!

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